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Georgina YoungApr 27, 2017
A Rose in the Twilight is another strong installment to Nippon Ichi Software’s library. It keeps the tone and atmosphere of the previous titles while changing the gameplay up enormously in a unique and interesting way. On top of everything, the artwork is truly special. Despite some control and physics issues, this is a must play title for fans of the previous two games in this series.
Jordan LoefflerApr 04, 2017
Still, there’s no denying that A Rose in the Twilight’s story and style earn it much more praise. Rose’s past drives a tale of imprisonment that is as dark as what she must do to escape. Every memory she relives becomes a ghost that haunts her and the player alike — ultimately a much deeper, cerebral experience than other PlayStation Vita titles.
Jae LeeApr 25, 2017
I got stuck at one point in the game for hours which delayed this review quite a bit. Always embarrassing when that happens and there aren't any message boards or FAQs to fall back on.
Tyler TreeseApr 04, 2017
A Rose in the Twilight has some interesting ideas, but poor execution turns it into a massive disappointment. Players won’t find brilliant puzzles to solve like in Inside or Hue, and instead are stuck playing a game that only has a strong atmosphere to offer up. That might be enough for some players, and the game is certainly gorgeous, but when the genre is filled with brilliant games, there’s little value in such a flawed one.
Aaron PotterApr 04, 2017
A Rose in the Twilight is best described on the surface as being an undeniably bleak, somewhat charming, but consistently creative 2D puzzle platforming experience. While definitely glazed in a coat of many morbid and gory sensibilities, the game can be sometimes harsh without ever feeling unfair – and that’s a difficult balancing act to pull off.
KresnikApr 20, 2017
A Rose in the Twilight has plenty of good ideas - but they're buried under slow gameplay, a scattered plot, and some frustrating design. Despite all this, there's a solid puzzle-platformer with some touching moments to be found here; and although it's not one I can recommend wholeheartedly, it's fun enough for the price that it's worth checking out.
Jenny JonesApr 05, 2017
A Rose in the Twilight is a gorgeous yet gruesome game filled with lots of clever puzzles. And although it won't take you too long to explore the setting, there are collectibles as well as a fun speed run mode to keep you busy. The pure innocence and bravery of Rose in the face of the castle's cruelty makes for a haunting journey - one that'll stick in your mind for some time.
Drew HurleyJun 06, 2017
A Rose in the Twilight has plenty of charm with its fantastic macabre design and style, but it's lacking the substance beneath. While the puzzles are enjoyable enough, they rarely offer enough of a challenge to require much thought and end up feeling like something seen a million times before.
BoriApr 07, 2017
Considering its themes and atmosphere as well as frustrating gameplay, A Rose in the Twilight might not be for everyone, but there is some enjoyment to be found for the puzzle enthusiasts that enjoy more punishing gameplay and the game’s rather slow mechanics. Everyone else might find more enjoyment in titles like Yomawari or The Firefly Diary we covered previously.
Miguel MoranApr 04, 2017
As a spiritual successor to Firefly Diary, A Rose in the Twilight excels in nearly every way. The simple art style of the game makes the gruesome events of the game even more striking, and you feel for this mysterious, troubled girl and her equally mysterious golem companion, as they traverse death traps and monster mazes in search of answers. It’s a carefully constructed narrative that never once feels hindered or neutered by the lack of direct dialogue.
GameCentralApr 18, 2017
Haunting art style and some touching visual storytelling. The key puzzle mechanics are clever and (eventually) used to good effect.The game’s pretty short and by the time it’s firing on all cylinders it’s all but over. Frustrating controls and checkpointing. Early puzzles are very obvious but take too long to work through.
Ramón VarelaApr 09, 2017
Esta iniciativa de Nippon Ichi nos está dejando buenos juegos. Ninguno rompedor, y A Rose in the Twilight tampoco es el sucesor de Braid -por decir un ejemplo-, pero es muy entretenido y con ese extra del misterio que te motivará a continuar descubriendo nuevas mazmorras y pasillos del peculiar castillo. Si te gusta esta combinación de puzles con plataformas difícilmente te defraudará.
ryuzaki57Mar 25, 2017
Après Yomawari, Nippon Ichi Software reste au meilleur de son art avec A Rose in the Twilight. Avec un trait toujours unique, une ambiance sans faille et des sentiments communicatifs, cette nouvelle œuvre sombre est encore une fois une expérience à part, doublée d'un excellent jeu de réflexion. En contrepartie, l'aventure reste plutôt courte.
Лилия ДунаевскаяApr 27, 2017
Несмотря на вышеперечисленные недостатки, A Rose in the Twilight не стоит однозначно сбрасывать со счетов, особенно если вы решили проходить ее на "Вите". Если не погружаться в нее запоем, а, скажем, проходить несколько уровней перед сном, то от нее вполне может остаться впечатление достаточно интересной головоломки с запоминающимся антуражем. Но если она вас увлечет (что, в общем-то, и должна делать хорошая игра), то тогда можно быстро разочароваться из-за однообразия и практически отсутствующего сюжета.


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