Iconoclasts for PS Vita
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Jan 23, 2018
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Developer: Joakim Sandberg
Content Rating: Teen


Iconoclasts is a monumental action-adventure of staggering scope and beauty, featuring crunchy gameplay, clever puzzles and monumental boss fights.

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Nov 28, 2019
It looks like a metroidvania, and feels like one too, but not really. I enjoyed the battles and the collecting, but the craft system for power ups felt like a missed opportunity. The story was enjoyable, and the character and style was fantastic.

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Kyle HilliardFeb 01, 2018
With its Metroid trappings, Iconoclasts began as a familiar experience, but by the end I was left thinking more about the impactful character and narrative moments. Despite its bright and colorful aesthetic, Iconoclasts' world is a dark one, and the journey across it is one I did not expect to be so affected by. Couple that with design that would excel even without the narrative hooks, and you have a game that stands above its peers.
Matt EspineliJan 23, 2018
The game will shock and surprise you with how gripping its story is, and it's likely to do so again in subsequent playthroughs of New Game+ with your expanded knowledge of character histories and events. Iconoclasts may be a callback to the style and mechanics of old-school games, but it's also a sincere and compelling adventure that anyone with respect for fantastic storytelling and 2D-action can enjoy.
Stephanie ChanJan 22, 2018
The game isn’t a perfect narrative experience, but to me, the story comes second to the gameplay in a platformer. And the mechanics in Iconoclasts are fantastic. I always felt like I had enough information, and searching for solutions to puzzles in the beautiful environment felt like an adventure. I could easily see this game becoming a beloved retro-inspired title, much like Shovel Knight. Most impressively, Iconoclasts evokes nostalgia without feeling derivative. It hits a lot of character tropes, but it manages never to feel stale thanks to fantastic visuals, a memorable world, and solid gameplay.

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