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Soul Sacrifice Delta

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Daniel BischoffMay 29, 2014
If you've got a PlayStation Vita, you'll get hours of entertainment out of this action-RPG, but even if you've already played Soul Sacrifice, there's plenty new in Delta to recommend the title again to fans.
Dominic LeightonJun 04, 2014
Of course, a large part of the title is also about playing in groups online which greatly increases the game’s longevity. Given that Soul Sacrifice was available on Plus for free it’s questionable how many will want to invest their money when there is a lot of recycled content, but for those who loved it, or if you’ve yet to experience Soul Sacrifice, Delta is a highly enjoyable and worthwhile title for your Vita.
Edwin GarciaMay 23, 2014
If you were a fan of the original, this is definitely worth the double dip, and you’ll have lots to do in addition to the usual monster hunting. As for those that haven’t had a chance to experience this series yet, this makes a great starting point – though the learning curve can be a little steep at first. Repetition still rears its ugly head, but the addition of new monsters tempers this criticism a little. As such, this is one grisly fairy tale that’s more than worth the nightmares.
Bradly HaleMay 13, 2014
There are still some qualms here and there, such as the returning frame-rate slowdown and repetitiveness, but in general this is a solid action-RPG that should be played by anyone who adores the genre.
Kyle WakelingMay 13, 2014
'm just going to come right out and say it - Soul Sacrifice Delta is the game that Soul Sacrifice should have been. While Soul Sacrifice was surely a great game and had no real flaws per se, Soul Sacrifice Delta is a near perfect version of that same game idea - adding pretty much everything you could have asked for after experiencing the first game, and doing so with a much more beautiful flair than the original.
Dan OravasaariMay 20, 2014
But, if you haven’t had a chance to experience what the Soul Sacrifice series has to offer, and are looking for an incredibly fun and robust game that is designed to be played in short bursts, then Delta is definitely the one that you should check out.
Mick FraserMay 29, 2014
This is a fantastic edition of one of the Vita’s best exclusives and only heightens anticipation for a possible full sequel. If SCE Japan continue to support Soul Sacrifice Delta with free content as they did with the vanilla game, it has the potential to run and run. If you found the original repetitious or unexciting, Delta won’t change your mind, but for fans of the first release this beautifully grim and wonderfully dark fantasy is one of the best action games available on the Vita.
Timothy NunesMay 21, 2014
Soul Sacrifice Delta delivers a payload of extra missions and gameplay time as well as enhanced controls. Though the grind of the game is increased further by the extra content, the gameplay enhancements make enjoying the game for what its worth that much easier.
Ramón VarelaMay 24, 2014
Pero que no te engañe si la puntuación de Delta es menor que la del original: la única queja sobre esta revisión es que es eso, un paso adelante y no una secuela completa, lo que hará a los propietarios del original replantearse su compra dos veces –por no mencionar que sólo nos llega en distribución digital-. Delta es aún más adictivo, completo y espectacular que el que ya era uno de mejores juegos de acción de PS Vita. Imprescindible para poseedores de la portátil.
Cesar OteroMay 26, 2014
Los que ya posean el original tendrán que meditar sobre si los nuevos contenidos y los cambios son los suficientes para pasar de nuevo por caja, aunque si les gustó el original la nueva versión se hace más atractiva. Para el resto, Delta se convierte en una opción más que recomendable si no tenemos el Soul Sacrifice original y aceptamos sus mecánicas, ya que por su cuidado en todos los apartados, su naturaleza AAA pensado para Vita y todas sus novedades....
Jaime San SimónMay 31, 2014
Soul Sacrifice Delta no es ni pretende ser una secuela, sino una oportunidad de enmendar pequeños errores y partir de una base aún mejor de cara a un probable Soul Sacrifice 2. Su inmovilismo en la jugabilidad le deja todavía a un paso de la excelencia, pero Delta demuestra que el equipo de Keiji Inafune ha visto el potencial de su obra y que tiene la intención de pulirla para competir con lo más destacado del género.
Florian VelterJun 16, 2014
Un background étoffé, développé mais toujours à la hauteur du récit plus uniforme de l'opus initial ; de nouvelles factions qui changent aussi la façon de jouer ; du contenu en veux-tu en voilà : aucun doute Soul Sacrifice Delta est un must have pour les possesseurs de PS Vita... qui n'ont pas déjà acheté le premier.
Bruno GalvãoMay 29, 2014
Soul Sacrifice Delta é então um pau de dois bicos: por um lado é tudo o que se poderia pedir de conteúdos adicionais mas pelo outro é a indesejada necessidade de gastar mais dinheiro pouco menos de um ano depois do lançamento do original. Para um grupo muito restrito de jogadores, Delta será tudo o que Soul Sacrifice foi e ainda mais mas para uma grande maioria será um produto sem qualquer interesse.
Hessel WaardenburgJun 30, 2014
Daarom is Soul Sacrifice Delta ook het ideale moment om in de serie te stappen voor gamers die vorig jaar uiteindelijk toch besloten om Soul Sacrifice niet te halen. Delta is bovendien een stuk moeilijker, en daardoor uitdagender, dan het origineel. Dit maakt het spel bovendien vooral een stuk leuker.