Assassin's Creed III: Liberation for PS Vita
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Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

Oct 30, 2012
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Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Content Rating: Mature


As the events leading up to the American Revolution heat up in the north, Spanish forces plan to take control of Louisiana in the south – but they have yet to reckon with Aveline, a deadly Assassin who will use every weapon and ability in her arsenal to win freedom for her land and her people. Whether silently eliminating her enemies with slow-motion chain kills or luring them into deadly traps, Aveline strikes mortal fear into the hearts of those who stand in her way.

Critic Reviews

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Frank NareshNov 19, 2012
The rich graphics and fantastic voice work are a couple elements that had me playing whenever I could. Sure, it has some issues and hiccups now and then, but none that I could really say glared outright. At the end of the day PS Vita owners who are fans of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, and PS Vita gamers as a whole, would be remiss if they missed out on Liberation, as it is one of the better titles to hit Sony’s twin-stick handheld to date.
Philip KollarOct 31, 2012
Confusion defines Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation. Ubisoft's desire to transcend low expectations for handheld spin-offs is clear, and I can respect that. Liberation accomplishes that every once in a while. But those stretches were inevitably shattered by restrictive missions, unexplained systems and an unintelligible story. For all its noble efforts to the contrary, Liberation still feels like a second-rate handheld port where it counts.
Daniel BischoffNov 07, 2012
Liberation is an enticing endeavor, not just for fans of historical murdering, but for Vita owners everywhere. But while Liberation may be a technical marvel, it doesn’t quite hit the bar. If you’re a fan of the series or you want to spend time running around stabbing people, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation will suffice, but because it tries so hard to be like a console title, its failure to match the level of depth, breadth or enjoyment you’d expect is all the more heartbreaking.

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