Top 25 Upcoming Switch Games of 2020, 2021, and Beyond

Besides its portability, the Switch has become a powerhouse in gaming thanks to its newfound love for 3rd party games. With over 50 games slated for release on the console so far, we've narrowed it down to the 25 Most Anticipated Switch Games of 2020 and 2021, arranged by release dates. For the complete list of upcoming titles, visit our page of all upcoming Switch games.

1. Remothered: Broken Porcelain

A sequel to their 2018 title "Tormented Fathers", Broken Porcelain expands on the horrors of Stormind's survival title. Return to the haunted Ashmann Inn, and enjoy the spectacle of their new real-time cutscenes and expanded lore. Using only weapons, and the power of pulling yourself together despite, find the answers to glaring mysteries this October 9th.


Not a new game, but as a cult classic, XIII is returning to show off its unique story to a wider audience. What made this game unique was its use of cel-shaded graphics, which will be revitalized for this new version. Witness David Duchovny's fascinating portrayal once more, as it comes out on November 10th.

3. Metroid Prime 4

Everyone's been aching for a new entry to the Metroid series. And while it was still pretty early in development last time we heard from it, that hasn't stopped everyone from waiting patiently for new updates. It hasn't been too hopeful as of late, with development essentially rebooting it, this time in the hands of Retro Studio. No release date yet.

4. Pillars of Eternity II: Dreadfire

Obsidian Entertainment's latest entry to their RPG series is heading to the Switch too. While its arrival has been delayed indefinitely, due to the tediousness of the porting process, Obsidian seems to be making sure they do things right. Return to the role of Watcher and venture into a whole new region with a host of new dangers to overcome. No release date yet.

5. Chained Echoes

An unassuming JRPG that pays tribute to the greats of the genre through its stunning artstyle and what seems to be a promising narrative. Despite the Switch's HD, it's easy to be impressed by the game's detailed pixel visuals. But, on top of that, there's also a lot to love about its combat that seems to take pages off classics like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. A JRPG treasure trove, it’s scheduled to release in the fourth quarter of 2021.

6. Ghost of a Tale

For any fan of the highly acclaimed adventure, Moss, this indie title is yet another treat for you to bite into. Similarly featuring a magical universe from the eyes of a rodent, explore their medieval wonders and navigate a world using the race's strength of stealth and agility. It has already received high marks on the PS4 and PC, and, once it comes out this Spring, the Switch should be no less of an experience.

7. Disco Elysium

As one of the top games on the PC in 2019, it's no wonder that folks on the Switch are excited to get a taste of the award-winning RPG on the console. Praised for its incredible storytelling and immersive role-playing choices, Disco Elysium for the Switch will allow you to take the dystopian narrative wherever you go. Still no word on actual release date yet, but it's speculated to release sometime this year.

8. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

This new LEGO entry encompasses all nine of Star Wars' full Skywalker series. From A New Hope, to the most recent Rise of Skywalker, and these stories are parodied in LEGO's signature style of adventure. Not only is the scope bigger than ever, players will also get to meet over 500 different characters, go through five story missions for every film, and explore a range of fully explorable planets. It’s set to release sometime in 2020.

9. Skater XL

Skating games are set to make a return with this upcoming game from Easy Day Studios. With its focus on physics and simulation, it makes it perfect for skaters and skater enthusiasts that want to recreate real-life tricks in a digital environment. Set in downtown LA, it doesn’t showcase the glitz and glamor of the city of angels that we know of. But, if it delivers what it promises, it's still an exciting return to the skater genre and it's coming out sometime this year.

10. Bravely Default II

The naming scheme might be a little confusing, but fans of the series are nonetheless hyped for the coming of the third installment of the Bravely Default series. In this entry, there’ll be a brand new storyline featuring four protagonists and a fresh soundtrack from REVO. With the demo out already, fans have found some frustrations in terms of combat and gameplay. But, with the beauty of its HD environments and nostalgic music, there's still a lot to look forward to when it releases in 2020.

11. Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition

A lot of work was put in to recreate a cult classic that everyone assumed was lost to history. But with the help of some reverse engineering, we now get a piece of the past back, allowing us to solve crime in the iconic city and determine the humans from the replicants. Including a lot of improvements to character models, cutscenes, and quality of life features, it'll be an awesome way to experience a videogame artifact and it's coming in 2020.

12. No More Heroes III

After that stint in Travis's world of minigames, the coming of the third entry to Suda51's legacy was the best news we could ever hope for. Inspired by the rise of comic book movies, this sequel is set to give us a dose of massive scale action. With a story about fighting off an alien planning on world domination, it's interesting what Suda51 has in store for us sometime this year.

