15 New MMORPGs Coming in 2021 on PC, PS5, Series X, and Switch

Sprawling worlds to explore, tens of thousands of players, raids, and PvPs. Whatoplay presents the 15 New MMORPGs Coming in 2021 and Beyond, all arranged by release dates. To see the complete, updated list of all future releases, check out our Upcoming MMORPG Games page.

1. Blue Protocol

Set on a planet once ruled by a mysterious light but is now in ruins. Bandai Namco’s upcoming RPG challenges players to save the world from devastation. The trailers look like an anime come to life. The landscapes look detailed and it comes alive as characters battle against gigantic monsters. Currently there are four classes to choose from: Fighters, Strikers, Archers, and Spellcasters, with more coming soon. Developed by teams who worked on Tales and Tekken, the combat already seems promising enough. It’s slated for a Japan release early 2021, but an english localization is already on the horizon.

2. New World

As a game from the retail giant, Amazon, this upcoming MMORPG will probably be on many people's radar. New World pulls you into the Eternal Isle of Aeternum where the evil Corrupted will force you to take up arms to save the world. Interestingly enough, the game doesn't have any classes to speak of. Instead, you get free reigns to level up your base attributes as well as your weapon masteries. So far, the previews have shown off its Souls-inspired combat. Reviewers have found the game a little too small and sparse than promised. But, still in its Alpha Testing stage, more changes will be expected to come up. It's set to release on the PC in Spring 2021.

3. Ashes of Creation

The MMORPG is a hard genre to get right and that's what Ashes of Creation hopes to achieve. Conceived entirely to answer to the genre's shortcomings, Intrepid Studios’ take offers a dynamic universe where players themselves create the history of the game's world. Carve communities out of their nodes, and together, they'll create the world out of their interactions. Boasting housing and massive siege battles, it's been compared to games like Rust and Ark: Survival Evolved. It's pretty ambitious on paper and it might just revolutionize the genre itself. Pre-order the game right now, and you'll get access to their current test phases. It's scheduled to release in 2021.

4. Temtem on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series X

While our fave pokemon will remain exclusively under Nintendo, Temtem gives us a glimpse of the creature collecting with a multiplayer twist. Not only do we get to roam around a bustling world full of adorable monsters, we'll also find a whole lot of trainers to compete and trade with. Choose one of three starter creatures and venture round the Airborne Archipelago. With six islands, the world is full of varying sceneries as well as up to 12 different types of Temtem. At its current stage, it doesn't have all of its MMO features yet. However, with the familiar RPG groundwork in place, there's no doubt it'll make it to their 2021 schedule.

5. Mad World

A lot of MMORPGs go for the 3D open world environments. However, developers Jandisoft presents immersion with their 2D world. Visually, it looks pretty lightweight. But, underneath the gritty art, there's a lot of MMORPG elements at play. Combat is not the main focus of Mad World. Instead, it's creating an emotional experience using MMO elements that we're already familiar with. There're no classes here, but you'll be fighting epic bosses with weapon-based combat and their extensive skill trees. All that alongside the standard PvPs, guilds, and more. They're still looking to make good on a 2020 release, but 2021 may be a safer bet for the PC and mobile title.

6. Crimson Desert

Black Desert Online has been one of the most mainstream MMO titles out there, and it looks like Pearl Abyss is out to create another equally exciting game. With totally new stories and settings, Crimson Desert will be its own narrative focused game. A medieval fantasy, lead your own group of mercenaries and navigate the war torn world of Pywel. The singleplayer campaign is convincing enough. But, it will also include MMORPG elements like PvP. What started out as a prequel to BDO has taken on a more original direction, and the Gaelic storyline is looking gorgeous. The details are sparse but it's set to release on the PC in 2021.

7. Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

This may only be an expansion, but it's big news for fans of ArenaNet's long running MMO. To celebrate their 8th year anniversary, they've announced the coming of this third expansion. It whisks us back to the land of Cantha and it features “Kuunavang” from the old Factions campaign. The teaser suggests a story involving the balance between mortals and the Elder Dragons. With the last expansion adding mounts to the world, players are expecting new mechanics to be added in the next one. It's set to release in 2021.

8. Hytale

Developed by the same people from the Minecraft multiplayer server. Hytale is well on its way to be THE venue for fans of online voxel sandbox. With no word on classes, players will seem to be able to take up whatever arms or tools are on offer in their randomly generated world. Aside from competitive and community features, its powerful tools will also allow creative players to express themselves or add to the world itself. With backing from Riot, Hytale Studios has expanded their development and we'll get to see the final product on the PC sometime in 2021.

