Reality Fighters for PS Vita
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Reality Fighters

Mar 13, 2012
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Developer: Novarama
Content Rating: Teen


Delivering the most customizable fighting experience on the go, the world around you comes into the fight with Reality Fighters. Using augmented reality technology, take pictures of yourself and create your own personal fighter, complete with unique fighting and visual style. From kitchen tops to parking lots, the world is literally your arena as the stages you fight in are determined by the environment around you.

Critic Reviews

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Sammy BarkerFeb 27, 2012
Reality Fighters is the very definition of a launch title: a new concept borne out of a boardroom's desire to showcase PS Vita's potential. While the game’s underlying technology is impressive, there’s just not enough content to keep you coming back. If you’re a casual fan of fighters and you’re looking for something silly to show off your PS Vita then Reality Fighters is a fun fleeting distraction, but don’t expect anything deeper from the title.
Edge StaffFeb 13, 2012
As a proof of concept, Reality Fighters is convincing, but it’s sub-par as a high-priced fighting game, trailing the competition and offering novelty in place of substance. Augmented reality on Vita has been proven as a viable tool, so now it just needs to be applied to a more suitable genre than the 2D fighter to truly exploit its potential.
Nick AkermanFeb 20, 2012
Sony designed this game around the ambition to show off Vita’s augmented reality, a decision that backfires. Just like Little Deviants, this easily could have been a free incentive to those who buy the new handheld. Reality Fighters is a missed opportunity, and despite its sense of humor, amounts to nothing more than a boxed tech-demo.

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