Persona 4 Golden for PS Vita
PS Vita

Persona 4 Golden

Nov 20, 2012

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Developer: Atlus
Content Rating: Mature


In a quiet town in rural Japan, a normal teenager begins a year-long stay with the unsettling news that there’s been a murder…and soon after, another. Who is bringing such devastation to this peaceful community? Are they connected to rumors of the mysterious Midnight Channel broadcast?

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Nov 30, 2019

The only reason why you would buy a vita, please make a port for ps or switch at least

Jul 7, 2019

u have psvita? then this game is a must



Nov 22, 2019
I Son

I Son

Jul 30, 2019

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Kimberley WallaceNov 16, 2012
Persona 4 Golden’s greatest strength is that everything fits together seamlessly, from the connected battle and social aspects to the fresh changes. Newcomers are sure to find plenty to love, while series veterans can revisit fond memories and experience new content. This game still remains one of the best RPGs to date; don’t miss out on your second chance to experience it.
Simon ChunJan 02, 2013
Persona 4 Golden is a monumental achievement in both game design and gameplay. How all the mechanics and systems come together and work in tandem to create such a meaningful experience is a feat in and of itself. To make this experience last for dozens of hours without trying your patience is another. The endless achievements and accolades that could be given to Golden shows the genre’s potential to achieve excellence but most importantly: it’s a damn good game and you should get it.
Nathan MichalikDec 16, 2012
Persona 4 Golden really is the complete package. It has an amazing story, charming characters, intense combat, and huge amounts of gameplay. Indeed, you'll be hard pressed to find an RPG as polished and well designed as this one – and whether you're new to the genre or an expert in the field, this is the very definition of a must play.

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