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Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal

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Jae LeeAug 18, 2015
When I went into Dungeon Travelers 2, I was expecting another Criminal Girls, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t nearly as torturous. While the fan service is a bit heavy handed and some of the gameplay elements feel a bit dated, at its core DT2 is a competent, albeit unremarkable first-person dungeon crawler.
Mark LabbeAug 17, 2015
Between the various unlockable characters and skills, and the fun and engaging gameplay, Dungeon Travelers 2, or at least the demo, is worth playing if your an RPG fan. However, it does get held back by some over-sexualized content and a lackluster story, but the core gameplay will keep you occupied for many, many hours.
Kevin SchallerAug 17, 2015
Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe after playing the fantastic and fun Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold so recently, my judgment is cloudy as to what the “norm” for this genre is. But when only one character has any interesting depth at all (an orphan child lost in the maze who appears to have been interesting, then was quickly shut back down with a proverbial RPG lobotomy), and the rest of the cast has me forcing my hands to hold my Vita and not put it down in favor of my 3DS, I just start getting angry. I like games that are fun to play, not that remind me that I could be playing something else so, so much better.
ShizukaSep 14, 2015
Beneath the fanservice, there is a truly compelling and engrossing dungeon RPG that rivals Demon Gaze and Operation Abyss for the title of best game of the genre for the Vita. It’s hard, but never unfair; it’s fun, keeping the gameplay and dynamics always fresh. While I don’t recommend it for newcomers, I’d definitely suggest it for people looking for a fair challenge.
Jason BohnSep 07, 2015
While by no means perfect, Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library and the Monster Seal shows why the Vita is still a viable platform. Featuring great anime style character art and a fun, humorous story, fans of Japanese gaming will be pleased. With challenging dungeons and tough monsters to out think and defeat, fans of difficult games will also be pleased. With the exception of some mortifying situations, time traveling the dungeons here is well spent.
Chris LeebodyDec 13, 2015
Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal is a solid JRPG, but probably not a good one for anyone except the most diehard fan of the genre.
Nikola SuprakAug 17, 2015
The core combat here is solid, and the depth of customisation, the excellent variety and choice in specific classes, and the genuine challenge and difficulty, make this one of the more enjoyable dungeon crawlers in recent memory. There are some actual gameplay issues here that prevent it from reaching true greatness - particularly an overreliance on grinding and a weird and uninteresting story - but, overall, this is a very solid adventure that is enjoyable enough that it almost overcomes its questionable presentation. Just try not to play it out in public…
Ramón VarelaOct 15, 2015
Detrás de una historia no demasiado épica y ese aspecto informal - tiene sus puntos de humor- se esconde un buen dungeon crawler que poco tiene que envidiar a otros de corte clásico. Disfrutar de los personajes y argumento depende de tu tolerancia al anime y las situaciones con malentendidos sugerentes.
Jens BischoffOct 12, 2015
Dungeon Travelers 2 bietet solide Rollenspielunterhaltung für Fans traditioneller Dungeon-Crawler mit Auto-Map-Vorliebe. Man erkundet immer komplexere Gewölbe, bestreitet fordernde rundenbasierte Zufallskämpfe, sammelt allerlei Reichtümer und kümmert sich als Hahn im Korb um die Entwicklung einer bis zu 16-köpfigen Heldinnentruppe. Die ausschließlich in japanischem Originalton mit englischen Untertiteln konsumierbare Rahmenhandlung bleibt trotz hübscher Anime-Optik und humorvoller Inszenierung hingegen weitestgehend blass.
RomendilNov 18, 2015
Là où la plupart des dungeon-RPG sur Vita rivalisent d'ingéniosité pour se démarquer sur le plan ludique, on constate avec regret que Dungeon Travelers 2 : The Royal Library & the Monster Seal ne mise lui que sur son fan service prononcé pour appâter le chaland. Ses adeptes joueront ainsi davantage pour le plaisir de se rincer l'oeil que parce qu'ils seront captivés par le gameplay, ce dernier se révélant aussi conventionnel que lassant sur la durée.
Mattia CombaOct 19, 2015
Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal è zeppo di ragazze sensuali e poco vestite ritratte in pose improbabili, talvolta talmente assurde da strappare un sorriso. Si tratta di un dungeon crowler con interessanti elementi JRPG legati soprattutto al livellamento e al corposo albero delle abilità di ogni membro del party, ma si perde inesorabilmente in un level design dei dungeon povero e ripetitivo, con sezioni mal bilanciate e una realizzazione tecnica poco curata.