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Giancarlo SaldanaJun 26, 2013
If you're new to Hotline Miami, and you want to play on handheld, you should definitely check the game out on Vita. If you have a PC, though, that remains the best way to play the game on a big screen, as the controls work better with a mouse and keyboard.
Mike WilliamsJun 28, 2013
Hotline Miami is the same great game you've probably already played, but it's portable now! The new control scheme is vastly superior to the keyboard and mouse, and purchasing the game on PSN gets you the Vita and PS3 versions. Win, win, win. Pick it up.
Danny O'DwyerJun 26, 2013
Hotline Miami's vague and unsatisfying ending may irritate some, but it shouldn't stop you from enjoying this wonderful barrage of the senses. Hotline Miami is a discotheque of death that's very hard to walk away from, and a fantastic twitch shooter with a confident sense of style. Many games attempt to use story to explain away the massacre of outrageous numbers of victims. Hotline Miami bathes in the thrill of murder, and cares little about justifying its actions.
RyanJul 03, 2013
The atmosphere of Hotline Miami is great. While the retro 2D top-down environments aren’t much different than an old school RPG or adventure game, the visual filters, soundtrack and ultra violence really make you feel less like an adventuring hero and more like you’re slowly becoming a murderer-for-hire with a tenuous grip on sanity.
JohnPaul KeithNov 07, 2013
It’s no secret that video games have a tendency to be overly violent. Whether it’s ripping out spines in Mortal Kombat, beating up hookers in Grand Theft Auto, or gunning down innocent civilians in Call of Duty, there’s a wide variety of bloody carnage to be seen, resulting in a multitude of critics, both in and out of the industry. But it’s Hotline Miami, a PSN game by Dennation Games, which takes things one step further.
Chris BuffaJun 28, 2013
Wrap it up with a bizarre story and a cool 80s vibe, and Hotline Miami is one of PlayStation Vita's guiltiest pleasures, a blood-soaked, retro-inspired homage to the most difficult video games ever conceived. So long as you're of age, it comes highly recommended.
Chris PlanteJul 17, 2013
Hotline Miami admirably does its best to provide an answer. You'll find it buried deep beneath the game's surface — figuratively and literally. It has more to say about our fascination with violence in games than the lion's share of its competition. That the killing is fun made me feel all the worse. Which was the point. Hotline Miami is exceptional not because it's violent, but because it's violent for a reason.
Damien McFerranJul 02, 2013
Hotline Miami’s intense challenge, deep narrative, and penchant for extreme violence mix together to create an intoxicating cocktail which once again brings up that age-old argument of whether or not games should truly be considered art. We’ll leave you to wrestle with that particular quandary, but Hotline Miami is arguably as subversive and shocking as anything the mediums of film, music, or literature can produce — and it’s bloody good fun at the same time, too.
Simon MillerJun 24, 2013
The beauty of such a statement, however, is how good people often are at proving them wrong: after a while there's every chance new ways of approaching each miniature hub come to light. Either way, Hotline Miami remains ridiculously moreish and opening up how many individuals have access to it - much like Minecraft on the 360 - can only be a good thing.
Colm AhernJun 27, 2013
Video games regularly stimulate players with barbaric, brutal violence and no one bats an eyelid. Hotline Miami, on the other hand, introduces acts of savagery from the very beginning and will have the player sitting on their couch questioning their own character. With gameplay that will have you going back for more, captivating visuals and exhilarating music, Hotline Miami is truly one of the most engrossing experiences you could ask for in this medium.
Mike RoseJun 25, 2013
Hotline Miami is brutal, gory, masterful, essential. You'll play for the arcade mob shootings, and stay for the psychedelic style
Gordon BryantJul 04, 2013
In theory, Hotline Miami could offer you dozens of hours of fun, but only if you like dying over and over and over again, and since that's what the game is in the first place, it gets old fast. There are a lot of things in this world that are fun for the right audience, and this is why I urge you not to focus on my score, but on what I have to say about the game's ethos. Some people use nipple clamps to add a little excitement, whereas I just find such things painful and unpleasant. To me, Hotline Miami is a set of too-tight nipple clamps; to you it may be nirvana, if you're into that kind of thing.
Phil IwaniukJun 25, 2013
With its incredible soundtrack in your ears... and endless... combat in your hands, you’ll learn to stop worrying and love the wrong
Alberto PastorJul 01, 2013
Simplemente espectacular. Hotline Miami es un interesantísimo juego descargable gracias a su impactante puesta en escena, adictiva jugabilidad y lo enigmático de su argumento. Es verdad que podría haber sido algo más largo, que la IA de los enemigos debería estar más pulida, o que su apartado gráfico no saca todo su potencial; pero el delirante viaje que propone a través de la mente de un asesino es tan condenadamente bueno, que su compra es muy recomendable.
Mathias OertelJul 05, 2013
Doch man kann sich der Sogkraft kaum entziehen, die durch die einerseits explizite, andererseits auch durch den Grafikstil vollkommen absurde Gewalt, die abstruse Geschichten, den treibenden Soundtrack sowie durch die ungewöhnliche, unheimliche Atmosphäre entsteht. Eine gelungene Konvertierung eines in vielerlei Hinsicht unkonventionellen Spiels.
MiniblobJun 27, 2013
Mieux vaut être prévenu, Hotline Miami n'est pas un titre à mettre entre toutes les mains. Vous risquez fort, en effet, d'être rebuté par son extrême violence, son look rétro et son gameplay intransigeant. Mais si vous êtes un joueur nostalgique accro au sang, au pixel et au challenge, vous ne pouvez pas passer à côté de cette perle à l'état brut qui pourrait bien vous faire perdre la raison.
Jorge LoureiroJul 08, 2013
Honestamente, Hotline Miami não se resume a estas qualidades. É daqueles jogos que têm mesmo que ser experienciados na primeira pessoa para se perceber o gozo tremendo que dá. Mas é mais que um guilty pleasure. Sim, há muita violência e gore envolvidos e fazem parte da sua identidade, mas o que seria de "Scarface" sem estes elementos?
Manuel StanislaoJul 01, 2013
In attesa di scoprire maggior informazioni sul già annunciato seguito sottotitolato "Wrong Number" (in arrivo a fine anno su PC e Mac), possiamo tranquillamente consigliare l'acquisto di Hotline Miami a tutti quanti, a meno che non siate persone che si impressionano facilmente, o che si arrendono facilmente se non riescono a completare un obbiettivo.
Christian VuyeJul 29, 2013
Die keiharde methode zal niet iedereen kunnen bekoren maar dat is dan ook niet het doel van de ontwikkelaar geweest. Hotline Miami trekt zich los van de hedendaagse conventies en bezorgt een ervaring die weinig andere games in 2013 zullen kunnen leveren. Het spel maakte vorig jaar al indruk op de PC en is bijna een jaar later even indrukwekkend goed op de PlayStation 3 en Vita.