FIFA Soccer 13 for PS Vita
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FIFA Soccer 13

Sep 25, 2012
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Developer: EA Vancouver
Content Rating: Everyone


EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer 13 on PS Vita gives you the same physics-based, data driven technology that powers FIFA gameplay on PlayStation®3. Take part in eight different game modes, including 11 vs. 11, Tournament Mode with over 50 real-world competitions, a full in-depth Career Mode, and head-to-head online. Innovations that utilize a rear touch pad and touchscreen create an intelligent and unique gameplay experience. Rear touch pad shooting delivers pin-point accuracy and removes the element of “hit and hope” from shooting and touchscreen passing opens up the field of play for more creative and precision passing.

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Jun 13, 2019

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Bill HessSep 29, 2012
For year after year fans, the differences are going to be subtle yet very impacting on the soccer experience. First touch is a welcome addition, and the sheer amount of career, manager, and fantasy modes is more than a year’s worth of content in my opinion. More than a roster update and less than a complete overhaul, FIFA 13 hits the sweet spot yet again for soccer fans in 2012.
Mark WaltonOct 05, 2012
Calling this a new game and charging a sizeable amount of money for it is completely unjustified--this is a kit pack and nothing more. You're much better off saving your cash and picking up an older, cheaper copy of FIFA Football and downloading a roster update. This is FIFA 13 by name only and a kick in the teeth to fans, eager for some something new, who picked up last year's version.
Paul KellyOct 26, 2012
The game itself plays well to be fair, and if you can get past the shortcomings compared to the PS3 version then you’ll not regret your purchase since it's the best way to play a football game on the go. Unless you bought the launch game, when then you would have every right to be furious with FIFA 13 on the PS Vita.

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