Mind Zero for PS Vita
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Mind Zero

May 27, 2014
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Developer: Acquire
Content Rating: Teen


Play as Kei, a high school student whose life undergoes a drastic change when he forms a contract with a “MIND,” a weapon/being with deadly powers. With the government and other forces trailing him and his friends, Kei will need to discover the secret behind MIND. Will these newfound powers help him or ultimately be his doom?

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John Llewellyn MartinJun 06, 2014
Mind Zero is a decent role-playing game that reminds me so much of the Persona series that it makes me want to dig out my copy of Persona 4. But to leave it at that would be doing the game a disservice, since it actually does present an interesting story, shallow but fun characters, and gameplay that can get addictive. It might not be a AAA title or have us humming its soundtrack all day the way Persona does, but it’s well worth checking out if you’re a fan of the series and RPGs in general.
James GoughJul 08, 2014
Mind Zero is a potentially great game that is unfortunately hampered by some questionable design choices. If you can get past the game being split into two distinctly opposing halves, there's something special to be found here.
Chandler WoodJun 03, 2014
Mind Zero is not about to win any awards and it isn’t doing much to change the scene, but in a sea of the same old JRPGs and dungeon crawlers, it at least shows a tiny glimmer of hope for the future of the genre

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