25 Upcoming PS4 Games for 2022

Whatoplay presents 25 of the biggest PlayStation 4 games coming out next year! All arranged by release date. To see the complete list, check out our page on all upcoming PS4 games.

1. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Extraction

The latest from Ubisoft. Extraction takes a different spin on the Rainbow Six game we’ve grown accustomed to. For starters, it’s no longer a PvP shooter where we out-toxic the enemy team. This time around it’s a PvE experience where three players quell a mysterious alien threat. Yep, it’s horde mode, and yes, someone asked for this. It comes out on January 20.

2. Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection

The bittersweet relationship between Chloe and Max returns with a visual and performance touch-up. This Remastered Collection follows all 5 major episodes of the first Life is Strange game and four episodes from Before the Storm. Expect improved lighting and some new songs to add to our indie playlists! Coming this February 1.

3. Dying Light 2

The sequel to Techland’s eternally supported franchise. A combination of Parkour and Zombies, this unlikely pair work so well together. The world is still overrun by nightmarish undead. You will forge the protagonist’s journey by making tough decisions along the way. The parkour is better than ever with more fluid movement as you hop across rooftops. It comes out on February 4.

4. King of Fighters XV

The much-awaited follow-up to SNK’s beloved fighting game is almost here. For the first time in the series it now runs in Unreal Engine 4, making every battle look even better and more polished. Aside from that, it also supports Rollback Netcode, so you don’t have to worry about input problems. The roster is bigger than ever and there’s more to come soon. The latest reveal, Dolores, brings another femme fatale to the arena. It comes out on February 17.

5. Horizon - Forbidden West

Aloy continues her quest to find answers in this sequel to the award-winning open-world game from Guerilla Games. The ruins of San Francisco are home to many unspeakable threats and mechanical monsters. Aloy’s weaponry gets a massive upgrade and allows her to have more freedom of movement than ever. It comes out on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 simultaneously on February 18.

6. Sifu

From the makers of Absolver comes another brawler-type game. Sifu feels like a Jackie Chan movie transformed for the videogame medium. It’s a simple story about a young man out for vengeance. Using his Kung Fu prowess, make your way around multiple levels, bashing and bonking thugs along the way. Coming out on February 22.

7. Elden Ring

One of the biggest titles to come out next year. FromSoftware isn’t holding back on the Berserk references in the latest trailer and the entire game. Elden Ring is their biggest project to date. It veers away from linear paths in favor of an open-world adventure similar to Breath of the Wild. A Network Test is available this month, so check out their website for more info! It comes out on February 25.

8. Saints Row

A reboot of the even edgier version of Grand Theft Auto. Saints Row returns to the PlayStation 4 and new-generation consoles in this much needed refresh. There’s a whole new world to explore here. If you have a friend coming along, the game has drop-in/drop-out co-op. You can even customize your character and create the goofiest designs you can think of. Gangs are still around though, and you can still go on a crazy rampage in its open-world environments.

9. Gran Turismo 7

Sony’s premier racing franchise. This eighth major installment of the award-winning racing game from Polyphony Digital steers into 2022. Gran Turismo 7 takes the series to new heights with gorgeous visuals and a ton of customizations for their hardcore car enthusiasts. It comes out on the PlayStation 5, but Sony made the right call by making it available on the PS4 as well. Coming this March 4.

10. Stranger of Paradise - Final Fantasy Origin

Before we get our hands on that inevitable FFXVI, let’s play a spin-off to Square’s long-running FF series. Stranger Of Paradise is… strange. It takes place in an alternate world where we play as bootleg versions of our favorite Warriors of Light. The gameplay involves fast-paced hack-and-slash, similar to Nioh. There are a ton of RPG elements to unpack. Coming this March 18.

11. Marvel's Midnight Suns

An unlikely genre in the superhero formula. Midnight Suns isn’t what you expect it to be. It’s a tactical RPG set in the dark and brooding side of the Marvel comics. We have Blade, Wolverine, and a ton of Marvel’s badasses fighting with deck-building systems and turn-based combat. It’s a game that encourages us to think and strategize every move. It comes out sometime this March 2022.

12. Shadow Warrior 3

A game that was recently delayed to early next year. Flying Wild Hog’s fast-paced first-person shooter aims to deliver the same level of quality of the first Shadow Warrior game. The frenetic shootouts are intended to let players focus on the fun rather than picking which weapon to upgrade. Of course the jokes are still around.

