Freedom Wars for PS Vita
PS Vita

Freedom Wars

Oct 28, 2014

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Developer: SIE Japan Studio
Content Rating: Teen


In the not-too-distant future, atmospheric pollution has devastated the earth and resources have become scarce. Harsh new penal communities have formed in order to survive. The communities, known as Panopticons, battle to secure what precious few resources remain. Born into incarceration, you are forced to fight for your freedom in dangerous missions. Work together with up to 7 other players in a frenetic blend of action and strategy as you fight to rescue civilians in possession of valuable rival Panopticon knowledge. Complete your missions, reduce your sentence, earn your freedom.

Critic Reviews

25 Reviews
Daniel BischoffOct 31, 2014
Between the branching and character-rich single player campaign, a wealth of mission choices, and gobs of loot to gather either to equip in new load outs or to customize the visual look of your hero or heroine, Freedom Wars doesn’t skimp on content. More importantly, it did force me to think a bit more critically about the narrative, which for some reason always surprises me on PlayStation Vita.
Jeremy SignorNov 20, 2014
Every action in the meat of the game just feels good, especially when you join up with three other people online to take down missions or even pit yourself against other teams. Once you get the hang of the complex controls and slight camera issues, you're in for a breathless, exhilarating time staring down giant robots, outmaneuvering your rivals, and rescuing your betters. You may be battling for your freedom, Sinner, but you may not want this battle to end once you get going.
Joey DavidsonOct 28, 2014
Freedom Wars is not a perfect game by any stretch of the imagination. Its flaws are obvious, constantly present and, in the case of the storyline, disheartening. However, the gameplay itself is good enough to lift its quality above average. For a consumer base so hungry for unique exclusives as my fellow PS Vita owners, Freedom Wars is a welcome addition to the system’s library. I’d be hard pressed to call it an amazing game, but those willing to accept its faults and enjoy a solid grind will absolutely get their money’s worth.

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