Little Deviants for PS Vita
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Little Deviants

Feb 15, 2012
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Developer: Bigbig Studios
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Little Deviants is an Arcade style mini-game collection focused on the Little Deviant characters ongoing attempts to escape from their robot enemies. The games in the collection are especially designed to focus players' attention on mastery of the various controls and features of PlayStation Vita, including front and rear touch screen input, tap and drag input, and motion sensor and rear camera functionality. The game contains more than 30 mini-games/levels, an online leaderboard, and local eight player multiplayer support through a single handheld.

Critic Reviews

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Joe JubaFeb 13, 2012
Considering its aggressive use of Vita’s bells and whistles, Little Deviants was probably a good choice to include in Sony’s bundle for early adopters. It certainly proves that the system’s various control methods can be successfully implemented on a technical level, but that doesn’t excuse the lack of substance when it comes to the content.
Edge StaffFeb 13, 2012
There isn’t an awful game on show, but most are throwaway, and having to unlock each new example by getting a bronze rating in the previous challenge feels like unnecessary work. But Little Deviants’ real problem is simple: it’s not moreish, and its challenges fail to reveal the kinds of nuance on the second and third tries that will have you refining strategies and aiming to better scores. Without that incentive to return, you’re unlikely to.
Chris BuffaFeb 15, 2012
Bottom line, Little Deviants is a good game. If anything it brings to mind numerous iPhone and iPad titles we've seen over the years. Thing is, none of those games cost $29.99 individually, and would probably not cost more than $6.99 in one package. As it stands, this game doesn't have what it takes to compete against Vita's better offerings, but if you give it a chance (and have the money to burn), it does the job.

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