Dead or Alive 5 Plus for PS Vita
PS Vita

Dead or Alive 5 Plus

Mar 19, 2013

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Developer: Team Ninja
Content Rating: Mature


The hottest fighters in gaming come for the first time to PlayStation®Vita! Enjoy the crazy action, technical fighting, and blockbuster stages from the acclaimed Dead or Alive 5, with tons of added new features! Fight up-close and personal with your favorite characters using simple taps and swipes in Touch Fight, step up your game with triple the frame data in Training Plus mode, sync costumes and save data with your PS3®, and more! This is fighting entertainment! This is Dead or Alive!

Critic Reviews

19 Reviews
Steve HannleyMar 20, 2013
Luckily, Dead or Alive 5 remains the great fighting game it was on consoles and is enhanced here with multiple new and exciting additions. While none of them may be worth re-buying the game for, simply having a console quality version of it on the go that can play online with the PS3 version is. Those who haven’t experienced the original incarnation of the game will find Plus to be the premier version, and the fact that it’s the handheld rendition of a graphically-intense six month old game makes that fact alone worth the price of admission.
Vince IngenitoMar 27, 2013
Much like Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, this is a textbook example of a fighting game port done properly. Dead or Alive 5 Plus is the genuine article, matching and occasionally surpassing its excellent console brethren in nearly every regard. It may not turn as many heads graphically, but it plays and performs just like the big boys, and for a version that fits neatly inside your pocket, you can't ask for much more than that.
terramaxApr 04, 2013
Overall, Tecmo have made for a more complex game. And yet, digging a little deeper finds, consequently, this has come at the expense of gameplay balance and, possibly, fun. Never-the-less, anyone in the market for a fighter, particularly with sexy ninja battles; DOA5+ packs enough punches, kicks, and knicker-shots to make it your number one fighter for quite some time.

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