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Full Throttle Remastered

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David CraddockApr 17, 2017
Minor quibbles aside, Full Throttle hits all the right notes as deftly in 2017 as it did in 1995. Not only do its story, voice acting, puzzles, and audiovisual accoutrements hold up, younger fans weaned on Telltale's interactive movies might take to it due to its balance of puzzles and plot.
Georgina YoungMay 04, 2017
The story is funny and intriguing. The gameplay mixes puzzles and fun action sequences well and the engaging story holds everything together. Full Throttle is a game everyone should have played at least once. If you still own a copy of the original Full Throttle then you probably do not need to buy the remaster. However, this being the first digital release makes this a worthy purchase. Full Throttle Remastered is still definitely worth your time.
Ossi MykkänenMay 06, 2017
After decades, this classic adventure still holds its own in comparison with modern games, as the original story includes plenty of witty jokes and funny references, the characters have personalities that are emphasised some excellent voice work, and the timeless surroundings and classical core story elements make for an unforgettable adventure with entertaining puzzles that'll suit all tastes.
Nikola SuprakJul 16, 2017
There is obviously an enormously high bar for the LucasArts adventure game catalogue, and Full Throttled Remastered doesn't quite hit that standard. This is very likely the weakest of all the classic adventures, and probably the one that had the least reason to be remade.
Jorge CanoApr 19, 2017
En cualquier caso, el esfuerzo realizado para actualizarlo audiovisualmente, los valiosos comentarios de los desarrolladores y su precio razonable, lo hacen recomendable si tenías pendiente esta aventura de LucasArts, o simplemente quieres darte un baño de nostalgia y recordarla.
Alejandro PascualApr 18, 2017
Puede que Full Throttle no sea la mejor aventura gráfica de todas las que produjo la otrora gran LucasArts, por su sencillez, poca variedad y corta duración, pero tecnológicamente fue un portento y la piedra angular sobre la que se asentó el último gran bastión del género. Algo que merece la pena rememorar.
Damien GreffetApr 19, 2017
Full Throttle Remastered est donc un excellent remaster qui propose une expérience remise au goût du jour, légèrement liftée, mais sans jamais pervertir l’œuvre originale de Lucas Arts. Les graphismes lissés et la musique en haute qualité sont indéniablement les bienvenus, surtout qu’elles permettront aux plus jeunes de pouvoir se plonger sans état d’âme dans un monument du jeu vidéo.