10 Best NEW Indie PC Games of 2019 (July Aug Sep)

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10. DARQ

Opening this list is an indie horror game that feels like a trip inside Tim Burton’s world. Darq’s gloomy atmosphere takes you into a bizarre world filled with horrors. The story revolves around a young kid with the ability to remain conscious while dreaming. All this turns into a freakshow when the nightmares start happening.

Throughout the game, you will not only outrun these strange creatures, you also solve numerous puzzles by manipulating time and space. Most of the critics, including GameSpot, appreciated the creative puzzle designs. Giving it a 7.0, saying that they are “...incredibly satisfying to solve on your first playthrough, each one building upon the last in intelligent ways.“

It kinda plays like Little Nightmares with a bit of LIMBO in between. It’s fun, considering its short game length of 3 hours. However, the game stumbles with its broken stealth sections. IGN critiqued on that, saying that, “DARQ has some frustrating stealth encounters and an overabundance of jump scares…” It receives a playscore of 8.10.

9. Dicey Dungeons

Indie games try their damndest to deviate from other mainstream titles. Dicey Dungeons is unlike any other game out there, it manages to mix two different things: Dice and Card-Games. So how does that even work? With your luck and your ability to read, simply lead a hulking walking dice in a roguelike adventure where deckbuilding and a bit of luck, is key.

Its randomly generated dungeons pit you with a variety of monsters, mythological or not. The further you go, the crazier the enemies are and the rarer the loot… just like most roguelike titles.

The game’s best feature lies in its content. Where every aspect of it feels like it could’ve been a different game. We Got This Covered gave it a 9 out of 10. Praising it, saying that, “There are enough ideas here for three whole games, and seemingly nothing was sacrificed in order to implement them.” But much like any roguelike adventures, it heavily relies on its randomly generated events, causing a bit of repetition in its presentation. Luck can run out and players might suffer a few difficulty bumps along the way. GameSpot gave it a 7, stating that, “Dicey Dungeons is a charming and often rewarding game, as long as you learn to accept that sometimes the dice won't roll your way.”

If you’re into roguelikes like Slay The Spire, this game is for you. It has a playscore of 8.14.

8. Blazing Chrome

Definitely a nod for the legendary classics like Contra and Metal Slug. This testosterone-fueled run and gun action game places you in the heat of every battle for humanity. Set in a dystopian world where machines are taking over, it’s up to you and your pal to save this god-forsaken Earth. Embracing that retro visuals similar to the days of old, utilize the futuristic weapons of the future and take down massive hordes of metallic monsters with ease.

Handsome Phantom praised the game, calling it a ‘must buy’ and giving it an 8 out of 10, saying that Blazing Chrome is “Boasting challenging run and gun gameplay, an impressive amount of replayability, and an unmatched level of nostalgia…” It’s obvious pandering to nostalgia-driven players, but that’s not a bad thing since Blazing Chrome knows how to make a homage to the fantastic classics. It’s an ideal couch co-op game where you can simply blast some foes with your friend.

It receives a playscore of 8.20.

7. Horace

Like many other great indie games, Horace is an adorable platformer with a story about a small robot with big dreams. Made by two talented developers, their intention was to create a game reminiscent to the iconic classics and adding it with a bit of English flair.

Inspired by the works of Douglas Adams, embrace the life of an ambitious android with a knack for humanity. Live a fascinating robotic life and enjoy 15 hours of character-driven adventure from start to finish.

TSA admired the game’s 80’s and 90’s atmosphere, heavily influencing its score of 9 out of 10. He said, “It may not be as immediately impressive as the latest AAA blockbuster, but Horace is essential for fans of retro games or hard platformers…”

It’s a stark reminder of how the gaming industry continues to evolve over the years. Horace is a Modern Classic with a playscore of 8.33.

6. Children Of Morta

This indie game is trying to break the conventional ‘one character’ per adventure kind of trope in most RPG’s. Instead of using a single hero, you take control of an entire family of heroes.

11 bit Studios’ Children of Morta is a lovechild between The Incredibles and Diablo. It’s a rogue-lite game where you go hacking and slashing through an ever-changing dungeon filled with monsters and mayhem. As a whole pack of related individuals, lead the Bergsons in their quest to find epic loot, despite their flaws and differences.

We Got This Covered gave this game a 9 out of 10, saying that, “Children of Morta delivers an exceptional experience with superior gameplay and a surprising amount of heart.” For its story, it does deliver it quite well. Exuding nothing but themes of love and hope for this thrill-seeking family. Lastly, Hardcore Gamer’s Jordan Helm praises the game’s gameplay, saying that, “... like Dead Cells before it — is an addictive, well-orchestrated and brilliantly-devised take on the roguelike template.” He gave it a 4.5 out of 5.

