Dynasty Warriors Next for PS Vita
PS Vita

Dynasty Warriors Next

Feb 22, 2012
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About this game

Developer: Omega Force
Content Rating: Teen


The Dynasty Warriors series let you step into the shoes of the greatest generals in Ancient China. In this Tactical Action game players can enjoy the thrill of taking down thousands of enemies and become the greatest hero in Chinese history. Dynasty Warriors NEXT, built for the PS Vita, will allow players to use the system's touch pad and sensor for intuitive controls and also allow players to connect together and enjoy an epic experience. The game will utilize the breakthrough hardware that is the PS Vita to deliver a new dimension to the famed Dynasty Warriors series!

Critic Reviews

19 Reviews
Chris BuffaFeb 22, 2012
As we said, this is still Dynasty Warriors, even with the touch screen commands and gyroscope shenanigans. It's mindless to a fault, where eventually, you just want the mission over with. At the same time, this is exactly the type of experience hardcore DW fans want, and for these people, NEXT delivers.
Shelby ReichesFeb 24, 2012
Dynasty Warriors Next is a very good Dynasty Warriors entry, if a somewhat traditional one. Its Vita-specific additions are somewhat lacking, and the core action will get repetitive over time, but it makes for a killer diversion and provides a wholly satisfying, console-quality Dynasty Warriors experience for the player on the go. If that's what you want, this game will not disappoint.
Game TrailersMar 02, 2012
Dynasty Warriors Next certainly retreads familiar ground, but the Vita hardware has put a bit more spring in its step. The high-quality presentation, touch features, and substantial cache of content that includes ad-hock co-op and an addictive Conquest mode should please repeat customers and perhaps even bring a few newcomers to the battlefield.


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