Top 15 Upcoming Action-RPGs of 2021

whatoplay presents the Top 15 Upcoming ARPGs of 2021 and Beyond, arranged by release dates. For more upcoming games, you could check out our page All Upcoming Games.

1. Ys IX: Monstrum Nox on PC, PS4, and Switch

It seems like Adol the Red has returned for a new adventure, and he's bringing his heroic deeds to the west. Cursed into the role of exorcising demons, Adol's journey in Monstrum Nox is improved by the addition of five new characters, each bringing their own skills into the fight against magical threats. Like the previous Ys titles, fans have been itching for a localization and it looks like it’s coming to the PlayStation 4 this February 2, 2021, whereas other consoles might have to wait sometime next year.

2. Monster Hunter: Rise

CAPCOM’s best-selling IP is ready to pump some more monster hunting action. Exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, this latest Monster Hunter adventure is taking the series to new heights, literally. In Rise, player movement is significantly improved, granting more vertical freedom to its massive world using the newly introduced WireBug. Alongside this fresh title is the addition of new monsters, weapons and adorable pets awaiting the aspiring hunters. The hunt goes on as the game is coming out this 26th of March, 2021.

3. NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Automata’s unprecedented success drove Yoko Taro and his team of passionate developers to remake this 2010 classic. Replicant gets the polish it deserves with visuals and combat all remade from the ground-up. Players explore a desolate future filled with an eccentric cast of characters. Like Automata, the Nier games excel in its fast-paced hack and slash combat. Take down enemies using a variety of powerful moves. It’s still the same weird story old fans are familiar with, and new fans should prepare themselves for some serious surprises. It’s set to release next year on April 23rd for the PC, PS4 and X1.

4. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

It’s happening. BioWare’s most celebrated science fiction trilogy is receiving the Remastered treatment. Commander Sheperd’s galaxy-spanning quest to save the universe from the Reaper Invasion is coming to current-gen and hopefully, the next-gen. However, the lack of details for this elusive Edition resorted players to take any rumor with a grain of salt. The Collection is confirmed, but anything beyond that is a complete mystery. Nonetheless, fans of the series can finally relive their favorite moments all in glorious high-definition. It’s slated for a 2021 release, but no system announcement yet.

5. Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

A sequel to CAPCOM’s spin-off of their acclaimed Monster Hunter franchise. Stories take place in a toned-down version of their original, bringing more emphasis to its characters and monsters. Think of Stories as Monster Hunter’s version of Pokemon. In Wings of Ruin, this latest chapter promises new monsters to bond with and mysteries to uncover. There’s no shortage of adorable moments in this upcoming title, and it’s coming out exclusively to the Switch sometime this Summer 2021.

6. Hogwarts Legacy on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X

The movies and the books may be over, but J.K. Rowling’s legacy of her magical universe will live on in the years to come… despite the author’s numerous controversies. It’s every HP Fan’s dream: a full-fledged RPG set in the halls of Hogwarts. Set years before Harry Potter became the chosen one, players create their own character alongside which House they belong to. Throughout the game, they will confront many fantastic encounters as well as learning spells. Its doors will open sometime this 2021 for all major consoles except Switch.

7. Scarlet Nexus on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X

Bandai Namco’s psionic-powered title takes players into a futuristic city invaded by an otherworldly threat. Assume the role of a young psionic-powered individual capable of manipulating the environment to his advantage. Bend the rules of physics using a variety of stylish moves to overcome the many dangers in this fast-paced hack and slash game. It’s heading to the PC, PS4, XB1, PS5, Series X sometime this 2021.

8. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X

Another list, another spot where Bloodlines 2 gets covered. Delayed to near oblivion, this action-RPG set in 21st century Seattle lets players experience the nightly adventures of these blood-starved races. It’s a follow up to the 2004 cult classic, dating back to the game’s tabletop years. As an RPG, whatever path the players choose remains a massive part of Vampire's gameplay and story. It encourages multiple playthroughs due to its branching storylines and multiple endings. It comes out sometime this 2021 for all major consoles, excluding Switch.

9. Tales Of Arise on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

The next chapter of the acclaimed Tales series from Bandai Namco. No longer sticking to their shared universe, this is a whole new story set in a different world. Still embracing that fantasy charm, step into the shoes of two characters separated by space and time. Arise promises a familiar yet more innovative gameplay once it comes out. Old and new fans of the series might notice that The Linear Motion Battle System gets a major overhaul to fit into the next-generation quality. Originally a 2020 release, it was pushed back to an unannounced date.

10. Lost Soul Aside on PC and PS4

Players step into a massive open-world teeming with dangerous wildlife. The story remains a mystery as of the moment, however, its gameplay is its main selling point. Taking inspiration from notable character action games like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta, the main character is a one man army capable of decimating a horde of enemies with style. Sadly, with no release date yet, the hype has dwindled over the years. Let’s hope it gets the next-generation treatment soon.

11. Final Fantasy XVI on PC and PS5

The next installment of the acclaimed JRPG series from Square Enix puts ‘fantasy’ back into its name. Clearly developed by the team behind FFXIV, this latest chapter embraces classic FF signatures including Summing Crystals and warring empires. Perhaps the game’s biggest surprise is its shift in gameplay. XVI improves XV’s real-time action, transforming it into a fluid hack and slash. The story, however, is unclear yet. But the presence of mature themes including Blood makes this the most interesting FF title yet. Coming to the PC and PS5. No release date yet.

12. Elden Ring on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

FromSoftware’s most-anticipated project is still being kept under wraps right now, but as the years go by, the hype continues to grow especially with BluePoint’s remake of Miyazaki’s Demon Souls. Co-written by George RR Martin, Elden Ring is a collaborative effort between Miyazaki and the Game of Throne’s author. The only trailer we have so far is cinematic, but it gave us an idea as to what kind of game this all about. It’s an ambitious new title that we won’t be hearing for a while, given FromSoftware’s development schedules.

13. The Elder Scrolls VI on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

With an unprecedented move from Microsoft, Bethesda’s ambitious high-fantasy RPG is now a Microsoft Exclusive after its 7.5 billion dollar acquisition. As the years go by, the closer we get to an actual gameplay reveal and potentially a release date for this anticipated title. There’s not much details surrounding TESVI yet, but Todd Howard is clearly busy with this project. After Fallout 76’s major backlash, let’s hope the guys at Bethesda have learned their lesson.

14. Gothic Remake on PC, PS5, and Series X

The widely speculated return of THQ Nordic’s epic is back and it’s rebuilt from the ground up to cater to the next-generation visuals. A playable demo is out on Steam right now if you want to check how different it is from the original. As of the moment, the reviews are all over the place. Most of the concerns are mainly technical, which is okay since performance issues and bugs can be fixed. It’s primarily targeted to their nostalgic fans, but with the enhanced fantasy-epic experience, even new players can find something wonderful in this Remake; it’s coming out on the PC, PS5 and Series X sometime soon.

15. Diablo IV on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Blizzard hasn’t been too consumer-friendly lately, but they sure know how to keep a straight face when dealing with their most anticipated action-RPG. We’re finally getting a fourth installment to their long running Diablo series. The details are scarce as of the moment. All we know so far is that it revitalizes the isometric gameplay of the previous trilogy, bringing in a familiar yet new approach to its challenging dungeon-crawling adventures. We’re days away from BlizzConLine 2020 and from the looks of it, we’ll be seeing more Diablo IV.