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Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

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Philip KollarFeb 05, 2013
Little things like that really add up throughout Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. The bad pacing in level design, the overwhelming mix of things to do without any sense of how to piece them together into a strong experience, the production values that veer back and forth between fantastic and non-existent it feels like, well, a PlayStation 2 game. Sly's in exactly the same spot he was nearly a decade ago, while other games and franchises have spent that time improving AI and level design. The rest of the industry has moved on, and now so have I.
Steve HannleyOct 05, 2013
The entire adventure is breezy, innocent fun that will prove nostalgic for fans of tight late nineties/early aughts platforming. Large worlds, multiple playable characters and an abundance of mini games and collectibles add up to a worthy entry in the genre, but considering its low price point and near-seamless Cross-Buy functionality, it’s a must-own for anybody who owns both consoles and has the good taste to once again enjoy a delightful, pulpy romp with the world’s most endearing raccoon.
Kirby YablonskiFeb 10, 2013
At the end of the day I found myself pleasantly surprised with Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time on the PS Vita. With colourful visuals, a neat little story, and some great voice acting, the game is only hampered by its simplicity, a few minor camera issues, and some long load times. Sure, it doesn’t bring anything radically new to the genre, but it is a good game nonetheless.
Colin MoriartyFeb 05, 2013
What’s perhaps most striking about playing a Sly Cooper game late in the PS3 generation is how it proves that the brand itself is still relevant, as is the mascot-based 3D platformer. While similar PlayStation series like Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank have either disappeared entirely or gone in new and strange directions respectively, the fourth Sly Cooper game is true to itself. The decision to remain true to what made Sly great in the first place is daring in an age where the 3D platformer can come off as a dinosaur.
Chris BuffaMar 05, 2013
Gameplay, meanwhile, is a solid mix of stealth-based missions, exploration and beat-em-up segments with bosses to conquer. There's little to advance the genre (everything comes down to pattern memorization), but we doubt longtime Sly fanatics will mind. Of course, having one foot in the PS2 era has its drawbacks, namely the aforementioned loading and camera troubles. For the most part, though, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is a welcome throwback.
Kristan ReedApr 01, 2013
Anyone familiar with the 'snacky' nature of handheld gaming will definitely appreciate this, and it makes the restless, fragmented approach work much better than if it were a typical home console game. You can just pick it up for ten minutes, complete a job, and make similar incremental progress over dozens of sessions.
Javi AndrésMar 20, 2013
Para todos los que somos amantes de las plataformas tridimensionales más clásicas es una alegría que Sly tenga nueva entrega y que ésta se contenga tanto a la hora de buscar mecánicas originales y rompedoras que podrían no funcionar tan bien como lo hacen convencionales tramos de saltos, carreras, combates contra jefes, exploración, puzles, minijuegos... Ladrones en el Tiempo vuelve a ser un juego duradero y variado, con fases bastante diferenciadas entre sí y constante invitación al desbloqueo y la consecución al 100%. Es un producto muy tradicional, sin vanguardias, y a precio reducido.
Álvaro CastellanoMar 20, 2013
El nuevo Sly Cooper no es un videojuego memorable, pero sí es un lanzamiento que hace los deberes con sobrada solvencia. Ladrones en el Tiempo es una aventura de la vieja escuela en la que hemos echado en falta un poco de profundidad y de desafío para lograr mejores resultados. Aún así un título sin complicaciones y muy estimable, cargado de contenidos y perfectamente capaz de brindarnos muchas horas de buen y sano entretenimiento.
RomendilMar 21, 2013
Depuis le temps qu'on attendait ce grand retour de Sly Cooper, on ne peut que s'incliner devant la façon dont le développeur a su restituer l'atmosphère si particulière de la série dans cet épisode inédit. La multiplicité de personnages jouables, la diversité des situations proposées, l'humour omniprésent et le gameplay aux petits oignons rendent l'expérience de jeu inoubliable. Si vous ne connaissez pas encore la série, c'est sans doute le moment de réparer cet oubli !