Soul Sacrifice for PS Vita
PS Vita

Soul Sacrifice

May 13, 2013

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About this game

Developer: Marvelous Inc.
Content Rating: Mature


What would you sacrifice for ultimate power?

Prepare yourself for a brutal combat experience where every decision made will have consequential results. Take on the role of a slave who is about to be sacrificed, stumbles upon a forbidden book that allows its readers to relive battles between sorcerers and monsters of the past. In order to use the magic during fierce battles, the player must be willing to make a sacrifice – ranging from personal belongings, a limb, or even a life.

Critic Reviews

28 Reviews
Ludwig KietzmannMay 01, 2013
I think Soul Sacrifice is worth the asking price, but playing it may exact an unexpected toll on your thoughts. To enjoy it is to engage with its unvarnished contract, and to recognize your adventure as a sequence of repetitive harvests that culminate in some kind of relief and freedom. That I was so driven to maximize my abilities and overthrow my captor is the game's credit and curse.
Blake PetersonMay 06, 2013
Still, Soul Sacrifice has me itching to buy a Vita (I borrowed the one I played the review code on), which is an accomplishment since my 3DS has been more than adequate for my handheld needs. Having completed the main story at 40 hours, there are still a ton of optional missions and upcoming DLC with new stories and new monsters to play.
JustinMay 01, 2013
While the game is a little limited by the platform, the underlying mechanics will capture a certain style of player. If you like complex action RPGs in the vein of Demons Souls and Monster Hunter then Soul Sacrifice is worth a look.

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