10 Popular World War 2 Games (2017 to 2021)

Whatoplay presents 10 popular World War II games from 2017 to this year. Note that this list is not ranked by Playscore or Gamerscore. It’s based on internet and community popularity and we’ve taken a few liberties as well.

10. Enlisted

We open our list with a strong MMO shooter from Gaijin Entertainment. This squad-based first-person MMO takes us into the pivotal moments of World War II. It recreates the era’s weapons, vehicles, and atmosphere to an accurate extent. Become a commander and lead your squad into war-torn lands in epic battles grounded in realism. The game is available on the PC, but it’s optimized for the latest generation of consoles like the PS5 and the Series X/S. It boasts an insane visual display and seamless loading times. It’s still in its infancy as it just came out of its Beta phase, so there’s more room for improvement here.

9. World Of Warships

Everyone has heard of this game in one way or another. Since 2015, it has continued to improve its chaotic naval combat. Different ports of the game have their own advantages, such as better framerates and bonus content; but the gameplay remains as a constant battle of metallic machines. Visually, the oceanic skirmishes look absolutely stunning as the game gets ongoing support over the years, especially with the Next-Gen releases for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Sure, the microtransactions still plague the already enjoyable gameplay, but if you get past that, it’s a pretty decent MMO game.

8. War Thunder on PC, Xbox One and PS4

If World Of Warships is limited only to the blue seas, War Thunder conquers the battlefield from land, sea, and air. This heavy-metal war game from Gaijin Entertainment may not be set during History’s Darkest Days, but it features a selection of iconic machines straight from the annals of history. This game literally puts you in the driver seats of German warplanes, Soviet tanks, and the fleet of the Japanese Empire. It offers a lifelike experience of war in modes like realistic and simulator battles. The game continues to add more reckless devastation, with new locations, game modes, and mechanics.

7. Battlefield V on PC, Xbox One and PS4

DICE’s latest Battlefield title stays strictly in the realm of World War 2, despite its futuristic undertones. It’s the most ambitious Battlefield project to date, taking players into the next-generation first-person shooter experience in more ways than one. Whether it’s by multiplayer enjoyment, or single-player, Battlefield V has a ton of content for anyone into the shooter genre. It’s not the most successful entry of the series, and it’s certainly no stranger to controversies, but it was one hell of a ride.

6. Call of Duty: WWII on PC, Xbox One and PS4

Perhaps one of the most straightforward additions to this list. The Call of Duty series is known for its World War II-focused titles. But, this 2017 title holds a particularly special place. Sledgehammer Games brought the series back to its roots after the futurism of Advanced Warfare. It's not just improved gunplay and new multiplayer modes, WWII also hits us with a story that packs an emotional punch and stays true to the atrocities of the period. There's no doubt this is high on the list for people who love COD's tried and true formula.

5. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Speaking of formulas, while the story behind everything continues to unfold, Wolfenstein hasn't really changed much, always banking on the sweet satisfaction of taking down Nazis. Play as BJ Blazkowicz and blast your enemies with a host of different weapons. Even after all those, developer MachineGames has managed to keep things fresh. The story and its characters are spectacular, the level designs impressive. And, being BJ is as fun as you could imagine a Nazi-killer would be. Top that with some high-grade shooting, and you got yourself a winner.

4. Sniper Elite 4 on PC, Xbox One and PS4

Did somebody say Nazi-killing? The latest entry to their award-winning series, Sniper Elite 4 greatly improves on all fronts. With the game’s enhanced verticality, players can now increase their chances of finding the perfect spot of infiltration and stealth. Customize your loadout and choose from the game’s wide arsenal of juicy World War 2 weapons. Find the perfect spot and take down enemies with surgical precision. The game’s iconic X-Ray Kill Cam also makes a return and it’s better than ever. Landing the precise shot grants you the satisfaction of watching their internal organs get blown up.

3. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

The latest entry of the beloved Medal Of Honor series takes the series in a new direction in Virtual Reality. It’s an authentic World War 2 shooter where players step into the shoes of the brave soldiers fighting their way around Europe in land, sea, and air. Unlike the rest of the titles, Above and Beyond is polarizing for new and old fans. It’s mainly due to its exclusivity in VR and its technically demanding system requirements. However, if you can get past that limitation, the game does go back to the series’ roots and it’s great.

2. Panzer Corps 2

This major event in history isn’t only limited to the shooter genre when it comes to games, y’know. This turn-based strategy is a huge improvement from the classic Panzer General series from the 90s. Whether you’re new to the series or not, it is the perfect game for those who used to play with miniature army toys and tabletop games. The gameplay is pretty simple, and if you’ve played games like Civilization before, this might be a familiar sight. Controlling your forces and managing your resources is always the right strategy. Expanding your army is but the first step in this long-running campaign.

1. Hell Let Loose

It’s by far the strongest World War 2 game this year. For a game that came out recently, Hell Let Loose boasts an impressive 50 versus 50 battle where two teams fight for supremacy in one massive and evolving battlefield. The emergent gameplay is home to many unique moments with strangers and friends. Combined with realistic gameplay, you are encouraged to take on critical roles that create a huge advantage to their victory. It’s a crazy and chaotic experience on the battlefield, and the game has a ton of potential as it just released.