10 More NFT Games You Can Play Right Now

Here are 10 MORE Blockchain Games You Can Play Right Now, arranged in no particular order. Plus bonus titles at the end of the video.

1. Gods Unchained

Ethereum • Trading card • Free

This free-to-play trading card game may be a better introduction to NFT gaming than most of the entries in this list. Players start with a “Welcome Set” deck, provided for free, upon registration. Additional cards are unlocked as rewards for playing and winning matches. However, these are not yet NFTs. If you want to turn cards into tradable, transferable NFTs, you need to fuse two identical cards together and mint them on the blockchain. It’s a game ripe for explosive growth as the release of Immutable X and the native GODS token draws near. Plus, the upcoming expansion Divine Order will introduce more cards, new mechanics, and powers. Gods Unchained is currently available for Windows and Mac.

2. Plants vs Undead

BSC • Farming • Tower defense

A meteorite has turned animals into undead and plants into fighters and soldiers. Inspired by the now-classic Plants vs Zombies, the game combines the traditional tower defense gameplay with non-fungible tokens. That’s the goal, anyway. At its current state, the game is closer to Farmville with primary gameplay focused on efficient farming of its reward - the Light Energy token. With the large influx of new players, the game’s servers are struggling to keep up and downtimes are common occurrences. And recent changes with how rewards are redeemed have been met with uproar by the community. Plants vs Undead is in beta for both Windows and Android.

3. Binamon

BSC • Endless runner

This is one of the newer games in this list. A metaverse of collectible digital monsters that you can play with, battle against other players, and, of course, earn from. The only hurdle is the pricey monsters required to get you started. As for the gameplay, it’s basically an endless runner but there are enemies to fight and defeat along the way. It’s still a work-in-progress with features such as Adventure Mode, Multiplayer, and mobile support for Android and iOS still under development. You can play Binamon on Windows.

4. Cometh

Ethereum (Polygon) • Space mining

This is a special type of game that combines decentralized finance and space mining. Cometh is set in a persistent metaverse where players pilot a spacecraft to mine comets for rewards. These rewards are crypto-tokens that you can exchange for cash or other cryptocurrencies. You can also earn rewards by keeping your ship in orbit, renting it out to other players, and yield farming where you lock your rewards to receive more of them. To get started, you need to buy your own NFT ship and some Matic tokens for transaction fees. Cometh is playable on any modern browser.

5. Bunicorn Card Game

BSC • Card • Fighting

This is the first game released in the Bunicorn metaverse -- a card-based fighting game similar to CryptoBlades. To start playing, you will need to get two NFTs: a trainer and a fighting creature called Bunicorns. With these two, you fight other trainers to earn experience points and BUR reward tokens. Both the trainer’s stamina and the creature’s durability are expended during matches. The refresh period takes hours! It promises a better tokenomics compared to other play-to-earn games. We shall see if it lives up to this promise. Bunicorn Card Game is playable on most modern browsers.

6. F1 Delta Time

Ethereum • Racing • Simulation

This is a racing sim with weekly tournament rewards with a price pool that totals over a hundred thousand dollars of REVV tokens and car keys. F1 Delta Time has two main components: the collectibles and the racing game. The collectibles are NFTs, unique items stored in the blockchain, that you need to own to play the game. These are the cars, the car parts, and even the drivers. Then there’s the racing aspect that mimics that of traditional racing simulators. Players compete for the top of the leaderboard. The higher you are on it, the more rewards you receive. On top of the weekly competitions is the Grand Prix with a bigger prize pool. F1 Delta Time is playable on any modern browser.


Ethereum (Polygon) • Racing

This game uses the same REVV token as F1 Delta Time. The difference is that instead of a management game, you’re actually driving the car during the race… and it’s also far cheaper to start with. The only NFT you’ll need to start is your own race car, which you can buy on OpenSea. And to cover transaction and entry fees, you’ll need some Matic and REVV tokens. I know it’s still a lot but if you’re confident with your driving chops, it might be worth it. Their newest event has a price pool of $150,000 worth of tokens. REVV Racing’s alpha version is now playable on most modern browsers.

8. Farmers World

WAX • Farming Simulator

It’s still at the very early stages of development and the current mechanics is pretty straightforward. Your goal is to gather as many resources as you can: Food to restore your energy; Wood and Gold to craft and repair your tools. It may be simple but the game’s future looks bright. Actual crop cultivation is coming soon along with new characters and items. What’s interesting to us is the game’s proposed “fight-to-earn” mechanics. So you have a productive farm? Now you need to defend it against raiders! Farmers World is playable on any modern browser; mobile app is coming soon for both Android and iOS.

9. CryptoVoxels

Ethereum (Polygon) • Virtual world

This is not the play-to-earn game you’re looking for. CryptoVoxels is a virtual world where players are free to build as they please. Well, as long as you own a parcel of land in the metaverse. Exploring its streets, we’ve seen dozens of art galleries showcasing NFTs such as Artblocks, Crypto Bulls, and Marble cards. There were also embedded live streams and, possibly, mini games hidden within the city. CryptoVoxels gives us an early look at what the future of metaverses may look like. And you can play it on any modern browser.

10. Rabona

Hive • Sports • Simulation

In our previous list, we mentioned SoRare, a fantasy-football game. Rabona further expands on that concept. It’s a massive multiplayer online football management game built on the Hive blockchain. Your goal is to lead your team to the championship. To achieve this, you have to take care of three tasks:

  • First. Managing your club. This includes signing sponsorship agreements, analyzing team statistics, accounting, and more.
  • Second. Building your team. This means scouting, training, and trading players.
  • And third. Building and expanding your stadium.

It’s a complex sports simulator with a tight community of active players. You can play Rabona on any modern browser. Still looking? Here are five more NFT-games:

11. ChainZ Arena

Ethereum/Tron/EOS • RPG • Idle

This idle RPG lets you build your own deck of heroes to battle against the game’s AI and other players. You can earn rewards by competing in weekly tournaments, mining, and many more.

12. CryptoBlades

BSC • RPG • Crafting

Right after the explosive growth of Axie Infinity, this was one of the alternatives that people flocked to. A crafting RPG where players earn SKILL tokens by killing monsters, finishing raids, staking, and yield farming.

13. Blankos Block Party

EOS • Party

Now on early access on PC, this is one of the biggest NFT-based games you can find. Go solo or play with your friends to complete quests and earn rewards! It’s available for free on Windows 10.

14. Coin Hunt World


Explore your neighborhood, hunt for hidden treasures, and earn rewards. The reviews are split. Many praised it; some have voiced out complaints about getting locked out of the game when they reach the cash-out threshold. Play with caution.

15. Kingdom Karnage

Ethereum (Enjin)

Build a deck of 30 cards to battle against other players, raid dungeons, complete campaigns to earn rewards! This game is on Enjin’s Jumpnet so you don’t have to pay any gas fees. It’s available on PC and Android.