13. Spellbreak

This Last Airbender-like title lets you unleash your inner sorcerer as you fight to the death in an arena ruled by elemental magic. While some may be disappointed to know that the game is a PVP Battle Royale game, there's no denying just how fantastic the game looks with its Breath of the Wild-like visuals. With positive feedback from its PC beta, it looks like it'll rule on the Switch too when it comes out sometime this year.

14. Empire of Sin

This game from Paradox Interactive takes on the crime-charged atmosphere of the Prohibition era in this new Strategy RPG. There's 14 different roles for you to play, and the world offers a rich interactive environment for exploration and business. And, with XCOM type combat, it makes for a unique take on a much beloved era. No release date yet, but it's set to release sometime in 2020.

15. Little Nightmares II

The horrific monsters of Tarsier Studios' puzzle platformer are coming back to haunt us in this second entry. The yellow raincoat-clad character, Six, makes her return. But this time, she's passing on the torch to Mono who continues the adventures in the harrowing environment of the Maw. Get more of their curious blend of horror and puzzle when it releases sometime this year.

16. Rune Factory 5

It took a long whole lotta waiting but the fifth entry to Marvelous Entertainment's popular RPG has finally been confirmed. At this point, there still isn't much information about the game aside from a very short teaser. But, with the promise of quality of life improvements, new activities, new montsers, oand of course, a whole new set of characters to romance, it's enough for any Rune Factory fan to get excited. It's slated to release sometime in 2020.

17. Apex Legends

Apex Legends has clawed its way up the gaming hierarchy and quickly became a favorite in the FPS community. The good news is, you'll be able to bring the action literally everywhere with this upcoming port to the Switch. This only further expands the cross-play horizons that the title has been planning to allow. Gather up all your friends, whichever console they may be on, and be ready to team up when it comes out this fall.

18. Gods and Monsters

Ubisoft has delayed quite a few of their slated games already, so it's no surprise that this new IP will need more time in the oven. From the same creators of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Gods and Monsters will have a bit more focus on the characters and stories from Greece's fascinating pantheon. Wrapped in beautiful, cartoon visuals, learning and living out the legends will be quite a treat. It’s slated to release sometime between this year and the next.

19. Shin Megami Tensei V

It has been a while since the last Shin Megami Tensei installment and it looks like Atlus made sure to raise the stakes higher. Prepare to reject all your gods in a story that mirrors the craziness of the world we have today. What makes this release all the more exciting is Atlus's promise of a simultaneous worldwide release. It might be taking a while to arrive, at least we'll all get that first slice together when it releases in 2021.

20. Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

Adol the Red has returned for a new adventure, and he's bringing the action to the west. Cursed into the role of exorcising demons, Adol's journey in the Ys IX is improved by the addition of five new characters, each bringing their own skills into the fight against Grimwald Nox. Fans have been awaiting the announcement of a localization for a while now. While unfortunately, it won't be coming this year, 2021 is an easy wait for yet another quality entry.

21. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 (tentative title)

We don't really know when the release is for this sequel to Switch's breathtaking launch title. But, it's hard to make an upcoming games list without it. Though there have been some speculations about a release in 2020, those rumors are best taken with a grain of salt, especially consdering the current pandemic situation. For now, we'll have to be content with the teaser trailer.

22. Doom Eternal

We already know exactly how amazing Doom Eternal’s lightning fast faceoffs are on the other consoles. Now, all we have to do is wait for our chance at experiencing the beautifully hellish action on-the-go. The first part of the reboot series is already on the console, but so far, id Software is still pretty mum on the details of this sequel on the Switch. However, it has been confirmed and we'll just to keep watch for that release date announcement.

23. Bayonetta 3

Another TBA title. But with the first and second entries already on the Switch, it's not a stretch to imagine why Platinum would want their upcoming title to debut there too. So far, we have had nothing aside from a very short teaser trailer from 2017, prompting many to worry about the game's current development. But, Platinum Game reassures us that everything continues to go smoothly and we'll just have to wait for that next big announcement.

24. Temtem

It looks like Pokemon, but it isn't! Inspired by Game Freak's iconic RPG, Temtem brings the pokemon formula into the MMO format. As a rising Temtem tamer, roam around the six floating islands and create a powerful party of Temtems to bring down an evil organization. It's probably what some people wished Pokemon could be, and with it already getting positive reviews on Steam, those on the Switch will surely have the best of both worlds when it comes out Spring of next year.

25. New Pokemon Snap

The return we've all been waiting for. After two decades of anticipation, we're finally going to have a brand new sequel in this Pokemon spinoff. A game ALL about taking pictures of pokemon in their natural island environment, it couldn't have come at a better time, with new technology paving a way for a more HD experience of the pokemons we loved before. Even with just a reveal trailer to drive the excitement, we're sure it's enough to fuel this last stretch of waiting. No release date yet.