Top 15 Upcoming PS4 Exclusives of 2019, 2020, & Beyond

These are our picks of the most anticipated exclusive titles coming soon to the PlayStation 4. To see the full, updated catalog visit our list of all upcoming PS4 exclusives.

1. Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Square Enix enters the Remake realm with their most commercially successful Final Fantasy entry. This fresh take on the beloved installment takes players once again into the steampunk-ish world of Midgar in pure remake fashion. New and old fans will appreciate the attention to detail, namely Cloud and his friends.

The story, just like its original, lets players control Cloud and the rest of the Avalanche team as they put a stop to the evil corporation Shinra. Its new hack and slash combat is completely different from the classic turn-based mechanics. Players can switch between characters on the fly and deliver a flurry of strikes from enemies. Its impressive ATB or Tactical Mode lets players slow down time and eliminate foes with style.

This Remake is set in an episodic format. Square explicitly said that Episode 1 will focus on the events happening in Midgar while Episode 2 will take place during the games’ climax. There will also be additional story details that add new insight to the characters and the land of Midgar itself. Episode 1 comes out this March 3, 2020.

2. Project Sakura Wars

JRPGs aren't dying just yet. Following a resurgence of the genre thanks to Persona 5 and Nier: Automate, this mainly Japanese title is making it to the Western shores. The sixth in the mainline entries, Project Sakura Wars plays like a soft reboot for the franchise. It's a mix of many different genres rolled into one. Take a step into a fictionalized Taisho period and join the Imperial Combat Revue as they fight demons and compete in a tournament of the world's combatants. Part action, visual novel, and dating sim, enjoy Project Sakura's rich storyline as you woo their cast of characters designed by Bleach artist Tite Kubo himself. It's coming out Spring 2020

3. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III

If you are one of many that started loving The Legend of Heroes saga since its recent entrance to the PlayStation 4, this is good news for you. After the worldwide release of Trails of Cold Steel II last June, you can rest assured that you can have a continuation of your role-playing adventure with this upcoming third installment.

Continuing the storyline a year and a half after Trails of Cold Steel II, play as Rean Schwarzer as he fulfills his new military professor career. This next chapter will have a new focus on speeding battles and turning each into a more seamless experience. Taking the reins from XSEED, the English localization for this third entry will be handled by NISA. It's set to release in North America on September 24th,

4. MediEvil

The past is coming back to haunt us, and in the world of videogames, that's not such a bad thing. Straight from the Studios of Sony Interactive Entertainment, a classic action-adventure hack and slash rises from the grave, bringing with it their knightly protagonist in a renewed form. Making its origins on the PlayStation in 1998, MediEvil stays true to the platform. Now, as it returns, we get to witness the spooky adventures of Sir Daniel Fortesque in a new light.

Remade from the "grave up," this breath of new life shows off with renewed models, refined controls, and a spanking 4K resolution so you can savor every detail on the PS4. It looks like its gonna be a veritable treat for the original fans and a perfect first contact for new players. Predating the Dark Souls series by a decade, you probably can't expect too much complexity from this title, but it'll serve as an awesome Halloween diversion when it comes out on Oct 25th, 2019

5. Death Stranding

Kojima’s ambitious new IP is set in a post-apocalyptic world riddled with an Eldritch entity. After the collapse of civilization, play as Sam Bridges (Norman Reedus) as he must embark on an important quest to save mankind from extinction.

The game remains a huge mystery despite Kojima releasing its massive 9-minute trailer. It showcases more gameplay mechanics, story, and even its badass set of characters including Mads Mikkelsen and Guillermo Del Toro. Players roam around a massive open-world and avoid the capture of numerous threats, both normal and paranormal.

The key detail in this fresh title is the ‘Strands’, a phenomenon occurring in the game which Kojima branded as ‘a new genre’. This encourages strong online connections with other players from around the globe, even if the game is strictly single-player experience. But just like the game’s story, its gameplay remains a huge enigma as well, but that’s always been a selling point from most of Hideo’s titles: intrigue and a bit of ridiculousness. We can’t wait for it to come out this 8th of November.

6. Concrete Genie

While PS4 exclusives are usually big triple-A titles, here's one low-key game that you wouldn't want going under your radar. From the small company Pixel Opus, Concrete Genie is one that proudly shows off its big ideas. An action adventure game, Concrete Genie lets you take on the role of a lone, graffiti drawing teenager. Not the most appealing premise, Pixel Opus takes it to new heights with the sheer spectacle of their execution.

Tasked with bringing the dreary town back to life, watch all your creations come alive in real-time. All them watching you as you fulfill your task to navigate through the growing pains of loneliness and rejection. It's dark yet colorful art style and fluid painting mechanics have drawn comparisons to Infamous: Second Son and Epic Mickey. Almost two years after its Paris Games Week announcement, Concrete Genies finally gets its release window sometime in the third quarter of 2019.

7. Dreams

If anyone’s familiar with Media Molecule, the talented people behind PlayStation’s creative haven LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway, their latest title is a fresh new take on the concept of game-development software.

Using the PlayStation’s Play, Create and Share experience, Dreams encourages players to create a world of their own packed with their ideas, imagination and creativity. Much like LittleBigPlanet’s intuitive UI, the game boasts in its friendly and easy-to-use tools. It’s made for the young and the old, along with their own unique experiences and interpretations.

Once everything is in place, players can dive into the Dreamiverse platform where they enter other worlds from other users. In addition, the game also offers a simple single-player experience if multiplayer is too much for some. Nonetheless, its strongest promise is the trust Media Molecule gives to their community, and we can’t wait for a huge collection of wonderful worlds once it comes out sometime this 2019.

