19 Best New iOS Games of June 2018

For all the latest releases on the Apple App Store, visit our list of new iOS games.

Color Defense

This is a new tower defense game from McPeppergames perfect for casual gamers. The goal is to prevent those colored creeps from reaching and destroying a reactor. You can play this game casually, or you can also dive in deep into the lore. It has a Provisional playscore of 6.15

Trex VIP

Next on our list is a multiplayer playing cards game where you play head to head against your friends to become King. Avoid getting tricked and losing your points in a game that has a Provisional playscore of 6.79.

Champion Eleven

Become the manager of your very own football team in this game by Meogames! Refine your strategies and push your team to be the best. See how you match up to other players around the world in a game that has a Provisional playscore of 6.96

Silverfish DX

Just keep swimming or else, you die. This game from Chaotic Box is an arcade action game where you play as a fish with other sea creatures chasing you around. You can’t fight them though, you just have to dodge them to live. This game has a Provisional playscore of 7.23

Only When Howling

The next game on our list may not classify as a game to a lot of people. It’s an interactive story following three different people sharing a strange connection and desire to escape reality. It has a Provisional playscore of 7.54

SSC 2018

Uprising Games’ Super Soccer Champs is back! This game combines Retro aesthetics and deep, modern controls, minus over complication. This soccer simulator has a Provisional playscore of 7.79

2018 World Football League

Coming up next is yet another sports themed game. Hone your football skill and enter into the world of finger football tournaments. Play with friends or by yourself this foosball simulator that has a Provisional playscore of 7.89

ARK: Survival Evolved

This is a survival game that is all about crafting, building, foraging, and taming dinosaurs. These virtual ancient beasts can be willed to do your bidding with enough training. It has a playscore of 8.14

Bloons TD 6

Ninja Kiwi is back with another Bloons Tower Defense Game and it it is better than ever! Or so, the developers claim. Position your monkey towers masterfully, and pop those dreaded bloons away! This game has sa playscore of 8.21

Suzy Cube

Noodlecake Studios brings us a cute 3D platforming game to enjoy on our iOS devices. Join Suzy Cube as she goes on a journey to recover all the gold stolen by the Skulls! It has a playscore of 8.5

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Squad Rivals

Achieve your Squad Goals with your favorite Youtube stars with this game from BroadbandTV Corp! Team ip with Bart Baker, Chad Wild Clay, Azzyland, Angry Grandpa and many more characters as you try and take down the evil Greedy Corp. This game has a Provisional playscore of 8.75

Flick Arena

Up next is a real-time 1v1 game where you have quick strategic duels against other players across the world. Upgrade your deck with powerful characters and defeat with your enemies through brute force, clever strategies, and trickeries in a game that has a Provisional playscore of 8.76

Knights Chronicle

This is an adventure game set in the planet Garniel. Form a team with uniquely skilled characters who will help you claim victory in this game’s exciting battles. It has a Provisional playscore of 8.78

Infinite Pool

This month, Kiseki Games came out with a game that lets you sink balls into holes in style. There are many weird and cute balls to sink in this game all in the effort to find hats, for Cupi to sell. It has a Provisional playscore of 8.79


The hit HBO series comes to the app store as a strategy game. You are a trainee at Delos, the company behind Westworld. You get access to Delos Park Training Simulator where you help learn everything you need to know to run the park and its hosts. This game has a Provisional playscore of 8.8


Next on our list is this multiplayer game from Voodoo. The goal of the game is simple: nom, nom nom the world. You compete with other holes to see who could become the best hole in town. It has a Provisional playscore of 8.8

Muse Dash

Combine a side-scrolling runner with a rhythm game and add a dash of cuteness. What do you get? This game! Choose your muse, and slay monsters in a game that has a Provisional playscore of 9.48

Ultra Sharp

The award winning physics game Super Sharp finally has a sequel! Ultra Sharp has 224 handmade levels to test your cutting skills! This free to play game has a Provisional playscore of 9.71

Darkness Rises

This is a free to play, epic fantasy, hack and slash rpg from NEXON. Darkness is slowly crawling through the land bringing in hordes of fearsome demons. Descend into hell and destroy evil before it destroys the world! So far, players have been loving it. It has a Provisional playscore of 9.79