Top 10 FREE Android Multiplayer Games of the Last 3 years (2018 to 2020)

Whatoplay presents the 10 best FREE ANDROID MULTIPLAYER games of all time. All arranged by playscore. To check the full list, visit our page on all Best Free Android Multiplayer Games.


No, this isn’t the Dissidia we’ve been spending hours on our PlayStation Portables. It’s not a fighting game, as it's heavily focused on Gacha elements and single-tap combat. It does retain its ambitious crossover of all Final Fantasy titles though.

Get to know all major Final Fantasy characters and watch them team up to escape from a cursed world. A playscore of 8.21.


Much like Opera Omnia, this Dragon Ball title isn’t the kind we expect from the series’ established genres. As a mobile entry, it uses card-based combat instead of the usual button-mashing we know in their other titles.

Dragon Balls’ signature flying combat is still around. The better your deck, the cooler your moves. A playscore of 8.24.

8. RebirthM

An MMORPG that took inspiration from the classic PC titles that once shaped the genre. RebirthM is an open-world with the right amount of content for MMORPG fans: RvR, PvP, PvE, and much more.

As years go by, however, the mobile business tainted its once fair and balanced game with ‘pay to win’ mechanics. For the casual players, it’s still a fun pocket MMO with a playscore of 8.27.

7. KartRider Rush+

An upgraded version of mobile’s own take on Mario Kart. Rush+ dazzles us with its vibrant colors and chaotic racing moments. Its unique cast of characters are also given their own spotlight with some bite-sized story moments.

Race to the finish line and become the #1. Be warned: you’re almost always gonna piss someone off. A playscore of 8.31.

6. Among Us

The party-game pop culture phenomenon that sparked a massive internet following. Among Us is a project developed by a small team of passionate developers. Everyone knows what this game is all about.

It’s the ideal game to play with friends on a cozy Discord server, especially with this quarantine. One thing’s for certain though: some friendships will never be the same after one match. A playscore of 8.32.

5. Genshin Impact

This record-breaking title from MiHoyo exceeds mobile limitations. Genshin Impact is a combination of tried-and-tested videogame formulas. It’s an open-world RPG inspired by Breath of the Wild and it also involves Gacha-based elements that encourage continuous grind.

The multiplayer in this one is not its strongest aspect though, but hanging out with other players in high-level dungeons and flexing pulls is kinda fun. A playscore of 8.38.

4. SHADOWGUN LEGENDS - FPS and PvP Multiplayer games

Destiny in pocket form, or at least that's what the game is trying to be. This first person shooter is pretty much like any other game in the market. It embraces the looter-shooter elements and encourages players to keep pushing those numbers up.

It’s an accessible FPS game for those seeking a good sci-fi alien vs man shootout. A playscore of 8.40.

3. Call Of Duty: Mobile

The strongest First Person Shooter on the mobile right now. Bearing that Call of Duty name, it’s a fast-paced and action-packed entry to play with friends. There are multiple modes to choose from, but its Battle Royale and Death Match mode have always been the games’ strongest. It receives a playscore of 8.53.

2. Tacticool 5v5 Shooter

If Call of Duty: Mobile reigns supreme with its First Person Shooter mechanics, Tacticool’s isometric gameplay brings a different kind of energy to the genre. Squad up with friends, or strangers and blow things up with its destructible environments. A playscore of 8.55.

1. Sky: Children Of The Light

ThatGameCompany, the people behind the popular Journey, showcases their strengths in visual design with Sky. Soar through silver-lined clouds and blue skies and meet unexpected people in the most unexpected places.

Teaming up with random strangers and solving the game’s myriad of puzzles is an experience similar to their previous title. A playscore of 8.97.