NEW OFFLINE Android Games You Can Play With No Internet

Whatoplay presents the 10 best new offline games for Android devices this year. These are Android games that came out this year and are playable without an internet connection. To check out the full list, visit our page on all the best Offline android games.

10. Indy Cat 2: Match 3 free game - jigsaw, puzzles

Knowing the sheer numbers of our internet-less audience, match-three puzzlers are never going to run out of players. In this game, watch this feline go on a crazy Indiana Jones-like adventure in search of the Ball of Fate. Lead Indy through simple match-three puzzles all around the world. You could even form a clan with friends or participate in tournaments. But if you’re in it for the offline experience, the game is one-hundred percent playable without an internet connection, too. Gamerscore of 9.38.

9. Idle Mail Tycoon

Another popular offline mobile genre is the idle game. Boy, are there a ton of them. Kolibri Games’ Idle title is all about getting your work done as a mailman. Like all idle games, all you have to do is keep an eye out on your imaginary cash flow. Automate your workflow as many upgrades as you can afford and create the most efficient way to deliver mail. It’s fairly easy and there’s no issue playing without an internet connection. Gamerscore of 9.39.

8. Merge Mania

If you’ve played 2048 before, then you’ll know how this works. It’s the kind of game you see loaded with misleading and questionable ads. It doesn’t have the most appealing marketing strategy. Connected to the internet will overload you with those ads. But by going offline, you’ll have nothing to worry about. If you’re into casual games like these, you would probably still enjoy this. A gamerscore of 9.39.

7. Block Puzzle - Sudoku Style

If you’re interested in offline games, you’re sure to find simple games like these. There’s nothing convoluted or mind-boggling here. All you have to do is play a special game of tetris where you put blocks on a screen instead of watching them drop down. The sudoku style comes from getting to eliminate 3x3 blocks. That’s all there is to it. The fun here (I guess, if you’re into that) is by beating your high score. It has a gamerscore of 9.39.

6. Daily Sudoku Classic

Now this is just your good old Sudoku game. Every day you’re given new challenges to solve. Whether you want to beat your score or not is all up to you. It’s the kind of game you’d play on a remote island or any place with little to no internet. It receives a gamerscore of 9.51.

5. Tile Master 3D - Triple Match & 3D Pair Puzzle

Another of those matching games that plague the mobile market, especially the Android’s Playstore. Similar to the Merge games on this list, it’s another puzzler that doesn’t take much of your time at all. Nothing too complicated here. There are over 100 objects to find. Choose three of the same objects on the screen and watch them disappear and reappear on the screen. A gamerscore of 9.54.

4. Pureya

Compared to the other titles on this list, pureya feels like a breath of fresh air. It’s a unique mobile experience where you play a different arcade game every ten seconds. Pureya’s collection of classic-inspired titles takes us back to the good ol’ days of gaming. It’s highly enjoyable and it offers a fantastic soundtrack to accompany you on your journey. It receives a gamerscore of 9.58.

3. Zombie Sniper Shooter 3D Game

Zombie games on Android devices are not the most original concept out there. If you’re looking for an internet-less zombie shooting experience, then this one takes the cake. Arm yourself with the most badass of weapons and take down relentless hordes of undead. There’s nothing out of the ordinary here, except for you know… zombies. A gamerscore of 9.60.

2. Fruit Merge Mania - Watermelon Merging Game 2021

In this mouthful of an entry, expect the same merge game from previous titles. This time, packed with fruits. But mostly watermelons. If you’re really bored and want to try a random Android title on the Playstore, then this one is something to let the minutes go by. Simply merge these fruits into one massive chunk and continue doing so until you get bored. It receives a gamerscore of 9.66.

1. Cards Of Terra

Collectible card games meet Solitaire. If you are into both, then this one will definitely net you hours and hours of fun, even without an internet connection. As an Alien princess, use your psi powers to command an army of extraterrestrial creatures. Mix and match the right build and engage its multi-level campaign. It’s not as complicated compared to other card games on the market, and it’s designed for casual players. You could even play it with just one hand. It has a gamerscore of 9.01 and a playscore of 8.27.