Gravity Rush for PS Vita
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Gravity Rush

Jun 12, 2012
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Developer: SIE Japan Studio
Content Rating: Teen


Gain a new perspective as you take on the role of Kat, a strong-willed girl seeking the means to protect her future in a world that’s crumbling to pieces. Tilt and move the PlayStation®Vita System, taking gravity into your own hands to deliver devastating attacks, uncover the secrets to your past and explore a mysterious world. Move The World Around You : Manipulate gravity to help you move around, shifting your perspective and enhancing your actions to complete dozens of missions spanning several worlds. Full Motion Control : Use the PlayStation®Vita System gyro sensor to control gravity.

Critic Reviews

12 Reviews
Carolyn PetitMay 24, 2012
The thrilling joys and intriguing mysteries of Gravity Rush's early hours may propel you through to its conclusion, but looking back on the adventure as a whole, it's a sense of unrealized potential that dominates. The optional checkpoint time trials and nevi battles that you can participate in outside of the main story don't provide much reason to linger in the beautiful city of Hekseville.
Trevor HoustonJun 16, 2012
Overall, Gravity Rush is easily one of the more positive experiences I have had on the PS Vita to date. The gravity shifting elements work to near perfection and the game has all those addictive features that make it ideal for a handheld game. Gravity Rush is by no means a perfect game, as there are certainly some areas that could have used some tweaking, but when you flush it all out it is a pretty darn good game and one worthy of any Vita owners attention and money.
Sammy BarkerJun 21, 2012
Gravity Rush is a rare gem. It's a game that defies expectations almost as frequently as the physical properties it’s built upon. A surreal narrative is complemented by genuinely ground-breaking gameplay mechanics, and while it’s not always flawless, it culminates in one of the most outstandingly original experiences of the year.

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