Top 10 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Roleplaying Games of 2019, 2020 & Beyond

To see the full, updated catalog of RPG titles coming soon, visit our list of all upcoming Switch roleplaying games.

1. Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch

One of PlayStation 3’s colorful titles is finally making its grand revival to the modern consoles, and of course, that includes the Switch.

The first Ni No Kuni game signaled the return of good-looking RPGs. Now coming as a Remastered version of its 2013 original, the Wrath of the White Witch feels new, yet familiar.

It’s living up to the standards of Level-5’s talent and with the help of Studio Ghibli’s animators, this video game feels like a painting that has come to life. Now running at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second, the quality of the game is now on par with its sequel, Revenant Kingdom.

The story remains unchanged, but its graphical and performance upgrades are a worthy addition to the Switch’s growing list of RPG games. Coming this 20th of September.

2. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

Two decades have passed since this game came out and helped redefine the RPG genre. After Diablo’s massive success, Baldur’s Gate paved the way for a true DnD experience similar to its tabletop counterpart. This classic doesn’t veer away from its source material and it didn’t throw away its best features which is its saga of intrigue, mystery, and adventure set in a magical medieval land.

Create your own character, find that perfect trait and ability, and recruit a team of brave allies in a journey of a lifetime. That’s what Baldur’s Gate is all about.

This Enhanced Edition not only includes the base game, but it also contains the ENTIRE Baldur’s Gate adventure, which includes the Tales Of The Sword Coast Expansion Pack and new party members. This Enhanced Edition is the perfect stepping stone to introduce Switch users to this classic title. Coming this September 24.

3. DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition

The latest iteration of this Dragon Quest title makes its way to the Switch with some added content and ability to ‘switch’ between its HD remake or back to its 16-bit visuals. Switch users can finally get a taste of what this Dragon Quest fuss is all about, now that their famed Hero is joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

As the Luminary and a JRPG protagonist, it is your job to protect the land from destruction and danger. Gather your team of adventurers and experience robust turn-based combat that no longer feels like 1986. This definitive edition also includes new character-focused stories. Prepare to leave that real life for a while once you get your hands on this content-packed JRPG adventure. Coming this September 27, 2019.

4. Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & The Secret Hideout

Since 1997, the Atelier series is ever-growing. Now on its 21st title, it looks like GUST Corporation hasn’t had enough with its cute and adorable waifu-tier protagonists. If you’re familiar with the Atelier titles, you know it’s all about the Alchemy and Adventure. Ever Darkness & The Secret Hideout introduces a brand new story arc with fresh characters into the mix.

In this title, your character Ryza will use the power of Synthesis, which is an advanced way of creating new items that could help you in your quest to fight evil. With such a niche audience in the Western market, the Atelier games are something special and this latest entry will spark some interest to the uninitiated. Coming this 29th of October.

5. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

Nintendo returns to give us more Pokemon to obsess with. Sword and Shield boasts a handful of surprises, especially with its new Region and starting Pokemon. The island of Galar is a whole new place for you to train and find some fresh batch of pocket monsters, one of which includes this Galarian Weezing gentleman.

If you want to step up your game and dominate the island, you can improve your Pokemon by completing jobs. OR if you want to make things even crazier, you can change their size and appearance with its new feature called Gigantamaxing. Striving to become the next champion of the Galar region is not an easy task, but Pokemon Sword and Shield has everything you need to be the very best. It’s set to release this November 15, 2019.

6. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition

Geralt of Rivia is debuting on the Switch in this unexpected port of CD Projekt Red’s multi-award winning RPG.

Imagine roaming around its magical and haunting world full of monsters and death on Nintendo’s hybrid console. However, as beautiful as the world is, it is somewhat of a downgrade compared with PC and PS4’s visual presentation. But that’s not a huge deal if you’re in it for the epic story and memorable characters.

As a professional monster slayer and a part-time cassanova, embark on a grand adventure that transcends videogame standards. An RPG title at its entirety, every decision counts and every upgrade matters. Coming sometime this 2019.

7. Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered

Square Enix is also gearing up the modern audience and introducing them to the wonders of Final Fantasy, which is not all about Cloud and his friends. However, the Switch is only getting the Remastered treatment for their FF titles. But hey, that’s not a bad thing, especially when you’re the iconic hero with the legendary gunblade battling through time.

FF8, considered as one of the greatest Final Fantasy titles, is finally making its way to the Switch with improved visuals, sound and voice acting this time around. If you’re familiar with this mind-bending journey, this is your chance to relive these character’s stories. For new players, you are always welcome to experience this underrated classic. It’s not Final Fantasy 7, but it’s a league of its own.

Unfortunately, no solid details about the game’s release date, but it’s coming sometime this year.

8. Trials Of Mana

The Seiken Densetsu games are making a comeback this year and among them comes a full-fledged remake of its 1995 classic.

Obviously a step forward compared to last year’s Secret of Mana, where the controls are abysmal at most and not to mention its lack of Quality of Life changes. Square Enix learned a lot from it. Trials of Mana, now rebuilt from the ground-up, feels like a brand new entry. Especially with its polished visuals and an overhauled gameplay.

The story remains unchanged. You as a chosen hero of Mana save its fallen world from a dark threat. It’s pretty much your typical JRPG plot, and believe me, it was amazing back then. Fans of this SNES gem will be delighted that this title is a step in the right direction, considering the Mana series had a very rough time over the last couple of decades. Coming this Early 2020.

9. Shin Megami Tensei V

It’s been a while since we’ve seen another SMT title. Unlike its spin-off, Persona, this one is a true role-playing game from start to finish.

That means you don’t spend most of your day going to school, picking up waifus or enjoy that slice of life. SMT is ATLUS at its most mature. Still set in modern-day Tokyo, you assume control of a protagonist with the ability to control and interact with demons. It’s your primary source of powers, just like Pokemon.

With these demons at your disposal, use them as weapons to fight and save Tokyo from impending doom. However, details are still pretty scarce. The dudes at ATLUS are still pretty busy from milking other Persona games. No release date yet.

10. The Outer Worlds

Thank god for Obsidian. Fallout did suffer… a fallout recently, but that doesn’t mean the New Vegas creators are gonna follow their footsteps.

The Outer Worlds is somehow the answer to the lack of great first person RPG’s lately. Taking place outside of our crazy Solar System, embark on an even crazier adventure as you make tough choices in its outrageous planetary mayhem.

It’s still an Obsidian game. Create your own character and immerse yourself in its deep narrative. You could even choose to play as the bad guy or the good guy. The possibilities are literally endless. But unfortunately, no release date yet.