13. Bugsnax - The Isle of BIGsnax

We return to the surreal realm of the food monsters in Young Horses’ adventure game. The Isle of BIGsnax is a free DLC that adds a crap-ton of content for the Bugsnax hunters. This time around, a mysterious new isle harbors kaiju-level bugsnax. As a veteran collector, it’s your job to find ways to befriend and capture these gargantuan creatures. Coming early next year.

14. LEGO Star Wars - The Skywalker Saga

Possibly the most ‘delayed’ LEGO game ever. The Skywalker Saga is the ultimate LEGO Star Wars experience where all 9 major chapters can be played in their signature format. Build blocks out of nowhere, save the galaxy from LEGO Palpatine, and enjoy a selection of playable characters from all Star Wars stories, including The Mandalorian! It comes out early next year.

15. Salt and Sacrifice

The sequel to the 2D side-scrolling souls-like game from Ska Studios. Salt and Sanctuary made a name for itself for having tight gameplay and challenging difficulty. In Sacrifice, the adventure continues with an even bigger bloodbath. You can craft unique weapons and armor from the bones of your enemies. It comes out next year.

16. God of War - Ragnarok

Sony’s most-anticipated sequel to their award-winning father-and-son duo. Ragnarok is the final chapter of the Norse saga and it will end with a thunderous roar. The Nine Realms are about to meet their inevitable end as Kratos and Atreus meet all kinds of unsavory folk from the realm of Nordic Mythology. New combat and movement gameplay are added, bringing in a smooth-sailing adventure that’s worth the wait. It comes out next year.

17. Gotham Knights

The Court of Owls are making their move under the nose of Gotham’s shadow. The latest installment from the team behind Batman Arkham Origins takes us to a neon-lit Gotham cloaked in a vast conspiracy. Play as four of the Caped Crusader’s proteges in solo or in co-op. Take the brawl to the city's seedy underbelly and stop delinquents from wreaking havoc. No definite release date yet, but it comes out next year.

18. Hogwarts Legacy

The magic and mystery of J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World is finally getting am RPG adaptation. Explore the hallowed halls of Hogwarts in third-person, customize your own character, and embrace the magic from its multiple classrooms. It’s the perfect game for anyone who needs to scratch the Pottermore itch. Coming next year.

19. Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time Remake

The remake of the age-old platformer that predates Ubisoft’s parkour-based open-world. This reimagining of the 2003 game will take the series to a new yet familiar direction. The art is a bit baffling for the modern gen consoles, but it’s apparently as intended. Combat is amped up, making it feel just like the early days of Assassin’s Creed. The game still has a long way to go, and it’s expected to come out next year.

20. Skull & Bones

A game that’s been delayed to oblivion. Heavily marketed in the early days of 2018, Skull & Bones has disappeared from the map since then. No updates were released until very recently. It's supposed to be an open-world sea-faring game that plays similarly to Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. Ubisoft seems to have no idea what to do with this one, but the good news is, the devs mentioned it’s expected to come out next year...or maybe the year after that.

21. The Lord of the Rings - Gollum

We’re all thirsty for more LOTR content and it looks like next year will be the year we get to enjoy more of Tolkien’s works with this weird stealth game featuring Gollum, and the Amazon show coming out soon. Let’s hope they stick to the actual lore this time.

22. Sherlock Holmes - Chapter One

The world’s greatest detective gets another version of his story and it won't be Robert Downey Jr nor Benedict Cumberbatch. In Chapter One, we witness the early days of the cocky detective before he met John Watson. We don't know for certain when but we can expect the mystery game sometime next year.

23. Little Devil Inside

A third-person action-adventure that combines iconic elements from popular survival games. Little Devil Inside balances a diorama-like art-style with the gripping combat of The Witcher. It’s an epic tale set in a fantasy-like England teeming with monsters and magic. New gameplay footage was unveiled during this month’s State of Play and it looks great!

24. Star Ocean The Divine Force

The return of the long-running space-opera JRPG from Tri-Ace and Square Enix. Following Xenoblade’s footsteps, The Divine Force goes full-blast with its ambitious open-world scale. It’s the biggest Star Ocean game ever. It features a new set of characters set in a galaxy-spanning story reminiscent of the old games.

25. Deathverse: Let It Die

Unveiled during the recent Sony State Of Play, Deathverse: Let It Die is another survival/battle royale game trying to compete with the over-saturated market. It was an improved version of the 2016 release and it takes us once again into a sadistic TV show where everyone murders for rewards. Sounds familiar? Of course it does. It comes out Spring of next year.