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1. Anno 1800

After a two-episode visit to the future, Ubisoft takes their real time strategy videogame back to the past with a trip to the seminal 19th century. The seventh installment in their Anno series, 1800 explores the years of the Industrial Revolution. More than just aesthetics, the way your city looks will now have direct consequences to gameplay.

Whether you wanna pollute it to usher the march of capitalism, or spice it up to welcome a flock of paying tourists. Celebrating the series 20th anniversary, preorders will come with imperial trains and command ships, as well as a commemorative 1602 statue for your city. It's coming this this April 16th.

2. Imperator: Rome

From one the veterans of the grand strategy. The creators of Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, and the Hearts of Iron series, Paradox Interactive takes a page from their own playbook as they disturb the Roman peace the second time around. While it seems to be a sequel to the Roman installment of their Europa Universalis series, developers will also be squeezing a bit of their Crusader Kings gameplay.

Focused on the SPQ, Imperator seems to be a lot more about diplomacy than brutality. Manage a variety of government types across the ages and take care of the needs and joys of their diverse populations. Sprinkled with some of the character management of Crusader Kings, it's an all star show for Paradox Interactive, and it's coming on April 26th.

3. Total War: Three Kingdoms

Koei Tecmo might've explored these oriental territories in their long running strategy Romance of the Three Kingdoms, this will mark the first time for the Total War series. A long time favorite for history fans all over the globe, this new title will take on a romanticised perspective on the era.

Take control of one of eleven factions as their respective legendary Warlord and conquer with diplomacy and might with the Guanxi system of interrelationships. Feel the powers trickle through generals and marvel at the smoothness of their duel animations. Originally slated for this March, Creative Assembly has decided to give the game a bit more time in the oven, with a new release date of May 23rd, 2019.

4. Railroad Corporation

Since we can't all afford fancy railroad sets, Iceberg Interactive is offering up their own alternative for train enthusiasts young and old. Following in the footsteps of Meier and Shelley's Railroad Tycoon, RailRoad Corporation takes us to the the Golden of Steam in the 19th Century America. Start your empire from scratch and pave your tracks in the business as connect one city to the next.

Other than their historically accurate locomotives, it also boasts about steeping players in the cutthroat industry of politics and stock markets. Not much buzz going around for this one, but it might be a worthy alternative to the classics. It's set to release early this year.

5. Phoenix Point

Looks like X-COM is back on the menu boys. From the creator of the original X-COM game, return to one of the pinnacles of turn-based strategy games. Fight a mysterious and mutating extraterrestrial threat. In this game, deploy a squad of 4 unique soldiers and take them down in tactical turn-based fashion.

With the introduction of the Geoscape system, players can activate it and enter into a massive overworld where you plan your operations, construct bases, and research. Aside from exterminating these pesky buggers, players encounter boss battles that prove challenging similar to X-COM’s style. The game is every strategy game combined including customizable units, procedural environments and dynamic missions. It’s set to release sometime this June 2019.

6. Age Of Wonders: Planetfall

Paradox Interactive’s very own take on the turn-based simulation genre. Blended with godly sci-fi elements, this new space strategy game takes you to a literal age of wonders. This Star Wars-like story tasks you to rebuild a galactic empire after a futuristic dark age.

With six unique factions, create your own empire. Whether you want to control a race of a technologically advanced faction, or a Dinosaur-centric Amazons, the choice is yours. With these large cast of factions, engage in colorful and tactical turn-based battles with customizable units and destructible environments. But it doesn’t just stop after every battle, expand your newfound galactic empire across all the planets in the galaxy. It’s coming out this August 6, 2019.

7. Conan Unconquered

Petroglyph’s own version of the Conan legend is a strategy game set in the barbaric times of Conan the Barbarian. As a survivor, build your own stronghold and assemble your unconquerable army. The hordes of Hyboria aren’t friendly and they get increasingly difficult.

As the alpha of the species, manage resources and research new technologies to gain the upper hand. Construct a variety of different buildings as you stand against this destructive horde of men and monsters. Build and build for that impenetrable base for you and your army. In addition, the game has a pretty huge amount of content including co-op, multiplayer and unlocking legendary heroes. It’s coming out sometime this second quarter of 2019.

8. Desperados III

THQ Nordic yee-haws its way in this ruthless Western strategy game.

Featuring a modern real-time tactic gameplay, control a ragtag band of unlikely heroes and heroines as they join forces to challenge a superior foe. Desperados III takes the epic Wild West journey through 1870 USA and Mexico. Outsmart your enemies and use a wide array of abilities such as infiltration, splying, sabotage, stealin, abduction and more. When all hope is lost, blow stuff up the cowboy way.

