10 Most Anticipated PS4 Open World Games of 2019-2020

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1. Code Vein

One of Bandai Namco’s biggest titles is a month away. Blending Role Playing elements and Souls-like combat into this massive open world, Code Vein feels edgier than most of its games.

As part of a hidden society of bloodthirsty badasses, you save the last remnants of humanity by harvesting the power of blood for your own self.. y’ know, like a vampire. Travel freely around its dilapidated world. You can even grab an NPC OR a friend to accompany you on your journey as you slay some crazy monsters. Its online play encourages teamwork. And like Dark Souls, there is no difficulty option. Every enemy encounter depends on how well you are good at dodging and fighting. There’s no excuse here, so get good.

It’s coming out this 27th of September.

2. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint

A follow-up to Ubisoft’s polarizing Wildlands. Breakpoint attempts to improve upon its predecessor’s issues.

This time, they’re actually putting our skills to the test with a challenging difficulty setting and a big open world to explore. By big, we mean absolutely BIG. You take command of a team of elite soldiers called the Ghosts. Take on missions and get to know the expansive lore behind its fictional world of Auroa.

The map reportedly has over 800 secrets to discover! Which means, aside from killing enemies with the same loadouts as you are, you might also be swept away by its hefty content. Like all Ghost Recon titles, it focuses on multiplayer. Grab your mates and form a squad. Get to use the game’s high-tech gadgets that include drones, smart rocket launchers and so much more. It’s coming this 4th of October.

3. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

From the creator behind Assassin’s Creed comes to a whole new adventure through time. Instead of fighting in a never-ending war against the Templars, you are an ape trying to outsmart nature and adapt to the environment around you.

Set 10 million years ago, step inside Neogene Africa. It’s filled with lush vegetation, golden grasslands, and an unforgiving landscape. As a simple ape, you expand your territory and lead your band of simian friends to an odyssey of humankind. Slowly discover the world as you develop the best traits for your clan and evolve for the future generations.

With Assassin’s Creed’s best open-world features, climbing trees and running back and forth is no big deal, especially when you’re in this vast and breathtaking view. Amidst its dangerous territory, you can’t ignore the fact that in a world without us is somehow… beautiful. Coming this December 2019.

4. Gods & Monsters

The third of the five Ubisoft titles on this list. They sure are confident with their open-world talents. The team behind Assassin's Creed Odyssey return to give us another taste of that Greek history.

You take control of a brave warrior wielding the power of the gods. After the Pantheon’s unfortunate demise by the deadly Typhon, it’s your chance to rebuild the fallen world. Although there aren’t enough details about their gameplay as of the moment, you could tell Breath of the Wild is part of the inspiration.

Face off against mythological creatures, solve puzzles, and prove your heroism in its artistic open world. The game is coming to the PlayStation 4 this February 25, 2020.

5. Watch Dogs Legion

Technology continues to doom the world in this latest Watch Dogs game from Ubisoft. Retake London from the hands of greedy politicians and form a Legion of hacktivists determined to reform society with their cellphones.

In Legion, the best thing about this title is the fact that you can play as anyone. You’re no longer playing as the brooding man in Chicago, or the smart kid from San Francisco. From white-collar members of society to a retired grandma, anyone can be a character with their own story and abilities.

Legion does expand on their open-world elements. Futuristic London is home for high-tech gadgets and appliances, so messing things up only takes one tap from your smartphone. Nothing is more satisfying than checking out everyone’s search history and profiles like it’s nothing. It comes out this March 6, 2020.

6. Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red has raised the bar in fantasy action RPGs with the Witcher III, and now they're looking to do the same in the world of futuristic sci-fi action. Cyberpunk 2077 lets you roam around the dystopian metropolis of Night City where the law sleeps and corporations control everything.

Staying true to classic RPGs, Cyberpunk also gives you that power as you get to to get to customize everything from your character appearance, stats, and background stories, to modifications that you can change up with every mission. Having to play in the first-person perspective might've been a little disappointing for some, it does work to immerse us in their world that feels fully alive, packed with citizens of all shapes and body modifications.

CD Projekt Red has been leading in the world of RPG immersion and we can’t wait to hang around with Keanu when it comes out on Apr 16th, 2020.

7. Dying Light 2

Techland introduces the customizable post-apocalypse in this sequel to the acclaimed open-world zombie game. A series built on combat, graphics, and co-op multiplayer, and day and night cycle, Dying Light 2 stands firms on all those aspects in this second installment. What makes this sequel exciting is the added focus on player choices.

Building on a brand new engine, The City in Dying Light 2, isn't just four times bigger, it will a.sl react to whatever decisions you make along the way. With so many of them planted into a more focused narrative, they open up a host of possibilities that will make each playthrough feel special.

And with the added mobility of the new protagonist, Aiden Caldwell, it also means more ways of dealing with the zombies of the night. Already an impressive zombie title, the stakes are even higher in this sequel and its coming early next year.

8. Ghost of Tsushima

With the many big names in Samurai gaming, Ghost of Tsushima still stole our hearts, with a gameplay debut packed with an earnest authenticity. In Ghost of Tsushima, you take on the sandals of the Last Samurai, desperately fighting against the Mongol invasion in the year 1274.

Ghost of Tsushima's atmosphere feels rich. From its gloomy yet majestic environment, the quiet playing of the flute in the backdrop, to its aww-worthy textures and detail. The atmosphere is only the beginning though. This attention to detail can also be seen in combat that’s quick, slick, and incorporates stealth seamlessly into each scene.

It looks like all those consulting with cultural and sword fighting experts have paid off, and it is only gonna get better with more time in the oven. No release date yet.

9. Wild

Meanwhile, as Michel Ancel clearly has his hands full with Beyond Good and Evil, it looks like this supposed PS4 exclusive has been suffering the consequences.

Where Beyond Good and Evil is more space and sciencey, Wild deals with the more earthly theme of nature. Playing as a powerful shaman, you will get to harness the powers of "The Wild" by taking control of any animal available, each equipped with abilities you can take advantage of.

WiLD can surely keep us entertained for long, balancing the loftier fantasy with the urgent practicalities of wildlife survival--on land, sea, or air.

WiLD was announced more than three years ago in 2015. Looking at their first trailer now, it may look a little outdated and clunky. Its premise is just as attractive as it was. No news of a release date yet, but has renewed its license last March, at least we know it hasn’t been canceled yet.

10. Beyond Good & Evil 2

This upcoming sequel to Michel Ancel's 2003 action-adventure has been stuck in development hell for years. However, there's definitely promise in the gorgeous trailers Ubisoft has released so far. While the original was mostly a memorable cult-classic, this sequel is definitely an ambitious undertaking.

Not only do the trailers hint at a sprawling, vertically-inclined metropolis populated by humans and animal hybrids and navigable through jetpacks and flying vehicles. It also stretches open-world gaming to a whole new level. Apart from the massive hub city, there’s also the open star system to think about.

These all ours to explore as we take on the role of space pirate armed with swords and a variety of augments. Confirmed to be a prequel feature, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is gonna be for those new to the series to jump into the vast space monkey, pirate adventures to come. Unfortunately, no release date yet.