Top 25 Upcoming Xbox One Games for 2021

Just ‘cause the Series X is here doesn’t mean that the Xbox One has nothing more to offer. In fact, it still has 500-plus titles coming soon. We sort through all these to bring you the Top 25 Upcoming Xbox One Games for 2021.

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1. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake

One of the most stunning games of the early 2000s is coming back. The latest feedback hasn't been great so far though. Especially against the game's graphics that just doesn't quite reach the standards of today's remakes. With that being said, those who want to get that dose of nostalgia on the modern consoles will get it when it comes out on January 21st.

2. Outriders

A third person shooter from Square Enix. Set in an original, dystopian sci-fi universe, it offers drop in and drop out co-op shooting for up to three players. Taking inspiration from The Division and Warframe, it promises to give players a rich shooting experience. With a massive world to experience and plenty of extra terrestrials to eliminate, it comes out February 2nd.

3. Little Nightmares II

Six returns to Tarsier Studio's terrifying puzzler in this upcoming sequel. However, she'll be turning over the spotlight to a new character called Mono. In this entry, we won't see much of the gruesome Maw from the first game. Instead, we'll see Six acting as a guide to Mono, who journeys far into a slowly fading world to save her from her dark fate. It's set to release on February 11th.

4. Far Cry 6

The latest in Ubisoft's long-running FPS series. After being hit by a recent delay, this sixth installment has been thrown into early next year. Tropical Yara is Far Cry's biggest hub world yet, and it will be a fitting playground for insurgent players tasked to overthrow Anton Castillo's fascist government. Another one for the villain books, it's coming out on March 1st 2021.

5. NieR Replicant ver.1.22...

Yoko Taro's spinoff, Nier Automata, expanded the world of Nier. But, in this refreshed prequel, we get to see the roots of the existential drama in a new light. This version is set to bring massive updates to the 2010 Replicant title that was previously only available in Japan. It’s a marriage of the original plotline and Nier's modern action design and it releases on April 23rd.

6. Biomutant

After so long of radio silence, new updates have finally come out for THQ Nordic's promising action RPG. In a 9 minute gameplay trailer, they unveil glimpses of their colorful post-apocalypse. Biomutant will be a martial-arts experience like no other, with fight-style and cosmetic customizations, combat-affecting mutations, and lots of fluffy animals. It's set to release this 1st quarter of 2021.

7. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Quarantine

Ironically delayed due to COVID concerns, Quarantine isn't going to come out any time this year. A spinoff of the series, it's similar to Siege's special Outbreak mode. But, is posed to tweak the formula with a 3 player co-op mode that pits players against mutating alien parasites. Still, not much is known about the game but we expect to see more of it the first quarter of next year.

8. League of Legends: Wild Rift

The MOBA is moving out of the PC. As one of the most popular titles in the genre, and battling with hundreds of clones before it, League of Legends is on the move now too. Find your favorite champions on your console and get to share in the excitement of their top-tier league games. It's coming out Early 2021.

9. Overwatch 2

We’ll discover what else Jeff Kaplan has in store for the team-based shooter with the coming of its sequel. It builds on the foundation of the original with more content for story mode, plus enhanced visuals following updates to the game engine. Though no release date has been confirmed, a recent leak has pointed to a very likely release during BlizzCon or early 2021.

10. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

BioWare's latest project sets out to bring a legendary title to a new audience. This upcoming edition will modernize the experience of the entire original trilogy. It will include all the base content, plus DLCs and promotional material. All of them in a whole level of graphical fidelity and technical performance. Coming Early 2021.

11. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

RPG fans have a lot to celebrate with the imminent arrival of this followup to a cult classic. The underworld of Seattle feels vibrant and it's teeming with blood-starved races and a collection of storylines and endings to discover. Hopefully it will bring more action while maintaining the superb quality of their writing. It's coming out in 2021.

12. The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes

The third entry to the Anthology series will be a story set in the Iraq War. The interactive horror game features a whole new cast of characters, which includes Ashley Tisdale in the ruins of a Sumerian Temple. With the awakened evil of the Arabian Desert, new mysteries will await your consequential decisions. It's set to release in 2021.

13. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Already released on the PC, this Microsoft exclusive is still making its way to the consoles next year. Realism has always been the backbone of the series, and the 4k support will surely add to the thrill of the experience. Fly over familiar landmarks with improvements to physics and scale as it arrives in 2021.

14. Cris Tales

Dream Uncorporated is joining the Xbox One's JRPG slate with a unique perspective on the genre. While it lacks the usual JRPG aesthetic, it clearly draws from its traditions while challenging them in new ways. Play as the time mage Crisbell and use her powers to stop time, examine the future, and make effective decisions in their turn-based battles. It's set to release in 2021.

15. Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts is opening their doors to new students in this upcoming action RPG from Avalanche Software. From their reveal trailer, it seems like it'll be the most immersive experience of the magical institution and all the intrigue of its universe. Put on your sorting hats as school starts in 2021.

16. Disco Elysium

One of the best indie games on the PC in 2019, the indie RPG will finally make their debut on the consoles. Set in a dystopian universe, it boasts a faithful adaptation of tabletop RPG mechanics. Choose a character and take your pick from their dizzying array of choices, skills, stats, and conversation branches. Set to release in 2021.

17. Halo Infinite

It may have come up with a deeper look into gameplay in the recent showcase, it wasn’t enough for fans of the series. This has led to vast changes in the direction of the project. Lead director, Chris Lee, has left development and it seems the game will be delayed indefinitely. On the bright side, sources are still looking forward to its original release window in 2021.

18. Serious Sam 4

The go-to for an absurdist FPS experience is coming back. Devolver Digital presents us with a sequel to the wacky antics of Croteam's series. Dive into dangerous locations that are packed to the brim with new alien monstrosities. With new gameplay improvements and an arsenal of new weapons, it's coming out in 2021.

19. I.G.I. Origins

Toadman Interactive's revival of a turn of the century title. It's a whole world of wars and espionage as we go in, to the Cold War era as an MI6 spy. It's the prequel to Innerloop Studio's Project IGI, and with it, comes the high octane thrill of new stealth assignments and gadgets. Coming in 2021.

20. Chernobylite

We've been waiting on this radioactive FPS for quite a while now. After a long stint on Steam's early access, Xbox One users will soon get to experience it in full form. Two new levels will be added to the existing collection, with some additional locations to discover. The fruits of months of labor and feedback will finally be on display in 2021.

21. Iron Harvest

The game that brought Jacub Rozalski's dieselpunk environments to life. Its recent release on the PC showed us just how it subverts the traditional RTS formula with a load of mechs and stunning explosions. The Company of Heroes vibe is there, and with the dearth of RTS titles, it's refreshing to see one that seems worthy of those before it. Releasing in 2021.

22. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

The most ambitious LEGO Star Wars title to date. From a New Hope to the most recent Rise of the Skywalker, all these films and more will get their own chapters in this blocky parody. There are 500 different characters to meet, spread across 45 different missions and a range of fully explorable planets. It releases in 2021.

23. Gotham Knights

Batman is dead but Gotham lives on in this new open-world action adventure. The fate of the city now rests in a new generation of vigilantes. Join Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin in this gorgeous journey to becoming Gotham's new heroes. One of the most explosive recent announcements, it's coming out in 2021.

24. Path of Exile 2

If you thought the customizations of the first weren't enough, Grinding Gears' sequel is coming up soon. Path of Exile 2 will add to the deep lore with a fresh, seven act storyline that goes well alongside the original campaign. It will also have improved skill systems and new classes, as well as the opportunity to carry over all your progress. The game's beta is expected to launch in 2021.

25. Elden Ring

George RR Martin and FromSoftware team up to create this dark fantasy with Nordic elements. With the Game of Thrones author taking the lead on Elden Ring's lore, fans believe it might just be the most expansive of all of FromSoftware's games. First announced at E3 2019, no release date has been confirmed but insider reports suggest a Spring 2021 release window.