20 Most Anticipated Strategy Games (4X, RTS, Turn-based, Tactical) Coming in 2021, 2022, and Beyond

Whatoplay presents 20 upcoming PC Strategy titles coming out this year and beyond. Note that this list doesn’t include Early Access titles, only full releases. To see the complete list, check out our page on all upcoming PC strategy games.

1. Frostpunk 2

As if the freezing apocalypse wasn’t bad enough, 11bit Studios’ award-winning strategy game continues to break the boundaries of dystopian futures. With more morally gray dilemmas. Frostpunk 2 promises more perplexing choices to be taken to survive this brutal setting.

2. Disciples: Liberation

This dark-fantasy strategy RPG from Frima Studio takes you into an epic war-torn world with over 80 hours’ worth of exploration. Engage in strategic turn-based combat as you uncover the mysteries in each chapter. Every choice has its own set of consequences, so think ahead when making big decisions. It’s bound for release this 21st of October.

3. Age Of Empires IV

One of the most popular real-time strategy games is getting its much-awaited sequel. Age Of Empires IV will take you once again into epic battles to recreate history. This will also streamline the PvE and PvP modes. Making it easier to compete with other players online. It’s slated for an October 28th release.

4. Total War: Warhammer III

Another year, another Warhammer game. This time around they put their focus into the sequel for their real-time strategy series. The realm of Chaos awaits and you will be once again facing off against the hordes of extra-dimensional enemies. Expect gorgeous visuals and next-generation performance as it comes out this Late 2021.

5. Songs Of Conquest

Inspired by classic RPGs from the 90s, immerse yourself into a world of magic and mayhem as you build an empire worthy of dominating these desolate lands. Enjoy a meaty campaign and select from four varied factions, or create your own stories in its in-depth level editor. If the gameplay isn’t too novel, its art style may be enough to lure strategy fans. Coming this early 2022.

6. War Mongrels

An RTS title taking place in the darkest days of history. Lead a battalion of brave heroes as they get embroiled in the violence of the eastern front during the height of World War 2. It’s a game best experienced with a buddy since most of the missions are playable in co-op! It’s set to release this 19th of October.

7. Company of Heroes 3

War games and the Strategy genre have always worked so well together. This third entry of the iconic Company of Heroes series is gearing up for some more heart-pounding combat. You can see how much the game has improved, with better graphics and a more seamless tactical gameplay. It’s set to release late next year.

8. Knights of Honor II: Sovereign

Taking place during the metal-clad days of Medieval Europe, this game challenges you to grow and establish your empire by any means necessary. Fans of RTS will find some mechanics familiar, especially when dealing with diplomacy, managing resources, and expanding territory. For anyone looking for fun with friends, the game supports multiplayer as well. It comes out sometime this year.

9. . Pharaoh: A New Era

With Europe out of the way, we go back to Ancient History in this return of the classic RTS set 4000 years ago. This remake manages to polish what was missing from the original, adding more variety to the game and including better visuals and AI. Build those pyramids, obelisks and other jewels of civilization. No release date yet.

10. Builders Of Egypt

The second game on this list that’s set in Egypt. Unlike Pharaoh, this focuses on the economic side of the RTS. Create a thriving society through urban planning, expeditions, and diplomacy. It comes out sometime this year.

11. Victoria 3

Paradox Interactive’s next big project builds upon the success of their most anticipated game. This third installment of the Victoria series will once again let you build your own utopian society. As the grand engineer, select from variations of economic potential for your budding civilization, from farming, industrial, and more. No release date yet.

12. Hexoplanet

Like the rest of the titles on this list, Hexoplanet encourages building a thriving ecosystem rich with flora and fauna. What sets it apart from the other games is its diorama-like art style. It’s adorable and makes this little indie project feel like a toy coming to life. Coming next year.

13. Gord

A fresh take on the RTS genre. Gord is a colony-sim combined with survival and strategy elements. Your job is to bring peace to a band of people by creating a formidable fortress in this grim world. Its procedurally-generated scenarios will give more room for replay value, and of course, player choices will impact the overall flow of the game. It’s set to release next year.

14. Jurassic World Evolution 2

Build a massive empire full of bioengineered creatures. Dinosaur enthusiasts will find more building options in this sequel to the theme park simulator of their dreams. Not only that, Evolution 2 features a story mode for anyone looking for more original content in the Jurassic franchise. It comes out this 9th of November.

15. Homeworld 3

The next chapter of the crowdfunded project from Gearbox will put you in the far reaches of space with more tools at their disposal. Control an armada of powerful ships and dominate the vast and empty void with your firepower. Coming this 4th Quarter of 2022.

16. Starship Troopers: Terran Command PC

Set within the Starship Troopers movie universe, lead your band of futuristic soldiers and help face off against the growing Arachnid threat. This extraterrestrial planet is home to some of the deadliest insects known to the universe, and it’s up to your tactics to shift the tide of battle. Plan ahead and enjoy its campaign mode. It’s coming out sometime this year.

17. 0 A.D.

Wildfire Games’ ambitious strategy game is a rare sight. It’s a free open-source RTS that lets you enjoy a playground where anything can happen. It’s set a time period that doesn’t exist, so everyone can just make up their own fictional battles. It’s pretty neat. It’s still in its Alpha stage, so we might have to wait months or even years for its full release.

18. The Settlers

Despite the years that have passed since their last main installment, the state of The Settlers’ development is still a mystery. It was originally planned for release last year, but it was delayed to...god knows when. With the goal of creating a familiar Settlers title while being up to par with today's standards, it's gonna be a nostalgic treat for long-time fans.

19. Kerbal Space Program 2

The sequel to the critically acclaimed space-flight simulation game. Get ready for some more engineering feats as Kerbal Space Program 2 is fully redesigned from the ground up to create more immersive and ‘realistic’ physics-based creations. It was unfortunately delayed until next year, so waiting is our only option.

20. Dark Moon

A science-fiction title where you create a sanctuary for their colony and survive from the Sun’s scorching rays. It’s a race against time and it takes non-linear progression seriously. Manage your home base and make the most out of this terrible situation. Gather your crew and make tough decisions that affect the future of your hopeful characters. No release date yet.