8. Granblue Fantasy Versus

The first of two Granblue Fantasy games coming to the PlayStation 4. One being an action RPG, Versus, like its name suggests is a multiplayer fighting game. Of course who better to usher the universe into the fighting game genre than Bandai Namco and famed studio, Arc System Works. Ready to bring their signature flashy and seamless cinematic animations to this new spinoff.

As of writing, Versus is confirmed to have seven playable characters. Play as Gran, Katalina, Charlotta, Ferry, and all your other Granblue favorites as they show off their individual skills on the unreal engine powered battlefield. While there are some rumors of a PC release, only the PlayStation 4 has been confirmed so far and it's set to release sometime this year.

9. Marvel's Iron Man VR

The very first superhero of the MCU takes to the VR to bring us the high-flying Avenger experience. Taming the occasionally dizzying patterns of the young VR platform, Camouflaj seemingly nails the translation. From the screen to your own hands, flying around as Iron Man in this upcoming VR game is more spectacle and much, much less of a cochlear disturbance. Veering away from the expensive MCU, Marvel's Iron Man doesn't have the likeness of all-around super RDJ, nor the iconic Jarvis voice we've come to love.

It's a little jarring to find somebody else behind something so familiar. But, bringing us an awesome, hands-on experience of Iron Man's heroic flights and fights in virtual reality, we can forgive these small slights. And, while it's not a full-on Iron Man title, Camouflaj promises it'll be a pretty big and lengthy VR experience. It's set to release sometime this year.

10. Deep Down

Remember CAPCOM’s Souls-like dungeon-crawler? Of course, you do. This seemingly mysterious entry suddenly appeared out of nowhere from numerous gaming conventions, but it’s been missing in action for many years now.

This single-player action-RPG encourages cooperative play between other players. Go deep down into a massive labyrinthian tunnel underneath a massive city. As part of the Ravens, manage through the procedurally-generated dungeons and survive with a team of your own choosing. Players can equip numerous weapons including swords, pikes, and shields to keep vicious foes at bay.

But this Medieval title isn’t backing down yet. Although it went off the grid, development is still in the works since the company has been sure to keep its trademark active. Everything is behind the scenes as of now, but we can’t wait to hear more about this entry in the coming months, or years.


With the power of PlayStation’s very own PlayLink, players can immerse themselves in this unique cinematic experience. An interactive drama, every choice can make a huge difference in the game.

Blending a Hollywood movie experience and interactive storytelling, players guide Erica on her journey to uncover the truth about a mysterious killer on the loose.

Sony’s PlayLink enables players to play the game using their own smartphone devices so long as its calibrated. Performing actions such as wiping Erica’s tears from her cheek and flipping through the pages of a book are the many things that can be pivotal to the games’ choice and consequences concept. No release date yet.

Ghost Of Tsushima

Sucker Punch Productions’ fresh IP dives deep into the Japanese lore in Ghost of Tsushima. This open-world action-adventure puts players in the shoes of the last samurai on Tsushima Island during the first Mongol Invasion of Japan.

Throughout the game, players utilize a variety of skills and techniques to defeat the Mongols. Master the way of the Ghost and stalk your prey using a multitude of Stealth mechanics. Its open-ended gameplay leaves players in this massive world without any guidance. Player choices are important in this game, even how to engage in combat.

Since Sony skipped E3 this year, there’s zero updates on the game as of the moment except for its gameplay trailer which gave a lot of promising new features. No release date yet, but it’s rumored to release this early 2020.

13. Granblue Fantasy: Relink

The other title from the Granblue Fantasy series. A spinoff from the main series, Relink further explores the role-playing possibilities of the Granblue universe. Travel along with their party of heroes and embark on a journey riddled with ferocious monsters and terrifying bosses.

Take a moment to appreciate the game's lovely art direction and get into the action with their revamped GranBlue Fantasy battle system. What used to be a collaboration between Cygames and PlatinumGames, the latter studios' recent withdrawal from the project might be a little worrying. With already a promising action-packed trailer, the promise of a four-player co-op, and a Nobuo Uematsu soundtrack in the works, all hope is not lost. Unfortunately, no release date yet.

14. The Last Of Us: Part II

Although not present during this year’s E3, Sony’s critically-acclaimed and award-winning action-adventure title is still generating hype. Naughty Dog ups the ante in this sequel with a promising new story and a handful of gameplay surprises.

Much like its predecessor, it still remains as a Third-Person Survival-Horror game. The focus of a more emotional story and intense action is a priority in this interesting sequel. Set 5 years after the original, instead of taking control of Joel, players assume the role of a new and mature Ellie as she engages any threat strategically. Its gameplay trailer showed some of the major improvements including its visuals and seamless shooter combat. Unfortunately, the game still lacks other details and release date. Let’s hope it comes out sometime this year!


This PlayStation 4 exclusive somehow scuttled off from the media attention, but Sheep Studios’ still assured players that this game is still alive after filing for a new trademark.

Sony also provided a bit of an overview of the game, which lets players use their instincts and intuition to thrive in an incredibly hostile environment. Throughout the game, players will learn how to control and tame the living creatures. In addition, its multiplayer offers a fun sharing experience between the player and a friends’ world. Teaming up together to survive is an important facet in Wild.

Experimentation and exploration are also the game’s main focus. Players should always be aware of their surroundings and avoid eating suspicious looking berries. Sadly, that’s all we know so far since the game is still under the radar right now, but we hope to see this game out of the wild soon.