25 New FREE Mobile Games

Whatoplay presents the 25 best FREE iOS and Android titles this year. All arranged by playscore. To check out the full list, visit our page on all the best free android and iOS.

25. Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf

Who would have thought a golf game with anime characters would come up on our mobile list? For a cute name such as this one, of course we’d expect something adorable. All aesthetics aside, it’s still a golf game. Picture Mario Golf, but with attractive characters taking the club. A playscore of 8.07.

24. Five Dates

This interactive rom-com is exactly what everyone needs in this pandemic. If that doesn’t sound desperate, it’s the least we could do right now. As the protagonist, experience digital dating and find the perfect partner for you. It features a familiar cast of real actors, each committed to their role as your online girlfriend. A playscore of 8.08.

23. Shadow Of Death 2

A familiar concept takes our 23rd spot. There’s been a lot of shadow-style games in the market, yet none can compete with the sales of this game’s first title. This sequel takes the hack and slash genre onto the mobile with new variations. Engage in energetic side-scrolling combat, fit for mobile users. A playscore of 8.09.

22. Golf Impact - World Tour

It’s not Genshin Impact, but it’s a neat addition to the number of golf titles on Android devices. Play against others around the world in competitive PvP. You can select multiple maps to play your matches. Climb the leaderboards but be mindful of its aggressive microtransactions. A playscore of 8.14.

21. League Of Legends: Wild Rift

Riot takes their hit MOBA to the mobile. Instead of the massive battles from its desktop counterpart, Wild Rift is a condensed version of the chaotic battle arenas of the original. Select from multiple heroes and engage in frenetic 5 versus 5 battles. Each hero has its certain advantages and disadvantages, and it’s all up to you to learn them. A playscore of 8.21.

20. FOG - Battle Royale

One of the many Battle Royales for mobile devices. This iOS title pits 30 players against each other in a battle for supremacy. What makes this game different from the others is its mix of MOBA mechanics. Select from powerful medieval weapons and dominate the playing field. A playscore of 8.23.

19. Cookie Run: Kingdom

Govern a kingdom ruled by sweet and savory desserts. Assemble the best cookie team and engage in cute but epic RPG-style battles using your hardened troops. There are a ton of collectibles here and secrets to uncover. It’s an enjoyable adventure for anyone looking for a casual title for their mobile devices. A playscore of 8.25.

18. Guardian Chronicle

Fans of popular tower-defense titles like Plants vs Zombies and Kingdom Rush will find Guardian Chronicle’s gameplay familiar. Defend against an invading horde of monsters by placing the right defensive weaponry. What makes this game different is that it contains a co-op mode and a versus mode. A playscore of 8.26.

17. Dadish 2

Like the good ol’ days of Super Mario, this game lets you go on a side-scrolling trip where you bounce and dodge your way around obstacles. This sequel to the adventures of this responsible radish takes us to more rad levels in challenging classic platforming. It receives a playscore of 8.26.

16. The Witcher: Monster Slayer

It seems like CD Projekt Red is pushing their Witcher IP to new directions. Geralt’s main journey may be over, but at least we get to face off against its terrifying variety of monsters in a Pokemon GO-like fashion. This augmented reality game takes us into the shoes of the monster slayer. Search for tracks, ease up on the potions and hunt them down. A playscore of 8.27.

15. Cyberika: Action Adventure RPG

More Cyberpunk titles have appeared on the market and Cyberika is no stranger to this growing trend. Survive in a city full of invasive technology, drug-crazed criminals, and capitalist overlords. Augment yourself and enjoy an action-adventure RPG for the mobile. It receives a playscore of 8.29.


This classic JRPG gets a new kind of gameplay that’s far from their usual mechanics. Embark on a grand fantasy adventure in strategic combat. Plan your moves ahead and learn every enemy’s weakness. Fans of the tactics genre will find this one interesting, as well as long-time Dragon Quest players. A playscore of 8.40.

13. Rickle - Classic Block Surfer 2021

Compared to the other games on this list, this takes little effort to enjoy. Your goal is to basically stack up as many stone plates until it falls apart. Turn into a towering wonder and break your record after every attempt. There’s nothing too complex here. Think of it as a therapeutic experience rather than a chore. A playscore of 8.41.

12. Infinite Galaxy

Lead a galactic fleet and make your name across the entire galaxy in this space simulation from Camel Games. Build an unstoppable empire by upgrading the right technologies and send them off to the far reaches of space for total domination. A playscore of 8.41.

11. The Walking Dead: Survivors

Fresh from its recent controversy, this survival simulator takes players into Robert Kirkman’s zombie-infested world. If you love management games like Clash of Clans or Fallout Shelter, Survivors will be easy enough with its familiar mechanics. Gather enough resources and let your civilization thrive amidst the Walker threat. A playscore of 8.42.

10. Catopia: Rush

An adorable cat-action RPG from supercolony. It is all about keeping it simple. Control your journey using your fingertips and unleash a barrage of magical powers on your enemies. Your goal is to survive and slay as many monsters inside dungeons. A playscore of 8.43.

9. Retro Goal

An arcade soccer game that takes us back to the 16-bit era of the 80s. While it’s branded as Free, it’s not exactly true. Enjoy the first 10 matches and decide whether or not you want to go for the full experience. It receives a playscore of 8.44.

8. Astracraft

NetEase’s mecha-based battle royale lets you gear up your metallic monster and let him tear apart enemies in a massive arena. The game has a lot of customization options for players. Equip them with the best firepower, but tread carefully with its microtransactions. A playscore of 8.49.


A top-down 3 versus 3 MOBA where you control various characters, each with unique abilities, gimmicks, and power-ups. The game is fun, sure, but players should be careful with its pay-to-win mechanics and game-changing microtransactions. A playscore of 8.50.

6. NBA Ball Stars

Don’t expect an actual NBA game here. Ball Stars is a puzzle game at most. You’ll meet your favorite NBA players, but you only get to see them without any chance of interaction. For the most part, you’re solving match-three puzzles and collecting various cards. A playscore of 8.51.

5. Claw Stars

A casual mobile game that puts a unique spin on Arcade Claw Machines. Spend those in-game coins and collect a variety of adorable critters. Take care of your newfound friends and let them live in peace in your little sanctuary. It’s pretty chill, and there’s not much to expect here. A playscore of 8.53.

4. Touchgrind Scooter

A BMX game where instead of using actual scooters, you use your fingers to perform snazzy tricks and gain combos. You can customize your scooters and even unlock more if you can rise up to its challenges. It’s no Pro Skater, but it’s a great substitute for anyone interested in this genre. A playscore of 8.54.

3. Sixit

An indie adventure that takes players to a strange world full of anthropomorphic characters. Sixit’s gimmick lies in its limited number of moves: you are constrained to six actions per section. Make the best out of your limited moves and solve a myriad of puzzles through trial and error. A playscore of 8.67.

2. Queen: Rock Tour

It’s still a surprise how this game made it to the second spot on this list. Jam to the tunes of Queen’s greatest hits like “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We Will Rock You” and more. Master different instruments for each song and tap the tiles to hit the right notes. A playscore of 8.68.


The best game on this list is a love letter to classic 80s games. Those players who spent the good ol’ days playing Contra or Metal Slug will find Huntdown’s design nostalgic. Help these badass bounty hunters secure the bag in this sprawling cyberpunk city in stylish side-scrolling retro shooting action. Huntdown takes pride in its inspirations from the games that came before and adds its own unique and modern twist. It receives a playscore of 8.72.

What’s your favorite FREE Mobile game on this list? Comment below and we’ll talk about it!