Top 15 Apple Arcade Games [2021 Update]

Whatoplay presents the Top 15 Apple Arcade Games so far. All arranged by playscore. To check out our full list, visit our page on all Best iOS games.

15. Guildings

First on the list is a debut title from Developer Sirvo. An adventure game that borrows notable mechanics from various genres like point-and-click, visual novels, and RPGs. Using the power of a mysterious smartphone, you will face off against hordes of fantasy-based creatures in addictive turn-based combat. Critic TheSixthAxis gave the game an 8. Saying that “ is an upbeat deconstruction of the roleplaying game genre that’s full of heart.” It’s quirky and charming, fit for a mobile game. A playscore of 8.17.

14. The Pinball Wizard

An arcade adventure that modernizes the simple Pinball gameplay. It’s just a game about a pinball wizard, there has to be a twist, right? Well, yes. It’s a dungeon-crawler mixed with classic pinball objectives. Controlling the flippers and propelling this lowly Wizard to the top is the game’s goal. TouchArcade gave it a 3.5, stating tht “...It succeeds at being an entertaining diversion, but it could have been more than that.” Anything can happen the moment we flip those twin sticks. A playscore of 8.26.

13. The Last Campfire

From the team behind gaming’s wholesome redemption arc, No Man’s Sky, comes a breath of fresh air from its usual space-faring voyages. The Last Campfire is a puzzle game set around a gorgeous and mysterious world. Your singular quest is to light the last campfire. Explore these surrealistic landscapes and seek embers to guide your path. It’s a small tale worth playing on a cozy Saturday night. A playscore of 8.33.

12. Grindstone

Use your sharp wit to overcome a myriad of enemies in this single-player puzzle game from Capybara Games. With the help of your blade (and your fingers), pierce through foes and make your way through a gauntlet of increasingly difficult, yet fun challenges. Hey Poor Player’s Josh Speer enjoyed the gameplay loop, saying, “...It’s full of content, amazing art and challenge galore.” He gave it a strong 4.5 and he’s itching for more content from the same developers soon. Grindstone receives a playscore of 8.36.

11. Down In Bermuda

Unravel the secrets behind the Bermuda Triangle by solving and overcoming tantalizing puzzles. It’s a casual point-and-click adventure where using your fingers and your brain are enough to find the answers you’re looking for. TouchArcade gave it a 4.5 out of 5. Adding that the game does a lot by keeping it fresh. He said, “Puzzles are unique, the different islands and environments are refreshing... there was no feeling of frustration from it.” A playscore of 8.51.

10. Rayman Mini

Fans of Ubisoft’s wacky runner titles will find Rayman Mini a bite-sized trip to Rayman’s over-the-top antics. After being shrunk to minuscule levels, lead Rayman in a Lilliputian quest involving jumping, swinging, and escaping from odd monstrosities. Destructoid gave the game an 8.5, praising its lack of microtransactions and simple runner gameplay. A playscore of 8.53.

9. Assemble With Care

The Apple Arcade is home to many indie titles, from the downright weird to the profound. From the makers of Monument Valley comes a different kind of puzzle-game that burrows deep into your soul. Assemble With Care is all about taking things apart and putting them back together. It’s best played blind if you want to enjoy the full experience. Fans of heartwarming stories and simple puzzle elements will find this one worth checking out. A playscore of 8.61.

8. Speed Demons

Racing enthusiasts will find this Apple Arcade entry a bang for their buck… well kinda. It may not be as graphically impressive as the rest of the racing titles on the platform, but it does play around with its almost realistic physics. It’s loaded with content and tons of cars to unlock, adding to the already packed replay value the game offers. According to TouchArcade, he had a “...pretty great time with it, all things considered…”, but it all depends on player preference. A playscore of 8.61.

7. Skate City

Skate City is exactly how you picture it. A casual skating game where you zen out to its immersive environments and perform crazy stunts. It’s no Tony Hawk Pro Skater, but it does get the job done, making players feel cool for successfully doing crazy skating tricks. Choose from a selection of unique rinks from all across the globe while vibing to its lo-fi tunes. It “...stands out as a good option for the people interested in skating.” and fits the list of Apple Arcade titles. A playscore of 8.64.

6. Reigns: Beyond

One of iOS’s unique titles comes with a sequel that no longer pits us against kingdoms or political dynasties on Earth’s soil. This time, we take control of an intergalactic rock band making a name for themselves in the expanding universe. Like the original Reigns, swiping left and rightm making yes and no decisions are still its bread and butter, but the addition of rhythm elements make everything a tad bit complicated. Pocketgamer gave it a score of 8, criticising its rhythm component, but praising its humorous sci-fi takes. A playscore of 8.66.

5. Crossy Road: Castle

For a game about crossing pavements…Crossy Road has been through a lot. This Apple Arcade entry is created for those who want to spare a few minutes of their time guiding a chicken to the top of the castle. It’s as simple as it gets and there’s no complex explanation for this platformer. GameZebo gave it a perfect score. Calling it one of the best Apple Arcade entries yet. Praising its inventive levels, beautiful visuals, and loads of unlockables. A playscore of 8.67.

4. Jenny LeClue - Detectivu

Combining puzzle and horror elements into one fascinating title, Jenny LeClue is a lengthy story-driven detective game that might just be worth your time. Without giving away too much of its story, you will untangle a lingering mystery that plagues the sleepy town of Arthurton. Brave through its inventive puzzles and unique story moments with just the touch of your fingers. Richard Hoover from Adventure Gamers gave it a strong 9. Saying it “...oozes artistry, charm and personality from the moment it starts.” It receives a playscore of 8.68.


Apple Arcade’s premier golf game... kinda. But don’t take it too seriously. It’s a golf game, but it does spend no time messing around with its unpredictable hilarity. Using the power of force and trajectories, you get to play with and as everything from office chairs, saws, houses, and so much more. If its variety and excitement you want in an unconventional package, What The Golf has it all and it has a PlayScore of 8.73.

2. Sayonara Wild Hearts

The trippy arcade title from Simogo. Sayonara Wild Hearts is a vibrant game about motorcycles, heartbreaks, and music that all comes together in a weird, but beautiful way. Like a fever dream, the game takes us into its neon-soaked aesthetics, directing attention to its meticulous details. It’s a short game, but it makes a lasting impression the moment its credits roll. It’s not meant to be rushed. According to GameSpew, which gave the game an 8, “...the true beauty of Sayonara Wild Hearts is simply enjoying the exceptional music and getting lost in the visuals.” And with that, it deserves its playscore of 8.76.

1. And the best Apple Arcade game is Tangle Tower

Taking its second claim to victory after reigning supreme in our previous Apple Arcade video. Tangle Tower is a continuation of Detective Grimoire's 2014 adventures from SFB Games. Go inside a strange and twisted mansion and uncover the thrilling mystery that surrounds the murder of Freya Fellow by solving a multitude of puzzles. It immerses players into the role of a detective with a narrative full of intrigue and interesting suspects voiced by a talented cast. It receives a playscore of 8.77.