Top 25 Upcoming Xbox One Games of 2019, 2020, and Beyond

These are our picks for the most anticipated XB1 releases coming to the platform. To see the complete, up-to-date catalog, visit our list of all upcoming Xbox One games.

1. Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red’s ambitious title is coming next year and they’re bringing Keanu Reeves. Cyberpunk 2077 is as breathtaking as he is. Enter a futuristic dystopian society where people are obsessed with body modifications and corporations are taking over the world.

This first-person shooter RPG embraces the pen and paper consequences of Mike Pondsmith’s original Cyberpunk tabletop game. Set in a vast open world city, make your own character and decide the fate of your story with every choice. With Witcher’s 3 success, who knows what CDPR has in store for us in this grand game. It’s coming out this April 16, 2020.

2. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

A ‘soft reboot’ of the critically acclaimed Modern Warfare series by Infinity Ward. Return to the battlefield in an unfamiliar light. The rules of War have changed and the characters are as gray as ever. Fan-favorite Captain Price takes center stage in this major story.

This version of Modern Warfare puts focus on its single-player experience. In addition, the new and improved multiplayer is also a priority as players step into the battlegrounds again to team up or battle other players in realistic action. Coming this October 25th.

3. MARVEL’s The Avengers

Despite its polarizing reception, Square Enix’s venture into the superhero genre is something different, but welcome. From the team behind the rebooted Tomb Raider series, Crystal Dynamics rides the superhero bandwagon in this action-adventure game about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Set in a completely different universe than the Marvel Cinematic Universe, meet your heroes in a different look as they set aside their differences and work together to face a deadly threat. Select heroes on the fly and grab a friend as you go tag-team in its four-player co-op story mode. It comes out this May 15, 2020.

4. Dying Light 2

A new infection spreads and a whole new character is gearing up to do more parkour and zombie-killing in Techland’s latest Dying Light entry. This sequel promises a bigger world, smoother parkour and game-changing decisions based on your choices.

The virus has evolved and it is as deadly as ever. Your main character is an infected survivor. Harness the abilities of the virus and achieve things no one else can. Its four-play co-op mode lets you team up with players in its expansive open-world carnage. It comes out this Spring 2020.

5. Doom Eternal

The follow-up to the award-winning shooter from id Software lets you raze hell in the most badass way possible. As the DOOM Slayer, rip-and-tear your way across the dimensions with its seamless first-person shooter combat.

DOOM Eternal places you in the center of Demonic mayhem. Blow apart the pesky horde of puny hellfreaks and select from a massive collection of powerful weapons as you go on a trip back to memory lane in god-forsaken Earth. It comes out this 22nd of November.

6. Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order

After a series of underwhelming Star Wars titles, EA finally realized that single-player games are still relevant.

The Fallen Order is a fresh new Star Wars Jedi entry that puts focus on a brand new character set in the familiar galaxy. Set after the events of The Revenge Of The Sith, survive the deadly grip of the Emperor’s infamous Order 66 as you hack and slash your way in the most Jedi way possible. Use your lightsaber and the power of the Force to take down enemies with style. It comes out this 15th of November.

7. Halo Infinite

Xbox’s iconic sci-fi hero makes a stunning return in this latest entry to the HALO franchise. This next chapter promises the ultimate HALO experience yet. Developed by 343 Industries and powered by their new Slipspace Engine, Infinite is gearing up for greatness.

Master Chief takes center stage once again and with the added focus on cooperative play. Play with your friends in a grand space adventure filled with beautiful vistas, fantastic biomes, and sci-fi action. Unfortunately, there is zero gameplay footage shown during this year’s E3. The devs, however, mentioned that there will be split-screen multiplayer. It’s just like living in the good ol’ days. It comes out this Holiday 2020.

8. Beyond Good & Evil 2

E3 2019 had some great moments but the lack of Beyond Good & Evil 2 updates left fans disappointed. A sequel has been a long time coming. First announced 9 years ago. Beyond Good and Evil 2 is set in a universe where space pirates are a thing. Embark on an epic quest in this action-adventure game from Ubisoft.

A year ago, the release of their gameplay demo showed some promising details, but nothing after that. It showcased a breathtaking open-world scenario with promising gameplay elements, but that’s all we know so far. We hope to hear more about this game in the coming months.

9. Code Vein

Yeah, yeah. Anime Dark Souls, we get it. BANDAI NAMCO’s open world JRPG borrows FromSoftware’s sadistic Soulslike genre. It’s made by the same people who made God Eater, we can assume that this game, set in a post-apocalypse crawling with vampires, will have a solid story.

