Top 15 New Free Android Games (Early 2021)

Whatoplay presents 15 Free Android games so far. All arranged by gamerscores. These games are ranked by gamerscore.

15. Guardians: Alien Hunter

We start off the list with our first shooter, yes, expect more of those in a while. Protect the planet from an army of relentless aliens. Gather the most powerful tools of destruction and fend off the extraterrestrial hordes. Choose the most advanced weaponry possible and become humanity’s last hope. Are you willing to take the challenge? A gamerscore of 9.37.

14. Solitaire - My Farm Friends

This free Android game is pretty much what it says it is. It’s a solitaire game with an unlikely blend of farm life. Play with your newly befriended animal friends and enjoy hours and hours of classic solitaire fun. Create your own empire of barnyard buddies, all while enjoying a card game that requires concentration and skill. A gamerscore of 9.37.

13. SIVA: The God Of Destruction

Not to be mistaken with the actual Hindu God of destruction, Shiva. This mobile title is an MMORPG brandishing that signature K-RPG formula. Improve your character by participating in its major events. As a K-RPG, expect lots of level grinding as player levels are continuously being challenged by other players as well. So punch those stats up! It receives a gamerscore of 9.38.

12. World War 2: Strategy Games WW2 Sandbox Tactics

A turn-based strategy game designed for players who love the history behind the world’s darkest days. As commander, lead your troops to victory and conquer the world. Just don’t take it literally. Control over 100 famous generals of World War 2 from Axis and Allied powers. Think twice before laying out your armies, and plan one step ahead. A gamerscore of 9.38.

11. Criminal Desires: BL Yaoi Anime Romance Game

We’ve officially come to a point where romance games are slowly taking over the Mobile sphere. Simple as they may be, it offers a unique experience for players who just want to be in looooove. In this BL Yaoi game, infiltrate a notorious crime family. As a detective, know who to trust between your two choices: Rob, your childhood friend, or Christopher, a composed leader. The choice is yours. A gamerscore of 9.38.

10. Sniper Shooting: Free FPS 3D Gun Shooting Game

The title says it all. It’s free and it’s all about shooting stuff. Pick a favorite gun within its arsenal of cool-looking rifles. Customize the shooting range and hit those targets with surgical precision. It’s aiming for a more realistic shooting experience, and for a mobile game, that’s saying something. A gamerscore of 9.38.

9. First Refuge: Z

Gaming has evolved over the years but nothing will ever stop the zombie genre from coming back again and again. First Refuge: Z pretty much plays similarly to Fallout: Shelter. Humanity has been brought to the edge of extinction and it’s up to you to build an immense fortress with your growing list of survivors. Build, upgrade and expand. A gamerscore of 9.39.

8. Krazy Kakoom

Its art style may be reminiscent of the classic PlayStation Portable rhythm game, Patapon, but its gameplay is far from that. Krazy Kakoom is a casual tower defense where you stand idle and use your fingers to fend off waves and waves of enemy tribes. Upgrade those abilities and become an impenetrable shield as the levels get higher. A gamerscore of 9.39.

7. Pirates War

Sharpen those blades and prepare for a never-ending voyage to find the greatest of treasures. It’s gameplay relies heavily on strategic turn-based encounters. Build your fleet and watch them dominate the high seas, even when you’re not around. For a free mobile game, Pirates War satisfies that pirate fantasy. A gamerscore of 9.40.

6. Queen: Rock Tour - The Official Rhythm Game

The UK’s beloved rock legends have their own rhythm game for the Android. Vibe to the tunes from their greatest albums including “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We Will Rock You” and many more. Master different instruments for each song and tap the tiles to become the ultimate music legend. Freddie Mercury would be proud! A gamerscore of 9.40.

5. Hotel Frenzy: Design Grand Hotel Empire

Build a Hotel Empire and open the doors to your grand lodgings in this Management Game that’s taking a spin on the popular Diner Dash. Instead of a cozy restaurant, you’ll be taking up tasks from various hotel guests on different floors. Decorate the halls to your heart’s content and gain enough reputation to attract esteemed individuals. How long can you keep it up? A gamerscore of 9.56.

4. My Elemental Prince - Remake: Otome Romance Game

We’re back to the romance titles. Honestly, for a game with a playscore like this, it’s no surprise there are a ton of people interested in these. In My Elemental Prince, you’re surrounded by three handsome men harnessing the powers of fire, water, and air. As an otome game, there are multiple pathways all depending on your choices. A gamerscore score of 9.58.

3. Blood Moon Calling: Vampire Otome Romance Game

In the previous title, you date Elementals. This time, you’re thirsting for some Twilight or Castlevania fanfictions. Stop a mysterious epidemic and seek aid from a selection of three brooding and attractive men. Each choice leads to a different outcome and reveals a major truth to the vampire aristocracy. Who knows, maybe they DO sparkle when exposed to sunlight. A gamerscore of 9.59.

2. My Story - Mansion Makeover

Make your dreams come true in this management game that mix and matches-three puzzles with house renovation gameplay. It’s one of those deceptive ads you see online where the gameplay is far from what’s advertised. It’s still fun and it doesn’t require that much work. A simple tap of your fingers can net you rewards that get your Mansion coated in gold. A gamerscore of 9.60.


The long-running video game franchise that once shaped our childhood makes their own version of Pokemon with their adorable Porings. Gather thousands of blobbed monsters and let them do the battling for you. Train and evolve them to take down powerful enemies. There are around 400 stages to choose from, each with its different modes. It’s a content-filled adventure built for old and new Ragnarok fans. A gamerscore of 9.97.