Top 10 Upcoming Racing Games for 2021 & Beyond (PC PlayStation Xbox)

Whatoplay presents the 10 most-anticipated Racing Games coming out this year and beyond. All arranged by release dates. To see the complete list, visit our page on Upcoming Racing Games.

1. MotoGP 21 on PC, PS5, Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

A playground for would-be racing managers. This latest from MotoGP enhances the simulation experience from their previous entries, bringing in a fresh and next-generation feel in and out of the racetrack. Create that dream crew and customize every facet of their budding careers, from data analysis to chief engineering, MotoGP 21 has a ton of features in store for every racing enthusiast. It’s coming this 22nd of April for old and next-gen consoles.

2. Hot Wheels Unleashed on PC, PS5, Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

What was once an important toy from our childhood makes a return into the gaming screen. Hot Wheels’ gained its household name a long time ago and we can finally enjoy building our own race tracks and watch our favorite cars speed their way on endless pavement. If you want Hot Wheels in videogame form, this is what you’ve been waiting for. There’s a hint of nostalgia in each of these car models and it takes us back to the good ol’ days. It’s coming this September 30th for old and next-gen consoles.

3. Underground Garage

This is a breath of fresh air compared to most of the racing titles on this list. Underground Garage mixes racing and… fine-tuning cars in a garage. With over 6000 interactive parts and more than 30 vehicles to choose from, it lets your creations come to life, and to be tested out on street racings, legal or illegal. Of course, every ride means there’s more work to be done inside the workshop. It’s a constant loop of repair, upgrade, testing, and unleashing your finished work to the world. It’s set to release sometime this 2nd quarter of 2021, exclusively for the PC.

4. KartRider: Drift on PC, Series X|S, and Xbox One

Nexon brings back their Kart Racing with more than enough upgrades to move past its Mobile game limitations. Using the high def ranges of the Unreal Engine 4, KartRider looks better than ever and they're opening their doors for cross-platform play on the PC and the Xbox One--and, still totally free to play. It features the classic Item Mode for those no mercy plays to the finish line, as well as an improved Speed Mode for a drift-focused competition. It's coming out to PCs and Xbox Ones sometime this year.

5. Riders Republic on PC, PS5, Series X|S, PS4, and Xbox One

Ubisoft’s ambitious racing project is modernizing the extreme sports genre. Riders Republic promises high-stakes multiplayer racing set in a gorgeous open-world. Join a massive multiplayer community and select from a wide variety of activities including snowboarding, biking, and skiing. Push your limits and race off with others on snowy hillsides, sun-soaked canyons and so much more. It’s borrowing notable mechanics from their previous project, Steep, and improved almost everything including its social features. Coming sometime this year for present and next-gen consoles.

6. Need For Speed 2021 on PC, PS5, and Series X|S

The next chapter of gaming’s go-to racing game is gearing for its release sometime this year. There’s much we don’t know yet, but the developers teased that the game will feature meticulous car customization and it will utilize the power of next-generation consoles. While it’s still being kept under wraps, rumors are circulating regarding a Q4 2021 window, alongside EA’s big titles like Battlefield and FIFA.

7. Gran Turismo 7

Sony’s premier racing title will also make its comeback this year. The game is aimed to be the ‘perfect’ form of Gran Turismo, combining the best things from their past, present, and future projects. There’s not much information yet, unfortunately. Polyphony Digital is prepping themselves to bring the sequel to this best-selling racing franchise for the PlayStation 5. Old and new fans will keep their eyes open for the new features that are gonna take advantage of the PS5’s power.

8. Dangerous Driving 2 on PC, PS5, Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

A sequel to the spiritual successor to EAs beloved Burnout series. Steering away from the linearity of the first game, Dangerous Driving 2 will offer an open-world paradise for racing enthusiasts. Aside from breezing through open tracks and fields at your leisure, it will also offer split-screen modes and online multiplayer--all hopefully filled with the crashes and vehicle damage it's known for. It’s slated for a 2021 release window for the PS4, PC, Switch, and next-gen consoles.

9. Forza Motorsport on PC and Series X|S

A pure test of console performance for the Series X and S. Simply named ‘Forza Motorsport’ this is the first of the series built for the next-gen. It’s dubbed by the devs as “Automotive entertainment re-imagined for a new generation.” No one knows when the game will release, but it will be available to play Day 1 for Xbox Game Pass users.

10. GTR 3

This is A title that has obviously been stuck in development hell. Since 2017, GTR 3 has been an ambitious project from SimBin that incorporates real-world elements into the racing genre. It's powered by the Unreal Engine 4 and it comes with realistic collision physics and a dynamic day and night cycle. Unfortunately, there has been no major update about the game’s status, except maybe for its tweets unrelated to their project. Who knows? We might expect a word from them later this year, and maybe a next-gen release.