Top 15 Upcoming XBOX ONE Games of 2022

Whatoplay presents 15 of the biggest Xbox One games coming out next year! All arranged by release date. To see the complete list, check out our page on all upcoming Xbox One games.

1. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Extraction

This upcoming horde-mode FPS from Ubisoft wasn’t something we expected. The success of Rainbow Six Siege’s event modes made the devs realize they could make a decent shooter similar to let’s say, Left 4 Dead or maybe the Zombie Modes from Call of Duty. Extraction takes the familiar gunplay from Siege and enhances the gameplay experience with a focused co-op mode where you and two others fend off an alien threat. Yes, it is a far cry from the series’ grounded realism, and at this point, Tom Clancy is rolling in his grave. It comes out on January 20.

2. Life is Strange Remastered Collection

All five chapters of Chloe and Max’s bittersweet friendship gets a little more polish in this remastered collection of DONTNOD’s indie darling. This Collection enhances pretty much all the visuals of the original. It's intended for players who want to experience the magic and beauty of Arcadia Bay for the second, or first time. Not much gameplay footage has been shown, but there are screenshots that show how noticeable the improvements are. We might even get more music, and to the Life is Strange fan out there, music is everything. It comes out this February 1.

3. Dying Light 2

The sequel to the parkour and zombie shooter hybrid. The former Dead Island creators have made a huge name for themselves with this series. Just recently, they released a Switch port of their acclaimed first title, and it runs surprisingly well. This sequel takes all the best things about the original while bringing in more options and role-playing elements. Our choices will have a huge impact on the game’s overarching narrative. Sure, the zombies are still around and they’re bloodthirsty than ever, but the friendships made along the way will make Dying Light 2 more than just a zombie game. Coming this February 4.

4. Saints Row

A soft-reboot of the bombastic and wacky open-world action game from Deep Silver. This reimagining of the series is a bit more grounded but many of the original's goofy antics are still around. In addition to its slew of new changes, we can finally customize our character. Co-op is also around, making it easier for other players to drop in and out on the chaotic rampages the city has to offer. It comes out this February 25.

5. Elden Ring

It’s not 2022 without our search for the Elden Ring. FromSoftware’s biggest game in a long, long time. From the makers of Bloodborne, Dark Souls and Sekiro, this most anticipated action-RPG has FromSoftware back for another gorgeous adventure. Unfortunately, the game is being kept under wraps, even its gameplay. The only glimpse we had was the breathtaking trailer that shows many of the game's worlds and some of its Berserk references. It’s bound for release this February 25.

6. Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong

The next iteration of the World Of Darkness franchise. Swansong shares no similarities to the other Vampire game, Bloodlines. It’s a world of its own with a story that takes inspiration from iconic story-driven games like Detroit: Become Human and Telltale. The players take control of three different characters, each with their own story to tell. Details of the gameplay are still unknown as of the moment, but we might get something new before it comes out in February next year.

7. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Possibly the weirdest Final Fantasy game ever. Stranger Of Paradise is a spin-off to the long-running Final Fantasy series from Square. If you’ve seen the trailers, you’d know how out of place this feels from the usual Fantasy we know. While the real-time combat looks engaging, Origin’s characters feel like they just came out of Hot Topic to cosplay themselves. It's a blend of modern and classic design, making it an odd combination. Who knows, maybe it might just work? We’ll find out on March 18.

8. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Anyone familiar with Gearbox’s over-the-top looter shooter, Borderlands, will find this new adventure a welcome surprise. Set within its wacky universe, Wonderlands is all about the crazy things we could do using magic instead of the explosions and machinery we're used to. Sadly, the game has no available gameplay footage so far. All we can do is follow the breadcrumbs that say a possible trailer might come out soon! Coming this March 25.

9. Marvel's Midnight Suns

A unique spin on the superhero videogame formula. Midnight Suns takes us into the grim and edgy world of MARVEL’s characters. Step into the shoes of Blade, Wolverine and so much more in a tactical gameplay that somehow works. Packed with a strong story, its gameplay is a bit intimidating for newcomers. Fans of the tactics genre will find this interesting, especially when we’re taking turns using our favorite MARVEL characters. It comes out this March 2022.

10. Gotham Knights

Warner Bros’ next Batman game isn’t mainly about the Caped Crusader at all. Taking place in a timeline separate from Rocksteady’s Arkhamverse, Knights is all about four of the Great Detective’s proteges. Namely Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing and the Red Hood. Together, they uncover a vast Gotham conspiracy involving the illusive Court Of Owls. Gameplay wise, it feels like it’s still an Arkham game. However, the added RPG elements bring more numbers into the screen, ala Assassin’s Creed. Co-op is heavily focused as well! So if you want to play with others, they can just simply drop in and out. It comes out next year.

11. Hogwarts Legacy

The future of the Wizarding World relies on video games. With the sudden end of the Pokemon GO Hogwarts game, this upcoming RPG from the Harry Potter universe might be the only way to scratch that magical itch. Legacy takes place years before the events of the books and movies. It lets us play our own version of a Hogwarts student, making us customize everything from House to Wands. It’s what Pottermore should’ve been, if they had a bigger budget. It comes out next year.

12. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

The ultimate LEGO Star Wars experience. The Skywalker Saga packs 9 of the series’ space-opera films, turning them into bite-sized LEGO versions. It’s packed with the same goofy humor the franchise has to offer, as well as featuring a slew of bonus content. This includes playable characters even from the TV series such as the Mandalorian. Like all LEGO games, it’s linear and it offers multiple levels where you build LEGO objects, the only difference here is you’re saving the galaxy. Coming next year.

13. Kerbal Space Program 2

Videogames are slowly entering the realm of real science. This sequel to the budding aerospace simulator from Private Division adds more layers of complex machinery and ‘physics’ to the fray. It still has a long way to go, since its 2022 release date is still unspecified. However, judging from the success of the original, expect next-generation space-flight simulation worthy of Microsoft’s hall of fame.

14. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake

Ubisoft’s plan to revive their action-adventure platformer took a few setbacks during its announcement. Fortunately for the devs, they listened and they delayed the game to fix most of its questionable changes. According to the devs, this Remake will feel fresh, but it stays true to its original. There’s not much new details regarding the recent improvement from its delay, so we’ll hear more about it before the game comes out next year.

15. Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One

Another take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic novels. This version of Sherlock Holmes goes back to his early days as a small-time detective. Before Dr. Watson comes into the picture, this Sherlock is in no way akin to Robert Downey Jr. or Cumberbatch. So it’s obviously an origin story. It was released this month for new-gen consoles, but for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the devs still have to tweak the performance a bit to cater to the older consoles.