15 Upcoming Triple-A PS4 Games of 2020

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1. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

One of CyberConnect2's biggest titles next year may be something we've experienced over and over again, but they promise it'll be as awesome as the first time. First introduced to us as Dragonball: Project Z, its new name Kakarot suggests we'll be taking on the shoes of Goku in one of the most popular arcs of the series.

That might mean not a whole lot of surprises in terms of story, there's still a lot going for the game thanks to its revitalized visuals and action RPG gameplay. Other than Goku, we'll also get to see other favorites in action, either as support characters to help in battle or actual playable characters. Bandai Namco has been showcasing all of them, and recently, we even got a sneak peek of some sweet Super Saiyan Vegeta gameplay.

Luckily for us, it's coming soon on January 17

2. Darksiders Genesis

Airship Syndicate surprised everyone with a new spinoff of their apocalyptic action RPG series and it's unlike anything we've seen from Darksiders. For one, it takes on a new perspective with its top-down approach to hack and slash action.

With a story that takes place before the events of the original, we get to meet the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, Strife, who seems to have the knack for jokes that the rest of the family is missing. Together with his brother, War, hunt down the master demons throughout Genesis' vibrant and action-packed hell.

It's not Darksiders 4, but it definitely looks good so far and a lot of folks are saying it might be the new Diablo. We'll have to wait and see till our Valentine's date on February 14th

3. The Last Of Us II

You can't get any more Triple-A on the PS4 than this sequel to Sony's most beloved gems. The Last of Us has been wowing players since the PlayStation 3, and now they are continuing the legacy with a new title just before the release of the PlayStation 5.

Releasing 5 years after the first game, it's not a stretch to say this is one of the most anticipated upcoming ps4 games. Not only do we get to see the continuation, at least, of Ellie's adventures in the post-apocalypse, it's also going to be presenting the unbelievably high detail that's made possible on the PlayStation 4.

The Last of Us Part II will also pack upgrades on traversal mechanics which will bring verticality to the stealth missions and takedowns. It's coming out on February 21, 2020,

4. Final Fantasy VII Remake

We've already given high praise to Last of Us 2, but if there's another game that's perfect on the PlayStation 4, it's this. A remake of the already beloved title from Square Enix's celebrated Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy VII has been given the 21st Century makeover it deserves, bringing our favorite characters out of their polygonal forms and into high-resolution 3D.

With a massive change in face naturally comes changes in structure. From its episodic format down to the different but familiar combat style. From their new TGS trailer, what apparently doesn't change though, is the weirdness that made it great. That means we'll get to see Honey Bee Inn Cross-Dressing and an expansion of the squatting minigame.

All this and more coming this March 3rd

5. Doom Eternal

We were all a little bit disappointed when id Software moved their brand new Doom title from its November release date. Still, it's always a good move for games to be given more time in the oven. That's especially true given the scale of Doom Eternal.

Spreading out of the realms of hell, the iconic Demon slayer is broadening his horizons. Not only is he bringing the fight to the equally garish monsters of the pearly gates, but he's also going for a lot of new mobility at his disposal. And to add to the beloved singleplayer campaign, Eternal will also have multiplayer invasions where players get to play the Demons themselves.

That's a lot of new features, and we can't wait to finally try it out on March 20th

6. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

Vampire: The Masquerade has gone a long way from its home on the PC, and even longer from pen and paper origins. With Bloodlines 2, the series doesn't just expand its range of platforms, but also the variety of its nocturnal RPG adventures.

Begin the vampiric masquerade once more as you settle into the dual life in modern-day Seattle. Choices still play a massive part of gameplay, and it comes out through your character’s backgrounds, as well as the decisions you make in the various dialogs and interactions.

Bad news for fans of the franchise, though, Hardsuit Labs has recently decided to delay their upcoming title from its Early 2020 launch window to sometime later in that year.

It might mean more waiting, but it will hopefully result in a better overall product which is always good news.

7. Cyberpunk 2077

Now here's a game that needed a lot of time in the oven. Then again, CD Project Red's reputation precedes them, especially the grand success of the final entry to their Witcher Saga.

Out of fantasy and into speculative fiction, Cyberpunk 2077 looks and feels like its rife with the details and freedom that Witcher 3 was known for. Except this time magnified to the scale of a full-on living and breathing Cyberpunk dystopia.

Everything is customizable, from your character's appearances, down to their background stories and modifications. All of that seemingly laid bare in their 48minute gameplay demo.

Cyberpunk 2077 is expected to set a new bar for open-world, and it's brought along Keanu for the ride. It's set to release on April 16th

8. Dying Light 2

The experts of open-world zombie survival parkour are back for another shot at the customizable apocalypse. The first Dying Light game may have had earned success despite its narrative simplicity, Dying Light 2 will focus on giving players the definitive sandbox experience they wanted to bring.

