25 Offline Android Games Released in 2021 | No Internet required

Whatoplay presents 25 Offline Android games you can play right now. Just a heads up, this is not a Ranking video. These are Android games that came out this year and are playable without an internet connection. To check out the full list, visit our page on the best android offline games.

1. Idle Museum Tycoon: Empire Of Art & History

If you’re craving that Animal Crossing feel for the Android but don’t have the money and the time to buy a Switch, well this idle game from Pixodust might be for you. Manage your own Museum and let the world know how much of an art collector you are! Show off those dinosaur fossils, rare animals and more.

2. Idle Firefighter Tycoon - Fire Emergency Manager

But what if you don’t want to manage a museum, but fight fires and rescuing people? Well, this firefighter simulator can teach you the ways of these brave people who are in the frontlines. As an Android game, expect a cutesy art style and simple controls.

3. Mist Forest

Enter this magical world and lead an army of powerful creatures that will aid you in battle. This Role-Playing Game from Netease provides endless fun and grind for players who have that never-ending thirst to increase their numbers. Collect multiple characters and unlock powerful gears in Raids.

4. Idle Dragon Tycoon - Dragon Manager Simulator

Uhh well, we have another Tycoon game to showcase for those who want Offline Android games. Instead of managing museums and becoming a firefighter, this one lets you breed your own mythical beast. It’s nothing too fancy. Just take care of your hatchlings and watch them grow into adorable creatures.

5. Merge Villa

More of a puzzle game than a life simulator. This generic-looking mobile game is good if you just want a casual experience, especially when you like having that sweet family life and matching puzzle pieces. It’s not rocket science. Just use your fingers and craft that perfect household.

6. Merge Mania

Not related to the previous Merge game, but it does share the same mechanics. If you’re familiar with 2048, this follows the same rules. The game does have some misleading ads that tell you there’s no time limit when the main game actually does. It’s somewhat scummy, but if you can get past that, you might enjoy this one.

7. Wild West Survival: Zombie Shooter. FPS Shooting

A game that sounds exactly like its title. What’s up with mobile games and their silly names lately? This zombie shooter takes us to 19th century America. Instead of rocking those cowboy boots and facing off against other bounty hun cters, you’re faced with an undead threat.

8. Home Design: Aimee's Interiors

Anyone with a knack for interior design can find something special in this puzzle game from CookApps. There’s no stress here. Pick that perfect apartment, find the best furniture and enjoy your dream house.

9. Pureya

A unique mobile experience where you play a different arcade game every ten seconds. Pureya’s collection of classic-inspired titles can take us back to the good ol’ days of gaming. It’s highly addictive and it offers a fantastic soundtrack to accompany you on your journey.

10. Wordelicious - Play Word Search Food Puzzle Game

If you want to build an appetite while using a few of your brain cells, then this word-search game is something you’d enjoy. There are no complex gaming mechanics here. it’s just you solving a myriad levels of food porn with your fingers.

11. Idle Family Sim - Life & Success Manager

Another family sim for anyone craving that familial love. Like any other simulators, you manage your own house and build that perfect second life. As an idle sim, expect time to be your enemy as each upgrade doesn't happen instantly.

12. Ultimate Basketball Manager - Basketball Sim

There seems to be no end for simulators when you’re looking at Offline Android games. Assemble your dream team in this sports management simulator. As the manager, sign, draft, train and expand your team’s basketball career.

13. Merge 3D - Pair Matching Puzzle

A simple puzzle game where you find matching objects on a messy screen. Unlike other Merge games, this one goes full 3D instead of the usual 2D. It’s pretty barebones even for a mobile game and it feels like it’s designed to give you a game to play at a boring party or meeting.

14. Card Hog - Dungeon Crawler Game

A toned-down version of Slay the Spire. This dungeon-crawling card game takes you into a labyrinth of mysteries. Fight enemies in its engaging turn-based combat. Its pleasant art style makes you feel like it was built with passion. Crawl around this dungeon and collect loot to power up your hero in his endless quest.

15. Camp Defense

A game that feels like it’s inspired by thousands of notable Zombie IPs. As the last group of survivors in a zombie apocalypse, defend your truck from the invading horde of undead. As an Offline game, you can enjoy over 1000 levels of relentless zombie onslaught.

16. Tile Master 3D - Triple Match & 3D Pair Puzzle

Similar to Merge 3D, this is another puzzler that doesn’t take much of your time at all. Choose three of the same objects on the screen and that’s about it. There is nothing too complicated here.

17. Middle Earth Heroes

You might think this is based on JRR Tolkien’s Middle-Earth series, but no. It’s an adventure game where you defend a fantasy world from an evil Demon King. The story is pretty generic, but the fun is in its four unique heroes each with their own skills. Grinding is super slow and the microtransactions are all over the place.

18. Thief Puzzle

It’s the kind of mobile game you can find on those weird YouTube ads. This stick-figure puzzler can be hilarious if you’re into this kind of humor. Solve a variety of brain teasers that can range from slightly disturbing to oddly comical.

19. Hair Challenge

Yet another one of those annoying ads you find on the internet. Hair Challenge looks pretty fun if you’re in it for quick enjoyment. Like the popular Temple Run game, navigate around an endless space with your long hair and avoid obstacles.

20. Leturn - RPG Offline Tower Defense of Magic

It’s in the name. An offline RPG where you enjoy an idle game with no major tasks to stress you out. Customize your own army of Wizards and let them defend your kingdom from invading enemies. Upgrade them, even when you’re not around. Its art style is also something worth praising!

21. Avalon — Space Adventure RPG

A top-down adventure where you embark on a trip to space on an alien ship. Your goal is to stop an evil Computer Program from blowing up this massive ship. Solve numerous puzzles in an isometric perspective while unlocking upgrades and fighting rogue alien threats.

22. Box It Up! Inc.

From the same creators as Tape It Up! This latest project is fueled by its simplicity. The player has to control the boxes and match colours accordingly. The difficulty will increase significantly once the player progresses. Each level showcases a variety of puzzles with each being different compared to the last.

23. Bullet Fire: Offline Action Games

For a mobile game, this third-person shooter looks surprisingly good. It can be played in Offline mode, but an Online mode is also available only for climbing the Leaderboards. Play through 12 chapters of its action-packed story all without the need for an internet connection.

24. Little Rocketman

We’ve returned to the classic styles of arcade gaming. This low-budget mobile game is made to play in short bursts. As a Rocket, speed your way into the endless space and avoid numerous obstacles along the way. It’s free, simple and doesn’t take an internet connection to play. But like all the Free-to-Play games on this list, watch out for ads.

25. Shadow Lord: Solo Leveling

Somehow based on the popular South Korean web novel by Chugong, this Early Access action-RPG takes you into the shoes of a badass assassin making his way through diverse levels. Face off against powerful monsters and upgrade your protagonist to his full potential.