With five unique desperados, use their deadly skills to thin out the enemies. Just like any strategy game out there, remain vigilant to any attacks and always be one step ahead of your foes. It’s coming out this Summer of 2019.

9. Othercide

Lightbulb Crew’s monochromatic strategy game is rife with potential. This horror-themed tactical turn-based indie RPG is ethereal as it is stylish. The entire game is engulfed with black and red. Enter into a twisted, dark, and challenging experience where you survive massive assaults from terrifying otherworldly creatures.

Its gameplay is akin to Supergiant’s Transistor, but its brutality comes from punishing action-RPG’s like Dark Souls. Be the last line of defense against these endless horde of monsters. This game, packed with so much tension, borrows inspiration from popular gaming elements like permadeath, roguelite features, and blending them with a beautiful art style. It’s coming out this sometime this 3rd or 4th quarter of 2019.

10. Godhood

Playing God is something a lot of games let us do, but this game from Abbey Games has a more literal take on that popular premise. With Godhood, you get to become the star of your very own religion. Far from the new gods and distractions of the modern age, Godhood lets you start from the very beginning. Release yourself into the ancient world and guide your tribes into purposeful domination in your name.

Born out of Kickstarter, it's pretty a clean, simple, and straightforward game. Providing fun through diplomacy, exploration, customization, and turn-based battles, it looks like there's a lot of content to get around. Aiming for Steam Early Access in May, it's set for a full release later this year.

11. Field Of Glory: Empires

Just like Sid Meier’s Civilization series, this is another example of a grand strategy game that borrows multiple elements and mechanics from the ultimate simulation experience. Empires lets you rebuild your own powerful civilization from start to finish. Overcome their need for survival and introduce numerous cultural and tribal elements to your newfound creation.

Set in Europe during the Classical Age, construct your growing empire as you see fit. Understand your enemies weaknesses in terms of war, and lead a battalion of trained warriors to fight for you. The game’s simultaneous turn resolution means thinking ahead to intercept or to escape! It comes out sometime this 2019.

12. Final Assault

While we're used to the flat worlds of strategy, Phase Lock Interactive forges their own path in an immersive new platform. Making use of the new VR technology, Final Assault brings you in the middle of the action. Playing omniscient commander to your troops in land, sea, and air. With its round, and attractive visuals, it feels a lot like watching our childhood toy sets coming alive, boasting an impressive variety in its units.

Played on the Oculus Rift, the World War II RTS battles are immersive and liberating. Although it has three tiers of difficulty player, you can also try out the undpredictable fields of their online multiplayer. A VR strategy teeming with nostalgia, it's coming to Steam early access soon with a full release sometime in April.

13. Overland

This one's actually already available on the PC. Feeling at home in the the indie-friendly reaches of, this stunning survival strategy from Finji is making its way to the more mainstream Steam services sometime this year. Described by Polygon as Faster than Light meets the Post Apocalypse, Overland's got strategy and procedurally generated elements down to a tee. With an interface that's sleek and intuitive, Overland lets you get down to business, allowing you to dive right into the hard decisions of each level. Manage fuel, collect supplies, and make the right choices, once it releases sometime this year.

14. Starborne

This free-to-play MMORTS opens new doors to the classic genre. Build a new empire and play with thousands of friends as you conquer the galaxies. Starborne is a love-letter to the RTS fans, and taking inspiration from the legendary Starcraft and Warhammer franchises.

Much like all RTS games, command your troops on the frontlines and strategize your next moves. Whether you want to sabotage the enemy’s defenses, or go full Zerg rush on their vulnerable posts. Choose from its 6 unique specializations with varied abilities and gameplay benefits. It’s not just a game where you stay idle, plan your next move and read carefully because this game requires a lot of time. It’s coming sometime this 2019.

15. Iron Harvest: 1920+

We've been talking about this game since 2017 but it looks like it might finally come out from development hell. Inspired by the paintings of polish artist, Rozalski, Iron Harvest paints a bleak its own bleak picture of robotics intertwining with the rural life in an alternate 1920s.

Jumping off from their 1.5 million dollar Kickstarter, KINGArt Games has been hard at work to bring us this beautiful RTS steeped in Dieselpunk. After a quiet few months, they've shown significant progress in their Alpha demos. Adding five new mechs, a second weapon system, a few more build options, and even a multiplayer, there is so much in store for this coming title and Targeted for PC, as well as the PS4 and Xbox One, it’s projected to release sometime this year.