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Jungle Rumble: Freedom, Happiness, and Bananas

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Zarmena KhanFeb 13, 2015
Jungle Rumble is a classic example of a game that’s best left to a smartphone. If I was reviewing it for a phone, I would have adopted a different tone in my review. But the truth is that it struggles greatly to make its mark on the Vita.
Kevin SchallerFeb 18, 2015
Jungle Rumble appears to function as a back-and-forth of interesting ideas and ho-hum delivery. For a music-based game, the music serves to do the trick; otherwise, it’s grating to the ear. Touching the screen to play is functional, but one-too-simple misstep and you’ll start back over.
lateralus2801Feb 24, 2015
Jungle Rumble: Freedom, Happiness and Bananas sounds good on paper but the execution is flawed and that's a shame. It could have been something special using the Vita's great touchscreen but instead falls flat on its face.
Miguel MoranFeb 17, 2015
The story takes a weird turn in the third act which made it seem less like LocoRoco and more like Rise of the Planet of the Apes, making the game a somewhat strange and interesting experience despite the incredibly frustrating levels and annoying control issues.