Much more than ever, player choices will form a large part of the gameplay. Building on a brand new engine, The City in Dying Light 2, isn't just four times bigger, it will also react to whatever decisions you make along the way.

Another thing that Dying Light was known for was their post-launch content, and it seems like Techland plans to do the same for the sequel, with missions, weapons, and gameplay mechanics.

It's coming out next Spring

9. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Quarantine

Set several years into the future of their Rainbow Six series, Quarantine is exploring a new kind of enemy as the team fights against a mutating alien parasite. We haven't seen much from this game yet but their teaser trailers suggest that there's going to have a lot of adrenaline-pumping scares amid the game's isolating halls.

While the classic Tom Clancy FPS features will make their return, Rainbow Six Quarantine will show off a brand new 3 player co-op, letting you get into gunplay and tactics with two other friends.

As previously mentioned, this is one of the Ubisoft titles that will be delayed further into next year instead of its Early 2020 release window.

10. Nioh 2

For fans of hybrid hack and slash RPGs with Japanese settings, Nioh delivered everything we could ever hope for in a Samurai action-adventure. Now that a full-on sequel is coming up, everyone’s pretty excited to see exactly what’s in store.

Revealing more details in the recent Tokyo Game Show, it looks like Nioh 2 is going to be a prequel with a standalone story.

Play a customized character that’s part human, part yokai and venture around the new Dark Realms with great Japanese warlords. It’s still essentially a singleplayer experience. However, the improved multiplayer which allows up to three players will definitely make the Yokai battles that much easier.

A PS4 exclusive, it’s set to release Early next year.

11. Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon

SEGA's latest installment to their RGG/Yakuza series is oozing with JRPG love and its as wild a ride as ever. Yakuza: Like A Dragon introduces a new protagonist in Ichiban Kasuga who gets his first taste of freedom after taking the fall for his boss and spending 18 years in prison.

However, most of the changes come in its gameplay, particularly its controversial switch from real-time to something more akin to turn-based battles. The JRPG inspirations don't stop there. There's also the Persona 5 like interface, and getting to pick between an array of job classes that offer varying abilities.

It's just the kind of crazy Japanese hijinx you'd expect from the Yakuza series, and it even comes complete with a twist on Mario Kart. It'll be out in Japan by January, Western fans will have to wait further into 2020

12. Persona 5 Royal

Atlus' Persona 5 has been stealing hearts since 2017. It was a huge drop for longtime fans of the JRPG, and now the Phantom Thieves are going back for round 2 in this upcoming re-release. Rereleases may sound underwhelming. Royal is anything but. A lot is packed into this new game, including a new Phantom Thief, an entire semester of gameplay, brand new locales, and a personal palace you can customize as you see fit.

Relationships play an important part in Persona 5's DNA, and there'll be new ways to do so in Royal. The phone call system has been expanded to actual conversations, and gift-giving can be extended towards male confidants too.

Clearly Atlus is going all out, and it's something we shouldn't miss

13. Gods & Monsters

While Ubisoft made an mpression with their exploration of Ancient Greece in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, its developers wanted to create something that was more in line with the Mythology of things. And that's hopefully what we're getting with Gods & Monsters.

We didn't really get to know too much about it in their trailer. What we do know is that its gonna follow Breath of the Wild's wondrous, childlike aesthetic. What with the rich brutishness of ancient mythology, it'll be interesting to see how they'll manage to translate that into the art style.

Just like Watch Dogs and Rainbow Six Quarantine, Gods & Monsters will be similarly delayed into the second half of 2020.

14. Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs Legion may be going toe to toe with Cyberpunk 2077 in the market for packaged revolutions and technological innovations. Legion doesn't fly too far in the future, but it's breaking boundaries by telling a story where every single person can take part in the burgeoning revolution.

That means the dissolution of the non-playable character, with each one equipped with their own traits and skillsets--whether its grandma, the executive or the chill skateboarder. The perma-death aspect of your recruits adds another layer of interest, as it might challenge you to take on a more careful, non-lethal approach to espionage.

It all sounds great on paper but we're yet to see how it all unfolds. Unfortunately, all of Ubisoft's biggest titles will be facing delays so we might have to wait till the second half of 2020.

15. Ghost of Tsushima

This upcoming PS4 exclusive from Sucker Punch was a scene-stealer in E3 so its hard to forget it in the list of the best titles to come to the console. Ghost of Tsushima puts us in the sandals of the titular island's Last Samurai, desperately fighting against the Mongol invasion in the year 1274.

The atmosphere of its trailer was the most captivating part of the presentation, but its detail and combat also speak volumes about the game's quality. We don't know much about the game as of yet, and its release in 2020 might be a stretch of the imagination, we can't help but look forward to it anyway.