15 Upcoming Triple-A Xbox One Games of 2020

Microsoft is the clear underdog in the releases game but they're definitely trying their best to keep up. Visit our list of Upcoming Xbox One Titles for the full catalog.

1. Ori And The Will Of The Wisps

Ori may be one of Microsoft's very few exclusives but it also happens to be one that's universally loved by everyone. Developed by Moon Studios, Ori's first adventure introduced us to their knack for balancing effective Metroidvania platforming with a tight, moving storyline that left us in tears.

Will of the Wisps hopes to continue the legacy with a new story which finds the guardian spirit venturing out from their original magical forest to forge adventures in the world beyond. Based on their E3 presentations, it looks like it'll deliver on all its promises with more nimble movements and a host of new enemies to take down.

It's set to release on February 11th, 2020.

2. Watch Dogs: Legion

Legion doesn't fly too far in the future, but it's breaking boundaries by telling a story where every single person can take part in the burgeoning revolution. In this latest entry to the Watch Dogs series, Ubisoft paves the way for the dissolution of the NPC.

In their world, each one citizen is equipped with their own traits and skillsets to help in the fight--whether its grandma, the executive, or the chill skateboarder. The perma-death aspect of your recruits adds another layer of interest, as it might challenge you to take on a more careful, non-lethal approach to espionage.

It all sounds great on paper but we're yet to see how it all unfolds. Unfortunately, all of Ubisoft's biggest titles will be facing delays so we might have to wait till the second half of 2020.

3. Doom Eternal

It looks like Doomguy's arrival at the pearly gates is coming a little late. Delayed from their original November release date, a lot of people were disappointed but with so much loaded into one entry, it's easy to understand.

Doom is a franchise built around splitting open demonic heads. In Eternal, they're switching it up by inviting heaven's ugly multitudes to the party. With an expanded new world, Eternal's focus on mobility and freedom will come in handy in moving between dimensions. That, plus the new Invasions mode that lets you play the Demons themselves demonstrates an ambition that's worth a few more months of waiting.

It's coming out Mar 20, 2020.

4. Bleeding Edge

Blizzard is getting a little bit of competition with the coming of this team-based brawler from Ninja Theory. The studio has mostly focused on the singleplayer experience and now they're testing their mettle in the multiplayer scene.

Bleeding Edge is a mix of a brawler and MOBA gameplay, with teams of four battling to take control of bases and take down enemies. In the last X019, they showed us a 10-minute gameplay video of their new raptor-like character, Cass. With a roster of unique personalities, it's clear that Bleeding Edge is gonna be one hell of a competitive experience.

It's set to release on March 24th, 2020.

5. Cyberpunk 2077

Of course, one of the titles almost every gamer is looking forward to is this new IP from the makers of the Witcher series, CD Projekt Red. They've already set a new bar for fantasy action RPG, and we're all excited to experience what they have to offer the world of sci-fi FPS.

We've already seen a lot from their 48-minute gameplay. But with so much variety in their living and breathing Cyberpunk dystopia, we've only scratched the surface.

Create everything about your character, from their appearance, stats, background stories, and modifications. And then roam around Night City where Big Corporation is the law. Switching to the first-person perspective means that immersion will be at all-time high and we can't wait to sink hours upon hours into exploring every corner.

It's set to release on April 16th, 2020.

6. Dying Light 2

The first Dying Light game may have had earned success despite its narrative simplicity, Dying Light 2 will focus on giving players the definitive sandbox experience they wanted to bring in the first game. With this coming sequel, developer Techland aims to highlight player choices, giving them direct control over what happens in the story and the world around them.

Building on a brand new engine, The City in Dying Light 2, isn't just four times bigger, it will also react to whatever decisions you make along the way. And with the added mobility of the new protagonist, Aiden Caldwell, it also means more ways of dealing with the zombies of the night.

It's set to release in Spring 2020.

7. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Quarantine

Ubisoft's Tom Clancy series is taking on something kind of new. By going a few years into the future of their Rainbow Six universe, Quarantine is already delivering a different flavor as their teams fight against a mutating alien parasite.

We haven't seen much of the game aside from some their few teasers, but it's said to show off a brand new 3 player co-op which lets you get into gunplay and tactics with two other friends. As something that aims to be brand new, Ubisoft Montreal assures us that Quarantine will be a friendly place for newcomers to the series.

With an early 2020 release window, we're expecting to hear more soon.

8. Halo Infinite

Another one of Microsoft's few exclusives and it looks like it will mark the return of the much-admired Master Chief. While it was first announced in E3 2018, we finally got a lengthier dose of the title in E3 2019 with a 5 minute cinematic that announced itself as gameplay.

