Root Letter for PS Vita
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Root Letter

Nov 10, 2016
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Developer: Kadokawa Games
Content Rating: Mature


Root Letter is the first in a brand new ‘Kadokawa Game Mystery’ series - a collection of Visual Novels with exceptionally high production values. Set in Shimane prefecture - a place rich in history, culture and natural beauty - Root Letter revolves around the mystery of Fumino Aya, your old high school pen friend who went missing 15 years ago.

Critic Reviews

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KresnikDec 01, 2016
In the end, Root Letter isn't quite the complete package, let down by some issues with storytelling and character development. In spite of this, it's an enjoyable journey with some gorgeous presentation and something I'd easily recommend for fans of visual novels.
Dom D'AngelilloDec 19, 2016
Root Letter feels like a visual novel plus with its focus on choice and freedom being as foregrounded as the story itself. Well written and beautifully presented, you’ll struggle to find a story more engaging. It’s a shame there wasn’t more choice or alternative approaches to investigations but at the end of the day, if you’re playing a game of this genre, you’ll be playing it for their story, not your own.
Mitch JayOct 28, 2016
Root Letter is a game that touched me in a way I didn’t expect and it more or less came out of the blue for me, but I’m sure glad that it did! This might be my favourite game of the year and it’s been a beautiful, captivating experience I urge everyone to try. With a compelling plot and characters, alluring visuals and a catchy soundtrack, it isn’t difficult to not call Root Letter one of the best games released this year. If you like the sound of it then please buy and experience it for yourselves, and I’m excited to see what else is coming in Kadokawa’s Game Mystery series.

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