It has a playscore of 8.39.

5. Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom

It took them a while but finally it’s out. This spiritual successor to the iconic Metroidvania classic, Wonder Boy, is a fantastic game that reimagines the old adventure into brand new heights. Help Monster Boy “Jin” overcome his fears and explore a magical world full of secrets and deadly monsters. Transform into six various forms with unique abilities to traverse around its cursed lands.

The game is beautiful, its hand-drawn animations would immediately catch your eyes, taking you into its vibrant kingdom. GameSpot’s Alexander Pan gave it an 8 out of 10, praising the game’s homage to the original Wonder Boy. Saying that, “... by refining the solid foundations of its spiritual predecessors with modern affordances, it becomes a rich platforming adventure in its own right.”

It’s a well-loved metroidvania game. Even Spanish Reviewer 3D Juegos gave it a 9 out 10. It has a playscore of an 8.44.

4. Streets Of Rogue

Embrace chaos in this rogue-lite game about a group of anarchic individuals. Played in a top-down perspective, it takes inspiration from popular titles with the same nature such as The Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne. Amidst its pixelated madness, Streets Of Rogue boasts an addicting gameplay where you have the freedom to approach every level in your own ways.

Do you want to go on a bloody rampage? Or you just want to mess around with computers? It’s all up to you. PC Gamer gave it an 8.40 saying that this game is a “A flexible roguelike with more than enough playstyles to keep you coming back.” It’s the perfect indie game to test your chaotic inhibitions. Experiment all you want until you get tired of seeing the same thing happening again and again. Even Spanish reviewer, Vandal, gave this game an 8.

As for our playscore, it receives a strong 8.51.

3. Oxygen Not Included

Klei’s latest ‘survival simulation’ game is one of this year’s biggest surprises, especially for die-hard Don’t Starve Together fans and to those who simply adore the endless joy of survival games.

Oxygen Not Included takes you to a sci-fi colony where your job, as an overseer, is to make sure everything is in check to keep your humans alive. But it’s not an easy task. Everything in its hostile planet is trying to kill you. Master science, the arts, and even resource management because the game is constantly trying to troll you.

Metro’s GameCentral gave it a solid 8, saying that it is a “Funny, clever, and extremely complex mix of management simulator and survival game that manages to make abject failure almost as entertaining as success.” Throughout your non-stop surviving, the game has its funny moments. Reminding you not to take itself too seriously.

It’s a major success, even Game Reactor gave it an 8, praising the game’s attention to detail. It receives a playscore of 8.64.

2. A Short Hike

Compared to all the hardcore nature of the other indie titles on this list, A Short Hike is a stress-free journey where you simply walk around a colorful world, admiring its many wonders. The path you take depends on you, and it’s up to you to find out where it leads. It’s as straightforward as its game title. There are no boss fights to face, no rare items to collect or monsters to fight… it’s just a short hike.

Thumbstick’s Tom Baines gave it a 9, admiring the developers passion for this beautiful game. Saying that, “...what began as an act of self-care for the game’s developer has blossomed into a welcome respite from the modern world that everyone should experience.”

Throughout your journey, you’ll be accompanied by a relaxing soundtrack to fit the current mood of your adventure. It’s simply breathtaking. Destructoid’s Kevin Mersereau gave it a 7.50, saying that, “A Short Hike is far from perfect, but it absolutely is unique and worth your time.“

It’s nice to take a little break every once in a while. It has a playscore of 8.79.


It’s surprising to see a VR title on the number one spot in an indie list, and it’s the complete opposite of A Short Hike’s pleasant and peaceful tale. GORN is a ridiculously violent VR game where you live a life of a Gladiator trying to reach the highest ranks. It features realistic physics so you can creatively eviscerate your opponents in its classic medieval combat. It does sound too violent but at least GORN’s semi-cartoony designs make it less… gory. At least the devs know how to have fun.

Upload VR praised its presentation and gameplay, giving it an 8.50, saying that GORN feels like “It’s a toy box filled with razor-sharp playthings and endless action figures to use them on...” There’s no groundbreaking innovation here, but it’s enough for us to bring out our inner Russell Crowe as we smash and bludgeon our enemy’s skulls to victory. Game Skinny even gave it a 9 out of 10. Appreciating the game’s humor and challenge, saying that, “Gorn is challenging, horrifying, hilarious, and a genuine joy to play.”

It’s fun with friends, and it has a playscore of 8.80.