Unfortunately, there wasn't any in-game footage. In fact, there's little we know about Microsoft's upcoming title other than the fact that Master Chief is taking the lead once more, and that there won't be a Battle Royale mode unlike every other FPS today.

It's currently slated for a Holiday 2020 release window, and details about their beta-testing periods will hopefully come through soon.

9. Tales of Arise

It’s been a while since we had a new Tales game set in another world with new characters. Tales of Arise builds its foundations on a brand new engine, creating a mix of new and old into one game-changing installment. It sticks with the cel-shaded effect of their previous games while adding richer lighting and watercolor-like graphics.

From the looks of things, it certainly looks more immersive, letting us dive into their complex, twofold storyline set between two planets. There's been some promise of updated combat mechanics from Bandai Namco, but it's not quite as obvious in their previous. Hopefully, we do see it once it comes out sometime in 2020.

10. Crossfire X

There are plenty of names in the FPS market, but at least in some parts of Asia, there's none as big as Crossfire. Well-loved on the PC, Microsoft is bringing the game exclusively to the Xbox One as Crossfire X. Along with its entrance to the platform comes a slew of improvements that will enhance the shooting experience.

It's still going to be a free-to-play experience but it comes loaded with features like aim down sights shooting and a battle royale mode. Microsoft's X019 even gave us a deeper look into gameplay. With Remedy, the developers of Max Payne and Alan Wake, working on its solo campaign of Global Risk vs Black List gives the game even more promise.

There's no definite release window yet, but we can expect it to drop sometime in 2020.

11. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator was the throwaway reveal in Microsoft's E3 presentation but it was anything but forgettable. A game that has its beginnings in the 70s, Flight Simulator makes a landing in the new generation with a hangar-full of new features and improvements.

For a game that needs realism to work, Microsoft gave this their signature superstar treatment, cranking the environments, scale, and physics to eleven. With 4K support to boot, this gonna be the breathtaking simulation to beat and it's coming out in 2020.

12. Battletoads

Honestly, this new Battletoads game feels like a fish out of water in this list of gems. But, we gotta hand it to Microsoft for even having the balls to actually remake one of the longest-running videogame memes.

Battletoads first won our hearts in the 90s, establishing itself as one of the hardest, most frustrating games of its time. And thus, spawning a meme and TV show on the side. Rare's attempt at a revival isn't exactly all that compelling with its weird looking art style. However, with its arrival to the Xbox Game Pass, it's definitely one to pick up for some couch party chaos.

It's been to due release in 2019 for a while now so if it doesn’t we should expect it at the nearest Gamestop soon into 2020.

13. Grounded

Also announced at the X019, this new game from the makers of Pillars of Eternity, Fallout: New Vegas, and recently, Outer Worlds, explores a world that's completely different from their previous creations. Taking a page out of Honey I Shrunk The Kids, Grounded follows the story of four kids shrunken down to ant size in the name of science.

While it isn't the run of the mill fantasy RPG if there's one thing we know about Obsidian, it's how they can deliver a fantastic narrative in even the most outlandish premises. Turning the small world into a vast, towering ecosystem of monstrosities, there's already a lot of promise in the game and we can't wait to see it this Spring.

14. Age of Empires IV

Also getting some time in the X019 spotlight is the latest installment to Microsoft's Age of Empire's series. The first main entry in more than ten years, the much-awaited sequel is in good hands as the makers of the equally esteemed RTS Company of Heroes has signed on for the job. Relic Entertainment is lending their expertise, and the first good news we received is that there's gonna be no microtransactions in their watch.

The game was announced last 2017, but the X019's presentation showed us footage of the game's pre-alpha gameplay. Compared to previous entries, Age 4 shows off an expanded era, which means a lot more factions, units, and nations to play with.

They're stirring a lot of excitement but sadly no release date yet.

15. Everwild

Microsoft pulled out all the stops in the recent X019. Other than their many deals and discounts, Rare also stepped up to announce their brand new IP. Details about this new game are still pretty hard to come by but their announcement trailer will pique the interest of many adventure fans.

Like an opening to the Lion King, Everwild welcomes us into a world that's natural yet seemingly magical. Filled with golden hour rays of the sun, quiet nighttime scenes, and charming creatures.

In recent interviews, Rare was quoted saying they want to create engaging, meaningful experiences and brand new ways to play. Even though the details are sparse, players have gone on to compare it with Nintendo's Breath of the Wild. Hopefully, Rare delivers.