A gameplay demo is currently out in the wilds right now and you can get your first look as to how the game will work. You can clearly see the inspiration from the Souls series with its Bonfire-lit checkpoints, punishing combat and creepy blood-soaked monsters. Coming September 27th, 2019

10. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Ubisoft’s sequel tends to fix the major issues that plague the underperforming Wildlands. Your role remains unchanged. Be a part of the Ghost, an international squad of badass soldiers. Put your skills to the test as you go toe to toe with enemies as smarter and as deadly as you are.

Its cinematic trailers and gameplay footage showed a lot of the game’s promising new additions, including an improved multiplayer mode, drones and the Punisher himself, Jon Bernthal. It comes out this October 4.

11. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

Coming from the same people who made the Assasin’s Creed franchise, Ubisoft’s historical third-person open-world survival is all about evolution. Set in the never-before-experienced world of Nogene Africa, Explore, expand and evolve as you advance your clan to the next generation. It is filled with detail. The game emphasizes the importance of micro and macro managing.

Traverse a beautiful world gleaming with possibilities. Every player experience is unique as the game relies solely on your approach to survival. It comes out in December 2019.

12. Blair Witch

The horror movie that gave birth to the found-footage genre. Team Bloober, the dudes behind the terrifying Layers of Fear titles, is out to expand the lore of the mysterious Blair Witch.

As a first-person horror game, escape from a deadly and haunted woods that warps and distorts both time and space. Stand against the horrors of the Blair Witch as you make it out alive from the slow descent into madness. It's psychologically chilling and we can’t wait for this game to test our sanity and patience. Coming this August 30, 2019.

13. Borderlands 3

It's been seven long years since the last Borderlands game, which means this upcoming third installment is massive news. We'll get to play as their new vault hunters, Moze, Flak, Amara, and Zane--all of which will be fighting battles outside Pandora for the first time, and using whole artillery of crazy new weapons. Becoming as social as ever, it will offer both singleplayer experiences, as well as online and local split-screen co-op. Teasing us ahead of the release, there's their prequel DLC available for absolutely FREE for owners of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Handsome Jack collection. That is if you get it before July 8th.

Borderlands 3 is coming out on September 13th, 2019.

14. Watch Dogs: Legion

When there's a massive corporate overlord rising, you'll need an even bigger revolution to fight it. That's exactly what this latest Watch Dogs installment is trying to give us. In Legion, you get to play each face of the revolution, and it can be literally everyone. Whether its quiet executive military man, the gnarly skater with a knack for stealth, or the retired grandma that's got the tech for infiltration.

Legion lets you roam around the streets of London and recruit whoever you need into your band of misfits. Find out their strengths, uncover their stories, and bring down corporate whatever way you can. It's coming out on March 6th, 2020.

15. Spiritfarer

Among the crop of upcoming 3D triple-A titles, ThunderLotus stands out with something as simple but magical as their 2D simulation game. In their trailer, Spiritfarer draws you in with the charm of their visuals and music, weaving a nautical tale of building, exploring, foraging, and caring.

Just from the looks of their charming animal characters, majestic backdrops, and lively activity, Spiritfarer already feels like a world you could live in. But, with a tagline includes "learning how to say goodbye" it's pretty upfront about its emotional goals. A management sim that deals with the trials of life, loss, and heartbreak, get ready to have your hearts touched when it releases sometime in 2020

16. Gears 5

One of the premier titles in the Microsoft exclusives roster, it seems they didn't make much of an impression at E3 with their less than informative cinematic trailer. Despite the nearing release date, The Coalition didn't exactly show with the fancy cinematics. We did, however, get a glimpse of game's new three-player co-op mode called Escape which focuses players skills in close quarters combat and survival.

Set 25 years after the last game, we'll be facing off against the new hivemind enemy, The Swarm. Crafted especially to showcase the power of the Xbox One X, we're looking for the smooth, lush, and satisfying shooting experience of their native 4K resolutions. It's set to release on September 10th, 2019

17. Tales of Arise

The latest in the long-running Tales series is one of its most ambitious projects yet. Mixing new and old into one game-changing installment, Tales of Arise builds its foundations on a brand new engine, improving the visuals with richer lighting, watercolor-like graphics, and updated character models, while keeping the cel-shaded effect of the previous titles.

Moving towards realism, the worlds of Dahna and Rhena certainly feel immersive, letting you dive into their complicated, twofold stories set between the two planets. Bandai Namco may have claimed updated combat mechanics for the title, there aren't many signs of it in their latest trailer. A welcome new direction for the series, it's set to release in 2020.

18. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori's magical adventures has been one of the most revered pieces of Metroidvania gameplay in recent times. Praised for it as well as one of Microsoft's most precious exclusives. We've been awaiting this next chapter for more than a year now, and their latest trailer has finally brought us an official release date. In this upcoming sequel, the titular guardian spirit and his friends return with brand new combat maneuvers under their belts.

