Top 25 Best iPhone and iPad Games for Kids

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25. Bridge Constructor Portal

As the name suggests, this game is the love child between Bridge Constructor and Portal. You are a new employee in the Aperture Science Test Lab, employed to build bridges, ramps, slides, and other sciency stuff.

There are 60 test chambers where you must guide objects safely across the finish line, bypassing sentry turrets, acid pools, laser barriers and switch puzzles. With GLaDOS’s voice guiding you through your job, you’ll hopefully get through whatever puzzle comes your way. This game has a playscore of 8.81

24. [the Sequence]

This is a unique puzzle game that is both simple and challenging. The gameplay couldn’t be more straightforward: just grab the items, place them on the grid and hit play. In this game, there are 72 levels where you will have to build a sequence using special modules to transfer binary cell. Get your “aha” moments with a game that has a playscore of 8.84

23. Monument Valley

The visuals of this game can be described in three words: minimal, impossible, and fantastic.

You are guiding Princess Ida through a stunning world filled with impossible architecture. Explore this game’s surreal world’s mysterious mountains, hidden paths, palaces and temples. There are ten levels in which you must solve puzzles by manipulating the impossible architecture and outsmart the crow people.

This is a game that is a feast for the eyes, the ears, and the brain. It has a playscore of 8.84

22. Sidewords

A relaxing puzzle game is part logic puzzle and part word game.

It looks a little intimidating at first with the grid and the letters, but once you get it and start solving, it’s extremely satisfying. Form words on the grid by tapping the letters on the side. There are no timers, nor penalties so you can take as long as you like when solving the puzzle.

If the ol’ crossword and sudoku isn’t doing it for you anymore, try this as it receives a playscore of 8.84.

21. Threes!

Remember the game 2048 from a few years back? It’s similar, but with a bit of a twist. Instead of adding twos and fours together, you start with a one and a two to make three, then adding threes to make six, sixes to twelves, so on and so forth.

This game is one of the easiest ways to teach someone, or yourself how to add numbers divisible by three. Yay, Math. It has a playscore of 8.84

20. Cytus

A rhythm game from the developers behind Rayark that has great music and approachable gameplay. Tap, hold and slide through the beat bubbles of the ten songs in each of the 10 chapters plus some secret songs hidden within the game.

The visuals when you play the game is pretty clean and minimal with just the beat bubbles and a beautiful artwork behind them, letting you focus on that sweet, sweet music. This game has a playscore of 8.87

19. Starman: Tale of Light

Next on our list is a dreamlike puzzle game where you guide Starman on his quest to recover light. The game’s story seems vague, but uncovering the mysteries in this mysterious black and white world is what makes it immersive.

Sit down, grab yourself a warm comforting drink, and take your time with a game that has a playscore of 8.87

18. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

What you do in this game is simple: shoot everything and stay alive. There are over 100 levels of this game including some exclusive levels for the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and iPod 5.

Rise to the top of the leaderboards -- this game is essentially an arcade game at its core. You can’t do that by buying your way to the top though, you have to invest some elbow grease into this game. Don’t worry, there are some awesome weapons in this game to help you shoot those geometrical shapes away. This game is extremely fun, and it has a playscore of 8.9

17. Deemo

Next on our list is another rhythm game from Rayark. Deemo is not your usual rhythm game though, it has a story behind it. Through the cutscenes, you’ll see a tree that grows the more songs you play. Play the game to find out about its hidden meanings and surreal characters. This game has a playscore of 8.91

16. AZZL

AZZL is an animation puzzle game from Jutiful. Basically, the puzzle moves as you are playing with it. The visual style of the game is really cute and friendly. This adorable puzzle game is sure to bring hours of minutes of entertainment for kids and kids at heart. But don’t wory, the App Store also reassures you that this game is entirely gluten free. It has a playscore of 8.92

15. Super Phantom Cat - Be a jumpin bro

This game by Veewo is reminiscent of Super Mario… but instead of playing as an italian jumping plumber, you are Mr. White, the Super Phantom Cat.

Each level of the Phantom World is vibrant and filled with hidden areas so you better keep your eye out on those little arrows that will give you a hint on where you can find these hidden locations. If you like cats and platformers for your iOS device, then this game just might be the one you want. Super Phantom Cat receives a playscore of 8.94.

14. Jurassic Go: Dinosaur Snap Adventures

As the title might suggest, in this game, you are a photographer going through different islands and locales to take pictures of dinosaurs for the Dino Museum. As you progress, the museum grows as more tourists come to your island and you are able to unlock more zones.

This game is just super chill and super simple. Just swipe through your screen and take pictures. Snap your dino loving heart away with a game that has a playscore of 8.94

13. Geometry Dash

If you enjoy platforming and rhythm games, then this might just be for you. Move a square through an increasingly treacherous environment. It can get super frustrating to get through the levels because if you slip up once, you’re thrown back to the beginning. But if you’re someone who just doesn’t know how to give up, you’ll surely get a kick out of this game.

