12 Upcoming PS Vita Games of 2019 - 2020

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Battle Princess Madelyn

Retro isn't the most original idea these days but it's always great to see it done well. Taking us back to the videogame heydays, Causal Bit Games presents us with the life of the battling Princess Madelyn, with her loyal dog Fritzy, as she sets out to save her own kingdom from evil. It's a storybook adventure set to the good old pixels and chiptunes of old.

Although the physical release might've been scrapped, Princess Madelyn is perhaps one of the most impressive looking titles that's still coming for the console, and the best part is, we've got a definite release window for this one. It's set to release on the PS Vita sometime this Fall 2019.


If you loved the Steins;Gate visual novel series, Chiyomaru Studio's got some more content for you. From the same makers of the time-bending adventure, Anonymous;Code explore the concept of world layers. Taking place in a future Tokyo, make use of the save and load features in real life to put out of control computers back in their place. Already a few years into development, it looks like their many rewrites have been the cause of most of its delays. Hopefully, it means we'll have an amazing narrative experience sometime soon.


This is handball taken to the extreme. A game that's exclusively made for the PS Vita, Bodycheck is Ludometric's view of medieval sports. Like an older more intense version of Rugby, Bodycheck is a no holds barred competition where four teams punch and push their way to scoring the most points.

Unfortunately the game's graphics and design is about as rough as its match rules. With its iffy animations and clunky designs, it's not the best but it's still a shade better than some of the vita's worst offenders. Reportedly released in Europe last 2017, the worldwide release for this barebones sports title is still to come.


With a trailer that traces back to almost five years ago, Cleaversoft's unique runner happens to be still going strong. Presented in 2015's E3, it posed plenty of potential in its time. Showing off their quirkiness in more ways than one, EarthNight's characters and world are presented in caricature--looking like a cross between hand-drawn and cutout animation.

While it might seem a little dated by today's standards, its music and combat-runner gameplay might still spark some interest for casual gamers on the console. Boasting an Early 2019 release date on the PC, we'll have to wait see for that PS Vita launch.

Pixel Noir

We get a whole lot of retro style JRPGs and platformers these days but Bad Land Publishing takes retro to a different with this take on the Noir genre. Playing like a cross between Final Fantasy style turn-based combat and Mother-like exploration, Pixel Noir wraps a compelling mystery storyline in pixel graphics and well-thought out chiptune accompaniment.

It blends modern gameplay with old-school aesthetics, letting players explore freely, customize weapons, and investigate the world around them to find the truth about this detective's identity. Kicking off with a successful campaign last 2016, the PS Vita port is still making its way, and hopefully it'll come out sometime soon.

Radio Hammer Station

Arc System Works’ single-player ‘music action’ game. Show off your love for the groove as you dance and battle your way with some of the best DJ’s in the world. As the Radio Station of Justice, beat down evil with your gigantic hammer.

Ensure harmony and peace as you ride through its catchy tunes. Take down criminal scum, monsters and zombies with your rhythmic power. With over 90 tunes to listen to, enjoy its easy and satisfying controls coupled with its crisp and vibrant art styles. It’s already out on the Switch, but its PS Vita version is still coming out soon.

Strength Of The Sword: ULTIMATE

Another fantastic Kickstarter project led by a small 2-man team. They call it as a ‘fighting game combined with BRAWLER mechanics’. Select from its wide character pool that offers unique and stunning abilities that could turn the tide of battle. If you check out their Kickstarter page, you know it’s gonna be a great game when these devs pour their personal touches into the game’s development.

As of the moment, the game is still in the works, but a whole slew of updates are found in their page. It ranges from heroes that you can play, some Cross-platform possibilities and even the mechanics of their gameplay. No release date yet.

Exogenesis: Perils of Rebirth

Visual novel games, with their numerous puzzles and expansive storylines are usually filed under adventure game anyway. In Kwan's upcoming title, they accept the challenge of fleshing out the adventure part even more. A hybrid title inspired by Zero Escape and Ace Attorney, Exogenesis combines point and click gameplay with the intricate tapestry of the visual novel plot.

Telling the story of Yudai who sets out on a mission to revive his sister using a biblical system with the potential to recreate the past. Explore their branching storylines, solve puzzles, interrogate characters, and make moral choices in the game's hours of gameplay. Hitting its Vita stretch goal in Kickstarter, we're still expecting Kwan to deliver their promises despite the delays. It's set to release in 2019.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning

This non-stop JRPG from Spike Chunsoft takes players in a fight for survival as they decide the fate of the world through the POV’s of eight protagonists.

Set in a universe where Man has befallen the doom of humanity, the players lead these diferent heroes as they search for the meaning of life and death in this post-apocalyptic world. Players hunt for materials and food while fending off dangerous monsters in real-time battles. Live, die and repeat with the game’s unique ‘life cycle’ feature. Return from the battlefield after every death and earn bonus upgrades. No release date yet.

Liar Princess and the Blind Prince

A 2D side-scrolling action adventure game where the players control a wolf leading a blind prince through a dangerous forest. As the wolf, you can transform into a princess and a human prince.

The gameplay revolves around the player solving numerous puzzles in order to progress to the other levels. The Wolf, the Princess and the Prince will have different abilities that will help solve each conundrum. In addition to that, players are encouraged to tread carefully since the forest is home to dangerous creatures. No release date yet, but it’s definitely coming out on the PS Vita sometime soon.

League Of Evil

Ravenous Games is giving us a hunger for justice in this new platform adventure game. Created in that ubiquitous retro style, League of Evil takes us to the seat of the arcade style action amid blocky stages and chiptune tracks. Using your acrobatic skills, jump from level to level, punch enemies, and defeat the league of evil scientists, almost in the style of the classic Megaman series. Unpack the 4 chapters spread over 140 levels, or create your own chaos in their level editor.

Already on the Steam, Switch, and smartphones, League of Evil is a success among critics and gamers, with many praising its addictive, fast-paced gameplay and captivating animations. We can’t wait for it to come out on the Vita. No release date yet

Project Phoenix

A passion project made by top Eastern and Western developers. This includes iconic talents from Valkyria Chronicles, Steins;GATE, Final Fantasy, L.A. Noire, Tenchu and so much more. It’s a squad-based, real-time strategy game combines strong Japanese RPG design influences and Triple A Indie elements. It’s designed as a single-player adventure, but the developers are open for a multiplayer option.

A few years ago, the game went into a standstill due to a legal dispute that caused the game’s development to a stop. But the good news is that it’s finally settled and they can continue the project once again. There’s not much gameplay to be shown since it’s still in heavy development, but their Kickstarter website is active and consistently posting updates. No release date yet.



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