Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault for PS Vita
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Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault

Mar 15, 2016
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Developer: Acquire
Content Rating: Teen


Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault is a frenetic and explosive new spin on action strategy gaming. Plan out and build up your defenses as hordes of hulking monstrosities bombard your heavily fortified city in an attempt to wipe you off the Earth for good! Command the last bastion of humanity as you fight for the survival of the species utilizing fantastic tech, cunning tactics and massive weapons in an all-out action strategy extravaganza!

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Dennis PriceAug 02, 2016
Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault is a tower defense game that may have trouble appealing to fans of the genre. It had unique ideas but the game wasn't executed that well. The characters and the voice cast are the only positive attributes but it's hard to recommend any game on that alone.
Brian ShortJun 25, 2016
Aegis of Earth has one interesting idea and… that's about it. With its simple mechanics, okay story, and generally unimpressive presentation, it's okay for a portable game for quick bursts or killing time. However, those seeking more engaging tower defence titles best look elsewhere. This game has a place, but were it not on a portable console, would likely be in for an official reprimand. As-is, it fits in just well enough with the 'short spurt of play' ideology that makes it acceptable for a handheld title.
Jens BischoffMay 12, 2016
Aegis of Earth bietet rasante Tower-Defense-Action, die spannende Echtzeit-Taktik mit einem interessanten Rotationskonzept verknüpft. Statt auf verschlungenen Wegen stürmen die Invasoren hier geradewegs auf die zu verteidigenden Städte zu. Die befinden sich samt Abwehranlagen auf drehbaren Ringplattformen, die es strategisch klug zu bebauen und auszurichten gilt.