15 Upcoming Japanese RPGs of 2020

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1. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

It’s not entirely a ‘JRPG’ game, but it does introduce something new to the way we know about Bandai Namco’s renowned Dragon Ball title.

Relive the story of Goku as you do more than just fighting and exchanging power levels. For the first time in a long time, get to explore the world of Dragon Ball. Transformed into an action-RPG game, embrace Goku’s newfound freedom of adventure and relive key moments from the series.

Take him to go fishing, or maybe go on a ride to roam around the series’ important locations. At its core, the game is still a fighting game. Face off against iconic characters from the franchise and watch them duke it out in insane battles. It comes out this January 17, 2020 for the PC, PS4, and X1.

2. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - Remastered Edition and Nintendo Switch

Return to the hopeful spirits of the Crystal Caravan in this remastered version of the 2003 GameCube title. Crystal Chronicles enhances the experience of their epic journey to cleanse their world from a mysterious miasma.

As an enhanced title, expect improved visuals, sound and other bonus content that make this adventure worthwhile. Team up with other friends online to help you in your brave quest. Enlist other heroes from all over the world for the first time with Square Enix’s Cross-Play feature! You are not alone in this, the game is set to release this January 23, 2020 for the PS4.

3. Final Fantasy VII Remake

One of next year’s biggest titles is the comeback of everyone’s favorite brooding super soldier wielding a massive sword.

Final Fantasy VII Remake takes us once again into the beautiful yet corrupted Midgar controlled by a greedy corporation. Rebuilt from the ground up, play FFVII with realistic graphics, improved character models and gameplay completely reinvented for the modern audience.

Relive the adventures of Cloud and friends as they stop the evil Shinra from destroying their precious homeworld. Only Chapter 1 of the bigger picture, the game comes out this 3rd of March, 2020 as a PlayStation 4 Exclusive.

4. Trials Of Mana on PS4, PC, and Switch

Another remake made to appease longtime fans of the series. This modern revival of the 3rd Seiken Densetsu title is fully rebuilt from the ground up in 3D, with few handfuls of improvements including an upgraded battle system that’s no longer as tedious as the original.

Aside from enhanced voice acting and visuals, you can pick your own protagonist that will greatly affect the entirety of the game’s story. The legend of Mana lives on, and it comes out on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on Apr 24, 2020.

5. Persona 5: Royal

Steal some hearts and reform society once again in ATLUS’ definitive Persona 5 experience. Royal takes you into the familiar land of Tokyo, Japan where you still control the same protagonist, Joker, and meet a cast of memorable characters.

Although familiar, ATLUS continues to spice things up by adding new characters and an interesting new story details. Royal introduces a whole new character, Kasumi, who’s gonna help you with her badass ballerina skills. It’s still pretty much the same, really, but with a slight tweak to its gameplay and story. No release date yet, but it’s slated for a 2020 release as a PlayStation 4 Exclusive.

6. Langrisser I & II on the Switch, PS4, and PC

This list has a lot of remakes. NIS America’s revival of the legendary Langrisser I and II is taking us to their magical kingdom once again, now in high-definition!

Featuring two games in one, experience each Langrisser title with an improved presentation. Just like any other remake, the story remains unchanged. In these two different titles, you still end up taking a quest to stop the forces of evil from threatening the fate of your world.

Fans of the classic titles will enjoy this revitalized version, especially with its reorchestrated music and some helpful quality of life improvements. Coming this Early 2020 for the Nintendo Switch, PC and PS4.

7. Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen on PS4 and PS5

Another title from NIS America, and another remake of a classic PlayStation 4 and PS Vita title. Uncover the origins of the Utawarerumono as it finally launches to Western shores.

Awaken into a mysterious world where you encounter strange and friendly villagers who show you their ways. Serving as a prequel to the main titles, this features every typical JRPG story where you protect your beloved place from harm’s way and meet a wide cast of characters with traumatic pasts.

There aren’t many details about this game as of the moment, but it’s slated to come out this Early 2020 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

8. Tales Of Arise on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

The latest of the Tales games and definitely the most ambitious of them all. Arise takes you into a divided world where the rich exploit the poor.

