19 Upcoming PC, PS4, XBox One Games of December 2018

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Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom for the PS4 and Xbox One

For those who enjoyed Lizardcube's Wonder Boy saga, this might be worth checking out. Competing for that same space in market, Monster Boy is another platform action-adventure for your collection. Take on the shoes of the brave protagonist as he fights against fantastical creatures with this his powers of transformation.

Upping their presentation, the game leans towards hand-drawn animations that will feel more familiar for fans of the Lizardcube title. Cursed as the eponymous Kingdom is, it look a delightfully vibrant title. Playing at full HD and 60fps, it's set to release on the PS4 and Xbox One on December 4th.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One

If their cinematic trailers are anything to go on, The Bearded Ladies RPG Adventure is looking pretty damn good. And, it makes pretty good use of anthropomorphic animals to give it that gritty storybook feel. What's not too obvious in the cinematic is their strategic elements. Primarily inspired by the classic turn-based strategy XCOM, Mutant Year Zero is an attempt at elevation, adding story, exploration, stealth, and RPG elements to the turn-based shootouts.

Boasting a few designers and developers from familiar names like HITMAN and PAYDAY, it's safe to say these guys have a good eye for gaming. It's set to release this December 4th on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Just Cause 4 for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Agent Rico Rodriguez returns in this chaotic new entry in the Just Cause series. Prepare yourself for another game where everything can blow up to pieces. Square Enix promises a more destructive and ridiculous world this time around.

Travel to South America in the middle of a civil unrest. Combine it with bad weather and you’re in for a chaotic playground once again. Use your trusty grappling hook to defy the laws of physics and navigate around its sprawling open world. Soar through the thundering skies with your wingsuit or use these deadly weather to your advantage to take down your enemies.

It’s creative destruction at its finest, and it’s coming out on December 4, 2018 on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Override: Mech City Brawl for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One

A large serving of mech battles is coming right up. From The Balance Incorporated comes a new challenger in the fight for mecha videogame supremacy. Far from the genere's usually sharp edged looks, Override puts on a more friendly 3D cartoontstyle for their array of supersized robosuits. With such a diverse lineup to choose from, it really feels like a mech counterpart to Nintendo's own Super Smash. Take them to the citywide ring and compete locally and online in co-op or versus modes.

It's set to release on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on December 4th

Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection for the PS4 and PS Vita

When it comes to the king of spin-offs, ATLUS doesn’t disappoint. This massive collection of three of their Persona rhythm games can make you squeal like a Shadow after an all-out-attack.

Experience the Club Velvet VIP treatment as you jam out to all your favorite Persona music from Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight, Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, and as well as the classic Persona 4: Dancing All Night. Meet your favorite characters from these amazing entries, but without the deep turn-based RPG elements.

The good news is, the PlayStation Vita has a chance to be relevant again and you get to listen and dance to your favorite Persona tunes. It comes out this December 4, 2018 on the PlayStation Vita.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales for the PS4 and Xbox One

The Witcher World is back. CD Projekt Red takes us back to the dark fantasy world of Geralt of Rivia. This massive open-world RPG deviates from its usual hack and slash combat; this standalone entry takes us to the life of Queen Meve of Lyria and Rivia and it incorporates the Card-based gameplay from its recent update of Gwent: Homecoming.

Help Queen Meve as she makes tough decisions in a kingdom on the verge of chaos. Question the allegiance of your comrades and ease the tensions between the power-hungry Nilfgaardian Empire and the Northern Realms.

This brand new epic tale takes you to never-before-seen lands from the Witcher world including Lyria, Mahakam and more. Prepare for war and use your card-based strategies to dominate the battlefield. Solve its myriad of puzzles reminiscent to the original Gwent from the Witcher III: Wild Hunt. It comes out this December 4 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Atelier Arland Series Deluxe Pack for the PC and PS4

Koei Tecmo America brings this deluxe package of the magic-filled Arland series to Western shores. For the uninitiated, the Arland series comprises of the three remastered Atelier titles revolving around Rorona, Totori, and Meruru. Known respectively as the Alchemist, Adventurer, and Apprentice, these three role-playing games revolve around turn-based battles, visual novel style storytelling, and of course, alchemy. This deluxe package will also come with a bunch of extra DLCs.

The complete Arland series experience for less, it's set to release on the PC and PS4 on December 4th.

Smash Hit Plunder

While we're on the subject of magic, there's more of that coming up in this smashing VR title. In it you play as a mage that's just inherited a great ancestral home. The twist: you also inherit the great debt that comes with it. Leave no voxel stone unturned as you pillage the castle while hiding from your ghostly collector.

According to eurogamer, what sets it apart is its innovative use of the PlayStation's share screen, which lets up to three other players to take part in the looting in isometric view. As awkward as some its control scheme is, it's still a pretty neat way to push the boundaries of VR. It's set to release on the PS4 on December 4th.

Persona 5: Dancing In Starlight

Definitely not a surprise, and we did see this coming. ATLUS’ latest rhythm game takes you to the world of the Phantom Thieves. This spin-off of the critically acclaimed JRPG is a rhythm game.

Groove to the jazzy sounds of the Persona 5 world and meet your favorite Thieves as they strut their best dance moves. Like its first game, hit the notes in time in a six-button system.

Players can listen to brand new remixed versions of their favorite Persona songs and dive right into this mesmerizing nostalgia yet again. It comes out this December 4 on the PlayStation 4.

Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight

The other side of the coin. Releasing on the same day as Dancing In Starlight, Dancing In Moonlight is all about The Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad, or SEES from Persona 3.

Burn the midnight dread as they dance to the beat of their iconic songs including Mass Destruction, Burn My Dread, and so much more. Meet your favorite Gekkoukan High Persona Users once again and enjoy this hefty addition to the Persona 3 universe. It comes out this December 4 on the PlayStation 4.

Arca’s Path

Another one for the VR. If you're familiar with physics-based platforming games like Hamsterball and Super Monkey Ball, Arca's path is a bit like that but with an artistic sci-fi spin. Wrapped in majestic, pastel visuals, and backed by a relaxing soundtrack, the game seems endlessly inviting. Adding to that, the game also has an intuitive controls that anyone can learn. Put on your VR gears and steer through the crumbling, obstacle-laden levels using only your gaze.

While it doesn't reinvent the wheel, Arca's path seems like a great use of the VR platform, and it's set to release on the PC and PS4 on December 4th.

Jagged Alliance: Rage! for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Trying their hand at resurrecting a beloved turn-based title, Cliffhanger Productions has got some big shoes to fill. That's especially true for a series that's seen a lot of disappointing spinoffs. RAGE, in its current, unreleased form, seems to have been written off by most fans already, on the grounds of its not being so impressive art direction wise. Set 20 years after the first title, the game sees you controlling a few seasoned mercenaries against a drug overlord's army.

While it's far away from THE dream of a Jagged Alliance 2 remake, it's at least a decent title, if you look at it as a fresh take on the series. It's set to release on the PC,PS4, and Xbox One this December 6th.

The Last Remnant Remastered

10 years late, one of Square Enix’s well-received JRPG’s is finally coming out to modern consoles in pure remastered form. The story remains the same. Set in a bleak fantasy world, collect mysterious runes called Remnants and fight to save their country from years of war.

Just like all remasters, expect a huge visual update. Help the Sykes in their quest to prevent the world from collapsing. Engage in a unique turn-based mechanic that uses commands and symbols.

Although it wasn’t the best Square Enix game ever, it’s certainly a good JRPG that adds a new journey for us to soak hours and hours into. It comes out this December 6 on the PlayStation 4.

Katamari Damacy REROLL

Another remake for the books, Bandai Namco rolls out a fully made over Katamari game for the PC. Building on their 2004 third-person puzzler for the PlayStation 2, the clumped spirits are taking their cosmic restoration missions to the modern generation. Now remade fully HD, the world is looking sparkly and new. Roll your ball around with the pint-sized prince and collect objects using nothing but directional keys. It's not exactly an all-new title but it's a great way for new and old fans to get into the ball-rolling, object collecting excitement.

With some reviewers already complaining about fussy controls, we'll have to find out for ourselves once it releases on the PC on December 7th.

Earth Defense Force 5

These crawlies are more than just creepy. Released in Japan late last year, Earth Defense Force 5 is up for western localization. There's still more of the same humans versus gigantic swarm of insects in store for you, but this installment ups the ante with improved graphics and, yes, EVEN MORE weapons. Building a name for themselves with its campy, B-horror plot, EDF5 is great for mindless, arcade shooting action.

It'll be all the more enjoyable with co-op modes for up to four people, or with offline splitscreen mode. So raise your guns to the sky and just shoot it out with whatever massive insect that's in your crosshairs. It's coming out on the PS4 this December 11th.

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Focus Home Interactive's tactical FPS may have faced a recent delay, but that only means more time to smooth things all out. The insurgency series aims to brings the best of both tactical military simulations and fast paced shootouts into one package. Starting out as a humble Half-Life 2 mod, Sandstorm shows just how much they've come. Despite some performance issues, there have been plenty of positive reviews coming out for their Beta phase. Fast paced and visceral, it's set to release on the PC on December 12th.

Borderlands 2 VR

Following hot on the heels of other RPG franchises, Gearbox also takes their cel-shaded FPS to the realm of virtual reality. Already built in first-person perspective, it was only a matter of time for the critically acclaimed shooter. What might disappoint fans is its switch to a fully singleplayer experience. Bringing immersion to an all-time high, dive into the world of Pandora and have a badass mega fun time with their take on bullet-time action.

This VR release updates the base game's co-op reliant features like Maya's Res abilities, and on top of that, will let you rack up the killcounts with first-person driving. It's set to release on the PS4 on December 14th.

Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Remember that creepy AI-based horror game about a Neighbor that’s always one step ahead of you? There’s a prequel coming. Find out what happens right before the events of the main game and why this mysterious neighbor is always paranoid.

As per usual, the game excels at its responsive AI. Your main goal is to hide and seek. Control the Neighbor’s daughter as she hides and seeks for stuffed animals and find out the origin story that ties-in to the original game.

Players can download the Free Alpha and enjoy the horrors that await them. It comes out sometime this December on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Desert Child for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One

A chip off the old Kickstarter block, Oscar Brittain's racing RPG has no shortage of style. For starters, the game seems to rock its pixel aesthetics. While it's an artstyle that's been used and abused by indie developers all over the world, it seems to encapsulate the cool, laidback, and almost hipster-y feel of Desert Child. Centered on a not-so distant future filled with hoverboarding and ramen-eating, it's really more than a racing game.

Packed with minigames and quirky humor, bump up your racing career by stealing parts, delivering pizzas, and winning races on the side. After delays, the dev has announced that beta is coming in days. Hopefully, full release on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime this December.

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