9. Saga of Lucimia

Stormhaven Studios offers an MMORPG with no PvP. Another high fantasy RPG, Saga focuses on group-based battles, not against each other, but against the challenges of the world. Based on D&D, you get to create your own story inside their expansive lore, along with your friends. Dive into the Kingdoms of Lucimia and play as their different races, which vary from humans to elemental creatures. With no classes, you get to personalize your heroes by choosing from hundreds of upgradeable skills. Currently on the 3rd alpha stage, pre-orders will grant early access as well as months of game subscription. It's coming out in the 4th quarter of 2021.

10. Crowfall

Just the kind of game that will interest siege and fort-defense fans. Crowfall mixes elements of survival and strategy games and political sims with the open world feel of MMOs. Unlike most MMOs, the game will have campaigns where you play as one of three factions all vying for territory. There’s 11 classes and 12 races on offer. Their combinations, limited according to the lore. On top of usual character skill tree leveling, it also has passive skill training like EVE Online. However, it will occur on the account level, allowing you to level up all your characters. You can compete with hundreds of thousands in their ongoing Beta signups, but unfortunately there's no release date yet.

11. The Lord of the Rings MMO

A lot of studios are looking to explore Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series. This one from Amazon will do so with the MMORPG formula. Side by side with their Original TV series, this project aims to provide the definitive immersive experience for fans. Recent news of a new artist for the game suggests it'll offer something different visually. With Lord of the Rings: Online already giving a pretty faithful adaptation, fans are hoping this new MMO will bring something different to the table in terms of gameplay. Seemingly still early in development, there’s no release date yet.

12. Profane

Considering itself a "true MMORPG", Profane takes its players into their dynamic 3D world in a medieval fantasy setting. It allows you to fully immerse into your chosen roles as it brings open world PvP with a full loot system and no safe zones. You'll have to find your own way to survive. Strengthen your characters, form alliances, or settle into the quiet of your own territory. There's no classes and no leveling system. Only an emergent, sandbox experience where players themselves decide how to run the place. It's been compared to the likes Rust and Albion. Currently in its Alpha stage, there might still be more changes to come. No release date yet.

13. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Headed by the co-creator of the popular MMO, EverQuest, Brad McQuaid’s last MMO is one that many are eagerly awaiting. A high fantasy MMO taking place in the world of Terminus, the planet is made up of a number of diverse open world zones. Create your own hero from their nine races and twelve classes and group up with friends to strategize against the challenges of the fragmented realms. Pantheon puts heavy focus on socialization, with encounters needing fitting combinations of the strengths of each hero. It's been a long road. But now that it's in Pre-Alpha, it won't be long till fans finally experience McQuaid's vision and the fruits of their support.

14. Corepunk

An MMORPG that presents a visual experience with a 3D isometric open world. Take to the realm of Kwalat and choose from four factions that each have their own cultures and values. Seamless is a word that comes up often as it lets you explore its gorgeous open world underneath a MOBA-like fog of war. While it has the core lineup of party roles, their flexible class system makes it easy to create a build especially for your fighting style. With player housing, crafting, and a karma system that turns you into a free for all outlaw, it already seems like a game you can sink hours into. No release date yet but the Open Beta will begin this fourth quarter.

15. Project BBQ

The sequel to the highly popular Dungeon Fighter Online, Nexon and Npeople have come together to bring a new spin on their signature action. Following in the footsteps of Kritika and SoulWorker, Project BBQ will boast full 3D combat and a seamless world built on the Unreal Egine 4. It's a far cry from their sidescrolling, hub-based title, but it's expected to stay true to their brawler roots. There will reportedly be up to 8 different classes, and a mix of open world maps and dungeons. It has been planned to release in some form in 2020, but it's not certain if it will be the full release.


  • Your entire section on Ashes of Creation is flat wrong. Ashes has never been compared to Ark or Rust, and if it has please cite those instances so that we can go back and correct those people. If you pre-order the game right now you can't get access to the current testing phase. Those sales closed in Sept 2018. Right now if you back you'll get access to Alpha 2, but there is no current date for it. There also is no release date for Ashes. Need to do a lot more research on your project before you push out half-baked products.
  • Crimson Desert is not going to be MMO... they changed their website, said so at the gaming awards 2020 & did an interview with PC World saying it is not an mmo, as everyone plays the same character.