Fighting off against a slew of new threats and exciting boss battles, there will also be hook shoots, burrowing skills, and the return of Bash to look forward to. Known for its magical atmosphere and moving soundtracks, get ready for another tearjerker of a saga once it releases on February 11, 2020

19. Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft, like its many universes is an ever-growing franchise and it looks they're expanding into the RPG realm now too, taking notes from classics like the Diablo series. While it's still largely voxel-based, Minecraft Dungeons veers away from their usual first-person style adventures. It dons the familiar isometric perspective, immersing players fully into the dungeon-crawling we loved and still love today. It's still not clear though if this new title will keep with Minecraft's most beloved building mechanics.

On the other hand, it will have a multiplayer mode which lets up to four players team up in local and online co-op. It may not be Diablo 4, but from the looks of the trailer alone, it already seems like a promising lovechild of the two massively popular franchises. It's set to release Spring 2020.

20. Bleeding Edge

Looks like Blizzard's Overwatch is gonna get some competition in their arena of competitive co-ops. Mostly specializing in the singleplayer experience, Ninja Theory--the makers of DmC: Devil May Cry and the recent Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice--is coming out of their comfort zones in a huge way. Wrapped in cartoon aesthetics and suited with charming personalities, Bleeding Edge is more than meets the eye.

A mix of Overwatch and MOBA gameplay, it has ten diverse characters at the moment, each classed under assassin, support, and tank. Each team will have 4 characters on each side battling to take control of bases and take down enemies for that sweet 500 finish. For those looking to learn more about the game, you can sign up for the coming alpha test this June 27th. No release date yet.

21. Skull & Bones

While Ubisoft may have warned us ahead of that their naval combat title wouldn't be at E3, that doesn't mean we're not disappointed. Revealed in 2017, we all hoped it would come out by this time in 2019. Supposedly an expansion of what we saw in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Skull & Bones would let us experience a more focused seafaring experience.

Choose the best ship for your playstyle and pack it with upgrades and artillery that's perfect for plundering. It'll also have more multiplayer features, opening players up to emergent gameplay amid the Indian Ocean piracy. Hit with yet another delay, most gaming sites place next possible release date as sometime in 2020.

22. Control

A lot of veterans are coming back to the fore and one of them is Alan Wake and Max Payne developers, Remedy Entertainment. A studio with a knack for the weird and supernatural, Control follows exactly that blueprint with their exploration of telepathy and telekinesis. With their most recent presentations at E3, we got more of a taste of what's to come.

In combat, we saw of Control's shapeshifting gun and Jesse's powers, and with gameplay, the many puzzles that are waiting to be solved. Its story, though, remains a bit of a mystery. If Remedy Entertainment is to be trusted, we can expect to uncover their SCP-slash-House of Leaves-slash-Twin Peaks inspired storyline when it comes out on August 27th, 2019

23. The Outer Worlds

Fallout: New Vegas may have been a long time ago, the game's blend of action, story, and hilarious dialog are still fresh in our minds. With their upcoming game, Obsidian Entertainment looks to follow it up in a brand new environment. Set in a distant planet, the threat is now less than nuclear meltdown and more of a revolt against the terror corporations.

Outer Worlds shows off Obsidian Entertainment's signatures everywhere you look, from the branching narrative pathways, witty dialog trees, and the little RPG flourishes like options for stealth, diplomacy, and deception. At the moment, The Outer Worlds feels a little too much like their previous hits with its dated visuals but if that's enough for you, then you can look forward to its release on October 25th.

24. Wolfenstein: Youngblood

"Get to kill Nazis!" is a tagline that never gets old and we'll always have the Wolfenstein series to give us our dose. Their latest title may not be the next in the main series after the recent New Colossus, Youngblood holds a lot of promise. Featuring BJ Blazkowicz two twin daughters in the alternate 80s Paris, Youngblood brings co-op shooting back to the fore. It introduces two characters, Soph and Jes, each with their individual personalities and skills.

While the cosmetic microtransactions might be slightly worrying, sharing the co-op experience is made better with the Deluxe edition which has a Buddy Pass system lets you partner up with a friend even if they don't have the game. It's coming out this July 26th.

25. Sea of Solitude

Introduced at last year's E3, EA's gorgeous adventure game comes out of TBA status and into coming soon with the recent announcement of their July release. If it isn't obvious from their title, Sea of Solitude tackles the complex feeling of loneliness. Take on the story of the young Kay as she explores the mysterious cityscape she finds herself in. Set in a unique, dreamlike world, Sea of Solitude's dark characters and creatures play the perfect contrast. A journey of self-discovery, it's gonna be one emotional ride once it comes out on July 5th