Step into the shoes of two heroes born in two different worlds as they find a way to restore balance to this chaos. It’s been a long time since we had a whole new world in a Tales game, and Arise knows how to up the ante with its solid presentation. This includes new characters and a fancy new upgrade to Tales’ Linear Motion Battle System. It’s coming out sometime this 2020 for the PS4, PC and X1.

9. Digimon Survive on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One

The Digimon games have come a long way and this latest title adds more flavor to the already interesting concept of these digital monsters. Digimon Survive takes you into an unfamiliar world where danger lurks in every corner.

Find your way out and use the power of these adorable Monsters to survive in this anomalous plane. For the first time in the series, choices will affect the story. Each decision will impact your monster's evolution and ultimately, the game’s ending. No actual release date yet, but it’s scheduled for a 2020 release and it’s available for the PlayStation 4, X1, Switch, and PC.

10. Unsung Story on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

This Kickstarter funded game from Little Orbit takes us into a war-torn land where intrigue, warfare, espionage and betrayal are commonplace.

Spearheaded by the director of Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story, it aims to revitalize the old class-based Tactics gameplay. Each class offers different abilities and the choice is up to you on which to prioritize. It rewards individual playstyles so you must learn to adapt depending on the battlefield.

Unfortunately, as a Kickstarter-funded game, it still has a long way to go, but the developers from Little Orbit are trying their best to secure us a release date sometime this 2020. Available for the PC, PlayStation 4, X1 and Switch.

11. Cris Tales on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Dubbed as a Love-Letter to the classic JRPG titles like Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger, and even Valkyrie Profile, this time-bending adventure takes us into the life of Crisbell as she stops a powerful Time Empress from messing up the future.

It doesn’t feel like an indie game at all, especially with its solid hand-drawn art style and a fascinating world to explore. Master turn-based combat as you use the power of time to warp them to the past, present and even future.

It’s a promising title and JRPG fans will definitely find this interesting. Just look at that slick art! A Demo is currently available for download if you want to get a taste of what this game is really all about. No release date yet, but it’s said to come out sometime this 2020 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and X1.

12. Edge Of Eternity on PS4 and Xbox One

A beautiful indie-JRPG from Midgar Studios. This game is definitely inspired by the modern Final Fantasy titles such as XIII, XV and XII.

Set in a world torn apart by a mysterious disease, it’s up to you, as the hero, to find a cure and save its fallen kingdom. Engage in dazzling turn-based combats where you outwit your opponents by using the environment to your advantage

It’s currently out on the PC for quite some time now as an Early Access. Despite its current state, players gave it positive reviews as they wait for the inevitable full release soon. Sadly, no release date yet. It’s coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

13. Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Finally, we can finally experience the anime storyline in a Sword Art Online game. Assume control of Kirito as he goes on a quest inside the Underworld, a mysterious virtual world in SAO’s Alicization arc. The gameplay is as intense as ever, especially with its stunning new visuals.

Featuring themes of sadness, passion, and reunion, enter an expansive world where AI’s behave like humans. And like the Anime, meet your favorite SAO characters including Eugeo, Alice and so much more. No release date yet. It’s available for the PC, PS4, and X1.

14. Re:Legend on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

This JRPG takes us into another mysterious island with no recollection of our past. Re:Legend mixes farm sim and monster-breeding into one game. Learn to survive by cultivating plants for your daily sustenance OR tame magical creatures known as the Magnus to aid you in your adventure.

The island is home to many dangers. Befriend villagers and use your pet monsters to help you in battle. But you’re never alone, with its online functionality, carry out activities together and conquer its small world! No release date yet but it’s coming out for the PS4, X1, and the Switch.

15. Soul Saga: Episode 1 on PC and PlayStation 4

Another Kickstarter funded game on our list. This game borrows notable elements from known JRPGs like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy and Breath of Fire. It takes us into a magical world torn apart into three distinct parts. As the hero, you embark on a grand quest to uncover the nature of the world and meet a lovable cast of characters on the way.

The first Episode takes place in one of the 3 parts of its broken world and its combat is largely focused on turn-based mechanics. So far, the game still has a long way to go. You can support the dev on its Kickstarter if you want.No release date yet, but it’s coming out for the PC, PlayStation 4 and even the PlayStation 5.