There are lots of levels to play in with unique soundtracks playing in the background as you push and push just to clear the level. Challenge your skills and patience with a game that has a playscore of 8.94

12. Splitter Critters

This is a game where you split the screen and rearrange it so you can guide the little alien critters back to theirs spaceship. The game starts of easy with you just having to guide one critter in a familiar and easy landscape, but as you progress, you will have to guide more and more critters with different quirks in a progressively more hostile and unique environments that is sometimes filled with bad guys. In this game, you’ll have to be quick and innovative. It receives a playscore of 8.96

11. Duet Game

There are two simple rules to this game: Keep calm, and avoid everything. In this mesmerising game by Kumobius, you control two dots that move in sync. There are nine chapters in this narrative, and nerve-racking gaming experience. There’s also a bonus level where you just survive for as long as you can to get as much points as you can muster.

Controls are super tight, and the tracks that accompany your gaming sessions with this game is perfect for all of us who enjoy everything satisfying. Who knew dodging blocks could be so captivating? This game has a playscore of 8.98

10. Hidden Folks

In short, it’s kinda like Where’s Waldo. The twist is that everything is black and white and occasionally moving. Sometimes, these hidden folks are hiding behind other obstructions that you will have to interact with before eventually the thing that you’re looking for reveals itself.

There’s a lot of creative interaction and problem solving that you’ll have to do in this game, but it will be hard to stop playing this game because you’ll eventually find yourself admiring it’s hand-drawn visuals and amusing acapella sound design.

This delightful little game has a playscore of 8.99

9. Blendoku 2

This game has everything you loved about the first Blendoku game plus a few awesome upgrades. It’s a color puzzle game where you arrange the tiles of color in a hue or shade based spectrum.

It may seem easy at first but this game will challenge your color perception as you advance through the levels. A new feature introduced in this sequel is “painting gallery” where you create a spectrum of colors based on the key pigments that were used in famous paintings.

This free to download color puzzle game has a playscore of 9.00

8. Game Dev Tycoon

A strategy simulation title from Greenheart Games about, you guessed it, Game Development.

You start out in a garage at the early stage of your video game development where you create games for the PC and other basic platforms. The gameplay and strategy is really in the game development: you will have to choose a platform, what genre your game will be, what the theme is, so on and so forth. You will have to allocate resources for story-writing, graphics and sound.

A slice of a game developer’s life, it has a playscore of 9.02

7. Part Time UFO

In this game by HAL Laboratory, Inc, you are a part time worker, and full time UFO. In order to make ends meet, you go around to take on various part time jobs from fishing, to loading trucks, to helping cheerleaders do their routine, to helping circus performers, and so much more. It has a playscore of 9.03

6. Super Sharp

Don’t you hate it when the puzzle game is too easy that it gets boring fast, or too hard that it gets frustrating to play? Super Sharp is at the sweet spot where it’s challenging enough to be fun, but not too much that you’ll start tearing your hair out.

The goal of this game is simple: slice the shape and let gravity help you get the sliced part touch the goal square that matches its color. There is a set number of moves for each level that might give you a clue on how to solve each level. It has a playscore of 9.05

5. Super Cat Tales

This title from the developers behind Neutronized is a fast-paced platformer filled with lots and lots of kitty cats. In each world of the game, you’ll earn a new cat for you to play as. There are six cats in total and over fifty levels to play on.

The goal for each level is to reach the checkered end-point, but you might need some keys to get there. A game for cat lovers and platform gamers alike, it has a playscore of 9.07


Lyne is a super relaxing connect the dots kinda game. The twist is that there are different shapes on the board and that you can connect diagonally. It’s super simple at first, but it will get challenging as you progress. While this puzzle game start to knot your brain in the later levels, your soul will be calmed by its minimalist design and soothing audio. It has a playscore of 9.11


This next entry on our list is another beautiful puzzle game. The game’s description on the App Store says that you are guiding spirits to their home planets… which is pretty vague.

When you start playing the game, there are no explanations or instructions except for a hand that will occasionally lead you to the correct position. It’s an awe-inducing adventure with a playscore of 9.13

2. Mini Metro

Mini Metro, as you may have guessed from the title, is a subway simulator. The game is all about designing a subway map for your city. You will draw lines between stations and run your trains. You can redraw your routes to keep them efficient.

The resources are limited, but the longer you survive, the more you’ll earn. Be careful that you don’t overcrowd a station because that could be the catalyst that will bankrupt you in the end. It has a playscore of 9.15

And the best Family Friendly Game on the iOS is ...

1. Linelight

The game that tops our list doesn’t have fancy action scenes or even a story. It’s just a simple, elegant, minimalist puzzle game set in a universe of lines. The goal is simple: guide a beam of light from one end of the puzzle to the other.

There’s not much to say about this game other than it’s beautiful. The control works well, and it’s a beautiful game to play on if you want to break away from the hustle and bustle of the real world. It has a playscore of 9.26